Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Lisa is our content editor in Chief. A science writer and Former yoga teacher in Long Island, New York. Her work has appeared in print and digital publications, including Geeks Health. Originally from a small town called Uvalde, Texas. Lisa lived in Los Angeles, San Antonio. When she’s not reading or writing, Lisa is often traveling the world. Visit the About us Page.

Articles By Lisa Johnson

does enlarged prostate cause erectile dysfunction

Can An Enlarged Prostate Cause ED (erectile dysfunction)

Erectile Dysfunction And Its Link To Prostate | Benign Prostatic Medications Impact On Sex | Prostate Problems That May Cause ...
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how to improve short memory

How To Deal With Short Memory loss:9 Important Tips To Consider

Nothing feels incredibly compromising that losing your memory. It hurts not remembering your favorite pet dog's name or where you ...
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can memory loss be fix

Can Memory Loss Be Cured: What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Temporary VS Permanent Memory Loss | Causes Of Memory Loss|Treatments To Cure Memory Loss| Losing your memory can be daunting ...
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causes of memory loss

What Causes Memory Loss And Forgetfulness

Definition Of Memory Loss And Forgetfulness| The Real Cause of Memory Loss | Have you ever had something in mind ...
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elderly woman sudden memory loss

Sudden memory loss: When should you worry about It?

What is Sudden Memory Loss| Cause Of Sudden Memory Loss| The Stages| When Should You Worry?| You should seek medical ...
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woman drinking water for blood sugar

Does Drinking Water Lower Blood Sugar: The Real Benefits

Hydration is one of the most critical steps toward managing diabetes effectively. Since our bodies are made of 60% water, ...
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Metafast reviews

Metafast Reviews 2023:Shocking New Warning Found Scam Or Legit?

Health Benefits|Pros And Cons|Ingredients|Prices And Discount|Is Meta Fast A Scam?|Metafast Reviews Final Verdict Metafast Reviews 2023: Can This Supplement Help ...
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can erectile dysfunction go away

Does Erectile Dysfunction Go Away On Its Own?

Living with erectile dysfunction for the rest of your life may never settle in anyone's mind. Even as you age ...
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Purple Burn Pro reviews

PurpleBurn Pro Reviews 2023: Customer Complaints And Scam Found Does It Work?

PurpleBurn Pro Reviews From Customers: Can This Really Help You Lose Weight Or Not Worth Trying? New Consumer Reports Update ...
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prevent erectile dysfunction

How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction:7 Natural Tips To Consider

Erectile dysfunction is treatable, and you can do it naturally. Conventional erectile dysfunction treatments can be costly and incredibly procedural ...
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fastest way to cure ED

What Is The Fastest Way To Cure ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction is every man’s nemesis. Knowing that you can hardly reach your peak sexual performance is often debilitating and ...
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foods to lower blood sugar

What Foods Can Lower Blood Sugar Quickly:5 Important Foods You Need To Know

What Foods Can Lower Blood Sugar Quickly? It is easy for your blood insulin level to go up, but lowering ...
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doctor checking blood sugar

How To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Immediately:5 Easy Steps

An increasing number of people have been diagnosed with diabetes, which has become a severe problem. Type 2 diabetes is ...
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ginger tea weight loss

How Does Ginger Tea Help With Weight Loss And Cut Belly Fat

Ginger tea has potent diuretic and thermogenic properties. It helps boost metabolism while stimulating the body to burn more energy ...
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exercise to raise core temperature

How to Raise Your Core Body Temperature for Weight Loss: 10 Easy Ways

Did you know you could lose weight if you increase core body temperatures? Boosting body temperatures help you increase the ...
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Ginger and lemon for weight loss

Ginger And Lemon Weight Loss: Do They Really Help You Lose Weight?

Ginger is a popular flowering plant grown for its magical roots. The roots are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ...
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woman drinking ginger for weight loss

Ginger For Weight loss: 5 Real Benefits, How To Use For Maximum Results

Every food you eat has a certain number of calories. That is why eating excess of anything is bound to ...
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Alpilean ingredients list

Alpilean Ingredients: The Real Benefits And Side Effects Are They Effective?

Before you buy or use any weight loss supplement, you must rush through the list of ingredients to understand whether ...
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Oral probiotics for periodontal disease

Are Oral Probiotics Effective For Dental Health: What Are The Real Benefits?

You're probably familiar with probiotics. what is exactly? Are oral probiotics effective for dental health? They are good bacteria. Usually, ...
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what is BAM15

What is BAM15, and How Does it Really Help With Weight loss?

Approximately 600 people worldwide suffer from obesity, which is linked to numerous adverse health problems such as heart disease, type-2 ...
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