How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction:7 Natural Tips To Consider

Erectile dysfunction is treatable, and you can do it naturally. Conventional erectile dysfunction treatments can be costly and incredibly procedural. Sometimes you may need to subscribe to more regular doctor appointments, and even though they help, they may steal your valuable time for something you’d do at home.

prevent erectile dysfunction

Altering your diet, exercising, losing weight, and getting quality sleep can help naturally treat erectile dysfunction. Besides, avoiding stress and reducing smoking and alcohol also play a significant part in restoring your vibrant sex life. This article delves into ways to treat erectile dysfunction naturally. [Read Red Boost Consumer Reports Here- One of The Most Effect ED Supplements]

how to stop erectile dysfunction Naturally?

  • Exercising

Exercising may help with erectile dysfunction and may be more practical if a cardiovascular disease, inactivity, or obesity are the reasons for having erectile dysfunction. One 2018 study has established the effectiveness of exercising on erectile dysfunction, claiming that it indeed helps. The good thing is that you don’t have to go all in with intense exercise; moderately doing it can help.

Brisk walking, running, skiing, and swimming all come in handy, and doing them at least forty minutes and four times weekly can help erectile dysfunction. Exercising improves blood flow and boosts your body’s testosterone levels, which helps treat mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It also helps treat severe erectile dysfunction; only combining it with medication can help.

  • Getting Quality Sleep

Sleep plays a significant part in giving you firmer erections and enjoying your sex life. Men having less sleep or dealing with sleep disorders are at an immense risk of getting erectile dysfunction. Also, read The Fastest Way To Cure ED.

A study on men with sleeping disorders affirmed that a lack of seamless sleep often impedes how the brain processes sex. Sleep deprivation shares a link with reduced arousal and sexual desire.

Good sleep also improves mood, concentration, and energy. Besides, it helps keep you in shape and perfect in health. That means getting a good night’s sleep, perhaps more than eight hours of sleeping profoundly and uninterrupted, can help.

The impact quality sleep has on your erectile dysfunction issue may gradually improve and eventually solve it in the long haul. However, checking in with your doctor would help if you always ascertained that this treatment option works.

  • Reducing Weight

Obese men are at an incredible risk of developing erectile dysfunction. A 2014 study found that almost 79% of men with a body mass index of over 25 kg/m2 had erectile dysfunction. That makes obesity a valid precursor for this nagging condition among men.

While obesity may not directly contribute to erectile dysfunction, its impact on the body’s testosterone levels can be far-reaching. That reduces your chances of having a more vibrant sex life, which can be frustrating.

However, reducing weight isn’t rocket science, and regardless of your preferred weight-loss method, you can still achieve more fulfilling sexual experiences. The best part is that you don’t need clinical treatments to lose weight and can do it at home. Sometimes, you can effortlessly lose weight with weight-loss supplements, which are more approachable.

  • Improving Your Diet

A good diet is necessary for more fulfilling sex life, leave alone treating erectile dysfunction. It improves your sexual function and gives your body energy since sex can be incredibly consuming. And, of course, an ideal diet helps you treat erectile dysfunction pretty well. According to an observation, a good diet, especially those with limited saturated fats and combining various nutrients, can help.

Your initial visit to the doctor to treat erectile dysfunction usually starts with examining the type of diet you’re in. An assortment of fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts, and fish can be handy in helping you get the essential nutrients that raise your testosterone levels and improve your libido. Read: How To Know If You Have Erectile Dysfunction

  • Alleviating Stress and Anxiety

Stress impacts your mood, which significantly affects your sex performance. It increases the production of epinephrine, a hormone that makes it incredibly changing for the penile muscles to get firmer for penetration. More elevated amounts of this hormone in the body can cause erectile dysfunction, sometimes often severe. However, this erectile dysfunction type is often temporary, which you can quickly reverse.

The best way to prevent stress-induced erectile dysfunction is to solve the causative issue from its roots. It helps to do that before you engage in sex to give the body a chance to rejuvenate and recover. You can also talk to your sex partner and tell them how you feel about your situation. Pretty sure they can be willing to help you cope.

  • Avoiding Smoking

Smoking is a notorious cause of erectile dysfunction, especially if you do it for long, sustained periods. It impedes seamless blood circulation in the body and all areas that need it to be more functional. Regardless of how heavy or light it is, smoking lowers your blood pressure and makes getting an erection more challenging.

The good thing is that quitting smoking can drastically improve your condition, making erectile dysfunction a thing of the past. However, desisting from smoking isn’t always a breeze and often requires outside help to avoid relapses.

Doing it once may not have a more measurable impact on your sex performance, but making it a habit can have a long-term impact. Moreover, smoking affects the others around you and might make them impotent through passive smoking.

  • Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Most men addicted to the bottle have an increased risk of becoming impotent from consuming alcohol excessively. Alcohol usually interferes with the messengers in the brain, prompting it to facilitate blood supply to the penis’s smooth muscle. Besides, alcohol drastically reduces the amount of testosterone in the body, making it challenging to get and keep an erection.

It takes time to recover after taking alcohol for long sustained periods. Your erectile dysfunction may not go away the sooner you quit drinking alcohol, but you’ll gradually see improvement with time.


While erectile dysfunction may seem permanent, it usually naturally goes away on its own after taking corrective measures. That means taking a more supportive diet, avoiding stress, quitting alcohol, and getting sufficient sleep. Moreover, reducing or quitting smoking, losing weight, and exercising can help you be the stallion you want to be in bed. However, it takes a higher commitment level and endurance to achieve results.

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