What is the Fastest Way to Cure an Enlarged Prostate?

The time an enlarged prostate takes to heal depends on several factors, including your treatment approach and the underlying cause. Prostate enlargement isn’t overly severe if it’s not cancer-related and can retract with appropriate intervention. What is the fastest way to cure an enlarged prostate?

quickest way to cure enlarged prostate

Transurethral microwave thermotherapy (TUMT) and transurethral needle ablation (TUNA) are the quickest methods to treat an enlarged prostate in a few weeks. Medications like 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and alpha-blockers may take several weeks or months to cure an enlarged prostate. This article explores the fastest way to cure an enlarged prostate

What Does an Enlarged Prostate Look Like?

An enlarged prostate usually looks more or less the size of a golf ball. The prostate, at this size, can press against the bladder and cause discomfort due to the pain. But that’s not the most an enlarged prostate can grow.

Some men have discovered that their prostates have grown to sizes as large as a tennis ball, resulting in a slew of urinary tract symptoms that need effective medical interventions. That’s a typical case in men having BPH, but it can shrink back to standard size.

A typically healthy prostate is only peanut-sized and just below the bladder. It may appear slightly larger in some men, which doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s not perfectly healthy.

Men may naturally have an enlarged prostate as they hit their 40s without even knowing. The only way to know that their prostates have enlarged is when pain and discomfort accompany it.

can an enlarged prostate heal on its own?

An enlarged prostate can heal, but that depends on the underlying cause. Typical and non-malign prostate enlargement typically heals with medical intervention within weeks or months. However, prostate cancer can be significantly more challenging to recover from if it advances well to become lethal.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a less concerning prostate condition that occurs as its causes are only natural hormonal disruptions. Prostatitis may require treatment as it may result due to bacterial attacks. Both conditions can lead to prostate enlargement and take different spans to heal.

What is the Quickest Way to Cure an Enlarged Prostate?

Urology experts have identified several methods of shrinking an enlarged prostate, both natural and medicinal. However, some clinical treatments can be slightly intrusive and may disrupt other associated body processes, including sexual performance. Below are the possible timelines for each method used to treat an enlarged prostate.

  • Medications (several weeks to months)

Medications usually lower the levels of hormones causing BPH. Their remediating impact can take between three to six months before you notice any noticeable symptom changes.

Typical medications for an enlarged prostate include alpha-reductase inhibitors and alpha-blockers. Low-level hormones like dutasteride and finasteride may also take a similar span to treat an enlarged prostate. Antibiotics, too, can cure an enlarged prostate.

  • Surgery through TUNA and TUMT (several weeks)

Surgery through TUNA and TURP are also ideal ways to treat an enlarged prostate and may only take several weeks. Ideally, these procedures can shrink your prostate for quite a while, but the drawback is that they’re intrusive. Healing might take several months, and the entire span that you’d feel better can be around several months.

This treatment, however, is less used or recommended unless the underlying cause for your enlarged prostate is quite severe – like benign tissues.

  • Natural treatment (Weeks to months)

Healthcare providers may recommend natural remedies if your underlying cause of prostate enlargement isn’t severe. Natural foods and drinks can help cure your enlarged prostate and regain health. However, while natural prostate enlargement treatments aren’t intrusive and don’t require extended healing periods, they take quite a long to cure an enlarged prostate, spanning weeks to several months.

  • Minimally invasive procedures (weeks to months) –

Procedures like prostate artery embolization, transurethral needle ablation, and transurethral microwave therapy are some of the less invasive methods for treating an enlarged prostate. They involve removing excess tissue that might cause enlargement, shrinking it in the long run. These minimally invasive procedures might take several weeks to months but are effective.

How long a treatment procedure for an enlarged prostate takes depends on a few factors, including the underlying cause, severity, and type of treatment. Surgery is the quickest way to treat an enlarged prostate, but it’s overly intrusive and may take several more weeks to get prompt treatment after the procedure.

Can exercise shrink an enlarged prostate?

Exercising can help alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate when you do them correctly. It can help reduce the levels of hormones that cause prostate inflammation or the associated urinary tract symptoms, particularly by improving your urinary flow. However, exercising may not heal an enlarged prostate as such.

Some of the best ways to correctly exercise without reducing harming your prostate include brisk walking, swimming, and jogging. Also, pelvic floor exercises, including Kegels, may improve bladder control and minimize urinary tract symptoms. It’s wise to always consult with your healthcare provider for safer prostate management and ease the symptoms that may result.

Can Prostate Dietary Supplements Treat an Enlarged Prostate?

Prostate dietary supplements have ground-broken an alternative way to treat an enlarged prostate. They’ve become the mainstay for users who want to shrink their enlarged prostates, which seems convenient.

These supplements combine several plant-based ingredients that have helped individuals in communities treat their prostate issues. And as things stand, it’s apparent that people are turning toward them as an option.

The only downside with supplements is that you may need to shop from an authentic and trusted manufacturer to get the actual benefits. Some supplements may also fail to work on others due to varying metabolisms, making it a less convenient option. However, doing everything right with supplements can help you shrink your prostate within weeks or only a few months.

What are the Ideal Self-Care Methods for Healing an Enlarged Prostate?

Your prostate issue may not be incredibly severe, and the symptoms can be mild. You may not need to check in with a urologist for invasive treatments, including surgeries. You can care for yourself at home and manage your symptoms if they aren’t so bothersome. Below are some of the most practical ways to treat your enlarged prostate quickly:

  • Minimize stress

Stress can exacerbate your urinary tract symptoms, and it always helps to check its levels. You may hardly feel better if you keep imagining your condition every minute. Also read: What Minerals Build In The Prostate?

Drink plenty of water – Staying constantly hydrated can help reduce urinary symptoms and improve urinary flow. Aim for about eight cups of water daily unless your healthcare provider recommends otherwise.

  • Limit caffeine and alcohol

Both caffeine and alcohol can irritate the bladder and worsen urinary symptoms. Try to limit these substances, especially in the evening. Urinate frequently: Don’t hold urine too long, which can worsen urinary symptoms. Urinate whenever you need, and try to empty your bladder each time.

  • Practice pelvic floor exercises

Exercises, such as Kegels, can help strengthen the muscles that control urination and improve bladder control.

Stay active – Regular exercises like walking or cycling can improve urinary symptoms and prostate health. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.

You can easily manage your prostate condition at home if the symptoms aren’t severe. However, you should consult your healthcare provider about this method’s suitability for an enlarged prostate.


Surgery may be the quickest way to cure an enlarged prostate, but the time it takes to heal after the procedure can be lengthy. An enlarged prostate can be nagging and incredibly bothersome to deal with. In most cases, it shouldn’t worry you if the cause isn’t incredibly severe. If so, you can even manage it at home. Nonetheless, it’s usually best to consult with your healthcare provider about an appropriate way of treating this condition.

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