How To Tell If a Man Has Erectile Dysfunction:5 Warning Signs

Studies have revealed that most men over age 40 battle erectile dysfunction. It’s a much-talked topic for all the most undesirable reasons since it takes a toll on men’s confidence. How to tell if a man has erectile dysfunction isn’t always a breeze since it even feels debilitating talking about it openly.

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However, finding out if a man has erectile dysfunction isn’t so challenging since it manifests physically and emotionally, and men’s sexual partners are always the first to figure it out.

You can tell if a man has erectile dysfunction if they have trouble getting and keeping an erection. Besides, their sexual desire is always low, and their energy and motivation are diminished. Emotionally, most men try to battle it out with themselves and can be overly aggressive toward their sexual partners. This article delves into how to tell if a man has erectile dysfunction.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the general inability to get an erection and, mostly, trouble keeping it. It’s a structural malfunction in the penis where the smooth muscles don’t have the unlimited capacity to hold healthy blood.

It results from many health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Some habits can cause erectile dysfunction, including smoking which disrupts blood vessels in the penile region.

How Can You Tell a Man Has Erectile Dysfunction:5 Warning Signs To Look For

Men’s intimate partners can quickly tell whether or not men have erectile dysfunction. However, men can be incredibly privy and won’t reveal much about what happens in their world of intimacy. Here is one of the best supplements currently available to treat ED with no prescription

Here are the physical and emotional signs that help tell if a man has erectile dysfunction.

  • Trouble Getting An Erection

It’s quite a breeze telling if a man has erectile dysfunction if they hardly can get an erection. This situation can be terminal and may result from existing health issues. Men with erectile dysfunction don’t get turned on by sexual steam or arousal, much to their frustration.

Worse, men with erectile dysfunction may get an erection when masturbating but fail when with their sexual partners. That can be frustrating and intimidating, knowing that controlling how the body responds to sex is much more imagination than reality.

  • Trouble Keeping An Erection

Getting an erection can be possible for men with erectile dysfunction, but keeping it can be challenging. Sometimes, the erection can be too weak to facilitate penetration, which can be dismaying.

People battling this condition can still get an erection, but their penises may gradually become flaccid before an orgasm. That’s incredibly frustrating and disappointing for men and their sexual partners.

  • Reduced Sexual Desire

Erectile dysfunction usually accompanies a lack of interest in romance and sex. The libido usually lowers, and the urge to have sex can be non-existent. Erectile dysfunction and libido can be different but are usually linked.

That’s because treating this condition and its causes often helps libido, and men typically become more rejuvenated afterward. However, sexual libido can lower drastically, but that only causes temporary and less concerning erectile dysfunction.

  • Getting An Erection Intermittently

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t always have to be in full swing, but it can manifest as intermittent erections. Your penis may not necessarily get hard with a sexual partner, but you can do that randomly.

Mostly, these erections come out of the blue, often unprecedented but only last for a short while. Sometimes, it’s even hard to notice that you’ve had an erection since your penis may not be as hard as it should be.

  • Diminished Sexual Confidence

Alongside diminished libido is deteriorated confidence in your sexual advances. The idea of failing to have an erection can take a toll on men’s urge to have sex urge. It’s embarrassing to fail to rev up their engines when they need their penises to work, making them shun sex altogether.

Belief and confidence in yourself during sex keep you going and sufficiently satisfy your sexual partner. However, it’s less fulfilling and frustrating if your confidence doesn’t measure up to the sexual energy due to erectile dysfunction.Also, read what causes erectile dysfunction

Can Men Test for Erectile Dysfunction at Home?

Remarkably, men can test for erectile dysfunction at home. However, this test mainly helps determine the cause of an erection rather than helping figure out whether or not they have an erection.

Remember that an erection can be physical or psychological, and examining the cause can be a step toward recovering from this condition. The nocturnal penile tumescence stamp test, uses a portable home device called RigiScan, which usually happens at night.

How to Test For Erectile Dysfunction Using the NPT Stamp Test?

You need to strap this device around the thigh when you’re asleep at night. It comes with two loops around the penis’ base and the other loop below the corona. That helps the machine measure blood pressure throughout the night.

Moreover, it also determines the penis’ ability to bend or buckle, which helps determine whether or not penetration can be possible. Read 7 Natural Tips To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

The Emotional changes That help Tell If a Man Has Erectile Dysfunction.

You can tell if a man has erectile dysfunction through their emotions. Especially so, it’s quite a breeze to tell if you’re a closer intimate partner. Men can feel unloved and guilty about their condition.

The thought of hardly satisfying their sexual partners can also cause shame and frustration, and they’ll mostly seem to avoid intimacy. These feelings and emotions can be complex and sometimes more intense if their partners don’t sympathize with them. The worst part is that it’s embarrassing talking about it, and some men suffer in silence.

It’s always good to be open about erectile dysfunction and communicate with an understanding partner. A trip to the doctor can also offer a blueprint into how men and their sexual partners can help each other.


Telling whether or not a man has erectile dysfunction isn’t always a breeze since most men choose to suffer in silence. The fear of getting embarrassed often gets men to shun this discussion. However, it can be relatively easy to tell if you’re a closer intimate partner. Mostly, men with erectile dysfunction can find it challenging to have and maintain an erection.

Besides, their erections may not be hard enough to enable penetration. Emotionally, these men can feel guilty, frustrated, and ashamed of their conditions, which affects their confidence. Seeing a doctor can help determine the root of erectile dysfunction and offer men a chance to have a better sex life.

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