Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums: The Fastest Way To Stop It

Have you noticed your gums bleeding more lately when you brush your teeth? You may be among the millions of people suffering from gum disease. Bleeding gums can be caused by plaque buildup under the gumline or a more serious condition like gingivitis or periodontitis. Left untreated, bleeding gums could lead to tooth loss as the disease progresses.

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The good news is that you can try natural home remedies that may help reduce gum bleeding and promote healing. From powerful plant extracts to everyday kitchen items, simple changes to your oral health routine could make a big difference. 

This guide explores several home remedies for bleeding gum, you can use today to keep your gums healthy again. Your smile will thank you.

12 Best Home Remedies for Gum Bleeding

Whether you want fast relief or long-term treatment, these 12 home remedies have been shown to help reduce gum bleeding and promote healing. Try adding one or more of these natural options to your oral healthcare routine, from soothing herbs and spices to antibacterial essential oils.

  • Good Oral Hygiene

Daily brushing and flossing techniques are essential to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent bleeding gums. Proper technique involves using a soft-bristle brush to gently brush your teeth, paying close attention to the gumline, for at least two minutes twice daily. Also read here: Best Natural Way To Stop Gum Bleeding

It’s also important to floss once daily to remove plaque and debris accumulating between teeth and the gumline. Not flossing allows these infections to remain and worsen, leading to inflammation of the gums, which causes them to bleed. 

Maintaining solid oral hygiene habits is fundamental to keeping your gums healthy and strongly diminishes the chances of experiencing bleeding.

  • Warm Salt Water Rinse

Rinsing your mouth with a solution of warm salt water can effectively reduce bleeding from irritated gums. Dissolving half a teaspoon of salt into a full glass of lukewarm water creates a natural antiseptic rinse

The salt draws toxins and excess blood from swollen gums, while the warm temperature increases blood flow and encourages healing. Take time to thoroughly swish the solution around your mouth for 30 seconds after brushing. 

The saltwater rinse soothes and reduces inflammation, minimizing bleeding so your gums can heal properly. Its low cost and easy preparation make it a highly recommended first aid for bleeding gums at home. Read: Home Remedies That Works For Bad Breath

  • Antibacterial Mouthwash Rinse

Using an over-the-counter antimicrobial mouthwash is another effective home remedy for bleeding gums. Mouthwashes containing essential oils such as clove or cinnamon have natural antibacterial properties. 

Holding a small cupful of mouthwash in your mouth for 30 seconds allows its antiseptic components to directly reach and kill the infectious bacteria aggravating your gums. 

The best mouthwash contains herbs with a history of oral antibiotic activity to get the most therapeutic benefits. Rinsing daily with an antibacterial variety eliminates pathogens and decreases gum inflammation to reduce bleeding.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

A simple hydrogen peroxide rinse can help resolve bleeding gums by disinfecting the mouth. Mixing one part 3% hydrogen peroxide with three parts warm water creates a powerful but safe oral cleanser. 

Swishing a quarter cup of this diluted solution around the mouth for 30 seconds daily removes bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. The bubbling action loosens dental plaque and food particles that harbor germs. 

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antibacterial and whitens teeth by removing surface stains. Use this rinse after brushing for one week to thoroughly sterilize the gums. It will eliminate pathogens while promoting new cell growth and healing of irritated tissues to diminish bleeding. Regularly, a peroxide mouthwash provides affordable, drug-free gum treatment at home.

  • Increased Vitamin C Intake

Consuming more vitamin C is an effective way to reduce bleeding gums through its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Good dietary sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit, berries, tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers. Aim for 75-90 mg daily, the recommended amount for adults. 

Vitamin C stimulates collagen production in the body, helping to repair damaged gum fibers and seal leaks that cause bleeding. It also reduces localized swelling to decrease gum tenderness. Try snacking on vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies or supplement your intake to get this powerful antioxidant supporting healing from within.

