Dominique Rice

Dominque Rice

Dominique has extensive experience reviewing consumer health information. Her training, particularly, has focused on communicating evidence-based medical information to readers. She strives to make health information as accurate as possible. You can learn more on her LinkedIn Page and Her about page


Over 10 years of experience reviewing consumer health information and working closely with doctors and medical experts

Articles By Dominique Rice

cranberry juice benefits for prostate

Why Is Cranberry Juice Good for the Prostate:The Real Benefits

Prostate medication may be effective in giving you the relief you need. However, natural treatments are a cut above, given ...
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man drinking water for prostate

Is Drinking a Lot of Water Good for Your Prostate?

Drinking sufficient water every day can help you avoid a ton of problems, and medics recommend taking it for a ...
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prostate pills that work

Do Prostate Supplements Work: Which prostate pills really work?

Supplements seemingly offer an easy route to alleviating numerous health issues, including ailing prostates. However, it's only natural to ask ...
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can enlarged prostate go down

Does An Enlarged Prostate Ever Go Down: Can It Reduce In Size?

An enlarged prostate can result from several causes, including bacterial attacks, age, and even malign tissues. A typically normal and ...
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quickest way to cure enlarged prostate

What is the Fastest Way to Cure an Enlarged Prostate?

The time an enlarged prostate takes to heal depends on several factors, including your treatment approach and the underlying cause ...
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glucoberry customer reviews

Glucoberry Reviews New Customer Complaints Found Scam Risk Or Legit

Glucoberry Reviews: Alarming New Report - Can This Supplement Really Help Support Blood Sugar? Are There Any Side effects, Find ...
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man with prostate problem-miniral build up

What Mineral Builds Up in the Prostate: Causes Of Prostate Problems

The prostate can accumulate a few minerals, either helpful or toxic. Zinc, calcium, and selenium are beneficial minerals the prostate ...
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kelp benefits for prostate

Does Kelp Help Prostate Health:Is it healthy to eat kelp?

Most kelp-related studies examining the plant's impact on prostate health have circled how it prevents prostate cancer. However, more research ...
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saw palmetto for prostate

Is Saw Palmetto Good for Enlarged Prostate Problems: The Benefits

The discussions about saw palmetto in treating an enlarged prostate haven't stopped as scientists continue to discover more about its ...
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Is Quietum Plus a Scam or a legit

Quietum Plus Scam Or Legit: Shocking Warning From Fake Supplement

Tinnitus is a niggling condition that diminishes your quality of life. The worst part about having this condition is the ...
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will tinnitus go away

How do I know if my tinnitus is permanent: Will It ever go away?

It might surprise you that your tinnitus is permanent despite coming in short bursts. There's no one-fits-all approach in determining ...
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studying with tinnitus

How to study with tinnitus: Is It Hard To Concentrate?

Students having tinnitus often have it tough studying as their colleagues and can almost feel like giving up. However, all ...
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woman with tinnitus-does it get better over time

Does Tinnitus Get Better with Time: What To Expect?

You might wonder whether tinnitus gets better with time or probably exacerbates and never seems to subside. Questioning its persistence ...
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woman with tinnitus

Does Tinnitus Get Quieter Over Time:What’s the longest It can last?

Tinnitus is a prevalent ear complication commonly emanating from deep within the brain. However, people with physical ear injuries tend ...
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sonofit scam or legit

SonoFit Scam Or Legit:New Complaint Warning Found Fake Or Real

Sonofit Scam Or Legit-Critical New Warning From Fake Supplements. Does It Really Work? Are The Ingredients Effective? Hearing loss is ...
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sonofit hearing supplement

SonoFit Reviews Consumer Reports:Customer Complaints Will It Work?

Sonofit Reviews From Customers - Ingredients Side Effects And Consumer Reports Analysis. Does It Really Work-Is It Effective For Hearing ...
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can an enlarged prostate shrink doctor examination

can an enlarged prostate shrink Naturally: Crucial Tips That May Help

Natural prostrate treatment can be better than some medications with nagging side effects. However, can they help you shrink your ...
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man exercise for prostate problem

Can exercise reduce enlarged prostate?

Prostate enlargement is preventable, and you can minimize the risk by being more proactive. However, you may question whether or ...
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symptoms of enlarged prostate

symptoms of prostate problem: What To Look For?

The prostate should always remain in shape for proper men’s virility, improved urine flow, and hormone production. However, things can ...
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is prostadine a scam or a legit

Prostadine Scam Or Legit: Critical New Warning Found

Is Prostadine A Scam Or A Legit? Prostadine is a new trending dropper dietary supplement that aids in correcting prostate ...
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