What Is The Fastest Way To Cure ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction is every man’s nemesis. Knowing that you can hardly reach your peak sexual performance is often debilitating and frustrating. But while sometimes this issue is virtually inevitable, it helps to take comfort in the thought that curing it is possible. But What is the fastest way to cure ED?

fastest way to cure ED

Identifying the cause of your erectile dysfunction and treating it offers the quickest way to treat it. Oral medications may also help, but they usually work in the short term and don’t completely cure your ED. One of the best Oral medications that seem very effective is Red Boost; click here to read the full review.

This article offers the quickest way to treat erectile dysfunction and other more feasible ways for pleasurable sexual experiences.

What Is the Quickest Way to Treat ED?

Treating ED from its roots means identifying the cause and taking the necessary corrective measures. Erectile dysfunction results from a slew of issues that mainly impact your general health. But one typical reason you may have this persistent issue is heart disease and blood problems.

Some of the health and behavioral issues causing ED include the following.

  • High Blood Pressure

Roughly a third of men with hypertension have erectile dysfunction. That means having high blood pressure reading of 130/80 and beyond predisposes you more to the risk, making it pretty challenging to achieve firmer erections to facilitate penetration. High blood pressure often results from constricted blood vessels.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices and being less active physically. However, correcting these habits should help you cure erectile dysfunction quickly. Also read: Can Erectile Dysfunction Go Away?

  • Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes results from high glucose levels in the blood and is a notorious cause of high erectile dysfunction. Your impotence may not go away unless you get the necessary treatment. Treatment can take as little as six months, relieving you from the humiliation of mediocre sexual performance.

  • Prostrate Inflammation and Cancer

Prostatitis has become a notorious cause of erectile dysfunction in the modern world. It’s made it incredibly challenging for men to achieve sexual pleasure, leave alone get firmer erections and more enjoyable sex. However, treating this condition can quickly alleviate your ED. Treating this condition only takes about two to six weeks, giving you a quicker ED reprieve.

  • Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels usually cause ED; treating it only takes four to six weeks. Gradually, it improves your ED as the hormone levels increase, curing you of this nagging condition and restoring your confidence in bed. Essential low testosterone treatments include skin patches, gel spreads on the skin, pellets, and injections that quickly offer a reprieve.

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

Not all STIs cause erectile dysfunction, but a vast majority do. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, untreated HIV, and viral hepatitis infect the prostate gland and destroy the smooth muscles in the penis. That makes it incredibly challenging to achieve full-blasted erections, causing ED. STI-induced ED heals as soon as you receive treatment.

How Long Does the Quickest Way to Treat ED Take?

Most Oral medications take as little as thirty minutes to help you treat ED. However, they work in the short term, requiring frequent administration for every sexual encounter.

Medications may seemingly cure ED, but they often don’t offer a more permanent solution. Oral ED treatment medications like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis quickly treat ED, but in the short term. Also read: How To Stop Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Despite being effective and practical, they may not be ideal for every user. The manufacturers usually prohibit underage men from using these oral medications since they uphold the belief that they may be incredibly potent to handle.

Moreover, men with existing ailments, including hypertension and heart disease, should rather not use these medications but instead resort to more natural treatments.

Do Natural Treatments Cure ED Quickly?

Natural treatments cure erectile dysfunction and often offer more permanent results. The best part about natural ED treatments is that they don’t induce any side effects since they promote natural healing.

Most natural ED treatments take time to show results, but they work out the problem once and for all. Some, including a proper diet and exercise, need more time and consistency but are well worth it. Also, read our article on How to tell if a man has erectile dysfunction.

You could also determine the cause of your lack of sleep and implement corrective measures for a more fulfilling and profound night’s sleep. Sleep-induced ED usually is temporary and goes away as soon as you get sufficient sleep. On that note, temporary ED always takes little time to cure since their causes are often ad interim.

Do Medications Permanently Cure ED?

Medication is your direct ticket to curing erectile dysfunction quickly. Luckily, technology has made medications more effective, expanding the options for more practical ways of achieving sustained erections in a short span. The only drawback is that they aren’t usually permanent and don’t entirely heal erectile dysfunction.

In the short term, they may be helpful. However, pairing them with other treatment options could help you achieve better, convincing results. You should, regardless, consult with your health provider for more guidance and to determine suitability.

Can Penile Implants Quickly Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

A penile implant procedure may take well over 30 to 60 minutes and help you eradicate ED. A vast majority of men undergoing this treatment have affirmed that it works better and quickly, and the results are always sustained for extended periods.

They’re mechanical devices that last more than fifteen years, ideal for men looking for a near-permanent erectile dysfunction treatment.

While penile implants almost immediately solve your ED issue, they always leave a mark. Once installed, you won’t be able to achieve an erection naturally. After removing this device, your natural capacity to erect without an aiding device would be compromised.

If you opt for this treatment, you may need to use it about two or three times weekly, which is limiting. Although implants may sound more artificial, they offer a similar feel to the penis and feel natural.


Medications offer quicker ED reprieve but don’t help in the long term. However, tackling this issue from its root cause is the most plausible way of getting better relief and more permanent results. The good thing is regardless of the method you use to treat ED, whether quicker or slower, the results will always show. However, the nagging question is, what’s the aftermath of each?

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