  • Increased Vitamin K Intake

Eating more foods rich in vitamin K can help stop bleeding gums. Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard greens contain high vitamin K levels and are easy to incorporate into meals daily. Vitamin K plays a key role in blood clotting by activating proteins that form clots to seal leaks from broken blood vessels in the gums. 

A fistful of greens in a smoothie, sautéed as a side dish or added to salads, provides around 90% of the recommended daily 90 mcg intake for women or 120 mcg for men. Increasing vitamin K gives your blood the components it needs to efficiently heal wounds and stop bleeding at the gums.

  • Coconut Oil Pulling

Using coconut oil for oral detoxification, known as oil pulling, can reduce inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Take 1-2 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil and swish it vigorously around the mouth for 10-20 minutes before spitting it out each morning. 

The long-chain fatty acids and lauric acid in coconut oil have powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that wipe out harmful plaque-causing microbes. It also draws out toxins and improves oral hygiene. Coconut oil pulling strengthens gums and cuts bleeding by eliminating toxins and promoting tissue regeneration. Try it daily for the best healing effects.

  • Turmeric Paste

The anti-inflammatory compound curcumin found in turmeric makes a natural paste very effective for preventing and treating bleeding gums. Mix 1/2 teaspoon each of fresh turmeric and salt or lime juice into a thick paste. Apply it on the gums using your finger and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. 

Curcumin reduces swelling and oxidation damage to gums, while salt or lime juice acts as natural antiseptics. Use this simple homemade turmeric remedy 2-3 times weekly for faster healing and less bleeding until gums return to full health.

  • Cold Compress

Holding an ice pack or cold tea bag against bleeding gums for 10 minutes helps reduce swelling and pain. The cold temperature causes blood vessels in the gums to constrict, which decreases further bleeding. Wrap an ice pack or freeze fresh mint or chamomile tea bags for use as a natural cold compress. 

Be sure to place a soft cloth between the cold item and the gums so it doesn’t damage delicate tissues. Reapply the cold compress as often as needed until the bleeding fully subsides. Cold therapy provides soothing relief from inflamed gums.

  • Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is vital to stop bleeding gums as tobacco greatly increases inflammation and the risk of gum disease. Smoking constricts blood vessels and suppresses the immune system, hampering the body’s ability to fight infection at the gums. It also binds to periodontal pockets between teeth and gums, enhancing toxic bacterial growth. 

After stopping smoking, gum tissues begin healing within a few weeks, and blood vessel function returns to normal. Eliminating smoking allows gums to fully recover, and cessation stops bleeding at its source.

  • Reduce Stress Levels

Chronic stress puts the body in a constant “fight or flight” response that weakens the immune system over time. When stressed, more acid enters the saliva, removing tooth enamel and exposing sensitive tissues. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol suppress wound healing. 

Manage stress through relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga, meditation, social support, or counseling to bring cortisol down and promote healing from within. Lower stress benefits gums directly and overall health.

  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Seeing your dentist at least twice yearly helps control bleeding gums and catches problems early. Dental cleanings remove built-up plaque and tartar that irritate gums. 

A professional cleaning below the gumline is often necessary, as toothbrushing can miss these areas. Dentists also check for gingivitis signs like swollen or puffy gums that bleed easily and can provide treatment if needed. They diagnose more serious periodontal diseases with X-rays and probing to measure gum pockets. 

If left undiagnosed, these advanced problems lead to bone and tooth loss. Routine dental exams and cleanings by a professional keep gums healthy and bleeding minimized.


Natural home remedies effectively relieve bleeding gums when used regularly as part of an oral healthcare routine, including proper brushing, flossing, and checkups. Some options, like salt water rinses, act as immediate first aid, while foods like green leafy vegetables support long-term healing with vitamins and minerals. 

Practicing techniques to reduce plaque and stress and control underlying gum infections allows your gums to recover fully with minimal or no bleeding. With a commitment to consistent home care and professional care, you can enjoy bright, healthy smiles for years.

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