can an enlarged prostate shrink Naturally: Crucial Tips That May Help

Natural prostrate treatment can be better than some medications with nagging side effects. However, can they help you shrink your prostate as effectively as the clinical treatments?

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Natural prostate treatments have been a fierce debate among medical practitioners and experts about whether or not they work. However, the bottom line is they’re effective and practical. Can an enlarged prostate shrink?

You can naturally shrink your prostate by taking natural plant products, including saw palmetto, pygeum, stinging nettle, and beta-sitosterol, among others, in their various forms.

This article discusses whether or not an enlarge prostate can shrink and the best possible natural treatment that may help.

is it possible to shrink your prostate With Natural Treatments?

Natural treatments are effective in shrinking your enlarged prostate. However, they may not work as quickly as medications. The best part is that natural therapies don’t have any nagging side effects, especially if they are entirely natural. You may need to be more consistent if you resort to natural treatments and continually assess progress if any of your urinary symptoms are improving.

But before using any natural remedy to treat your enlarged prostate, please check in with your health provider for guidance. Some natural treatment products and procedures may not be ideal or compatible with your condition.

Although rare, some can exacerbate your situation and cause more suffering. If so, your health provider should advise you accordingly and recommend effective alternative products.

What are the Best Natural Treatments to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate?

You may define an effective natural treatment for an enlarged prostate differently. However, it all boils down to what you want to achieve and your desired results. An effective natural treatment should have minimal or no side effects and work as quickly as medications. One of the best prostate supplement is Prostadine.

Here are the best natural remedies to help you shrink your enlarged prostate quickly.

  • Improve Your Diet

Your diet determines how your body performs its functions, and your prostate also depends on it. Food can build or break your prostate since it supplies the nutrients needed to keep it perfectly functional. Even so, a good diet isn’t only ideal for maintaining a healthy prostate but can help shrink it if it enlarges.

You’ll notice that the symptoms prostate problem starts to recede, and the nagging urinary symptoms fade once you start taking a good diet.

A proper diet should supplement your prostate with the needed minerals and nutrients, including pomegranate, calcium, and vitamin D. these nutrients and minerals should come from taking vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk, as well as citrus fruits.

  • Limit Caffeine

Caffeine can irritate your prostate and enlarge it. This substance is usually available in coffee and green tea, which people consume virtually daily. While taking tea or coffee more often may be an indulgence to help you unwind, it could do more harm than good to your prostate.

While caffeine may not dramatically raise your PSA levels, it can cause inflammation in your prostate and irritate your bladder.

Take no more than three cups of coffee or tea weekly if possible. That should save you the trouble of dealing with an enlarged prostate in the long haul. If possible, avoiding consuming them can be more prudent, at least when you need to shrink your enlarged prostate.

Try avoiding taking these drinks a few minutes before sleeping so that the body metabolizes caffeine when you’re most active.

  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Alcohol and tobacco have a far-reaching impact on your body, especially if you indulge in them excessively. Their effect can be more severe on your prostate and can lead to enlargement.

While this habit can root deeply, getting out of it isn’t impossible, at least at the mercy of your enlarging prostate. If possible, try limiting your alcohol consumption or quitting.

Smoking more than 35 cigarettes per day can harm your prostate. Moreover, it can exacerbate your condition and steal away your perfect prostate health, which can be debilitating.

Although some findings have documented that moderate smoking and alcohol intake can benefit the prostate, it’s not entirely clear how at least not at the moment.

  • Get Regular Exercise

Staying active can help reduce the prostate, let alone benefit it. Studies have documented that men who regularly participate in physical activity are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

However, that’s not all that exercising can do; it can shrink an enlarged prostate. Nonetheless, exercising doesn’t directly help your prostate and shrink it when enlarged; it’s the resulting benefits that do.

While exercising has numerous benefits to the body, the hormonal balance it brings to the body helps shrink your prostate. Besides, exercising also enables you to churn off excess fat and reduce weight, collectively contributing to your prostate shrinking.

The best part with exercising is that it offer numerous other benefits to your body and improves organ and system functions pretty significantly.

  • Maintain A Healthy Weight

A healthy weight isn’t always easy to maintain as you age, but it can be the difference between having an enlarged prostate and a healthy one. Exercising helps alleviate the pressure within your abdominal cavity, particularly on the area around your prostate. That frees your prostate from rubbing and weight piling, which could otherwise inflame or exacerbate the condition.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take numerous miles of running or going heavy and intense in the gym. A 30-minute walk or run is enough to help you maintain a healthy weight. Or, you could opt for aerobics which burns significant calories daily. Remember, you’re spoiled for choice with numerous weight loss solutions, and you should find an option that suits you.

  • Stay Sexually Active

Having regular sex has a direct link to prostate cancer, a prostate problem that enlarges it. Studies have shown men having sex more often tend to have a much lower risk of developing prostate problems, leave alone cancer. As such, you should engage your sexual partner more often, perhaps three times every week.

Moreover, a much higher ejaculation frequency can help reduce your prostate size pretty significantly. It helps alleviate the resulting prostate inflammation symptoms and offer a much-needed relief. However, please combine natural treatments and medication with frequent sex for better and quicker results.

Are Herbal Supplements Suitable for Shrinking the Prostate?

Herbal supplements and products can help treat your prostate. However, not every supplement is ideal, especially if they don’t come from a legitimate manufacturer. You should consider products that adhere to strictly safe production, such as those made in FDA-approved facilities and GMP-certified. 

Also, please use supplements that manufacturers create using natural and organic ingredients. These products are pretty easy to find in the United States but always engage the official manufacturer directly to avoid fake supplements that won’t help you. It would help if you also did your due diligence on more trusted manufacturers, creating more helpful products. The good thing is that these products come with bonuses and retail at reasonable prices, so you’ll get the best value for your money.


Naturally shrinking your prostate is possible. However, it might take quite some time than medications would. Natural remediation is the best for the propensity not to result in nagging side effects. Besides, naturally shrinking your prostate is way cheaper since you only need to slightly adjust your daily routine by altering your diet or exercising. Also, supplements that help with prostate problems can help you restore your prostate to its original size.

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