Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do? the weight loss plateau can be better explained by undigested food, muscle gain, and body water fluctuations.

why can't you lose weight

The experts say that the body tends to fight back when someone loses weight. At first, someone can lose a significant amount of weight without too much effort but only with recommended ways and practices.

However, your weight loss might stop or slow down at some point. And this is where people claim they are not losing weight. Why? Relax! I got you covered.

According to a nutrition professional, weight loss is influenced by many things, and it is worth it if you understand the top and common ones to eventually make some changes in your weight loss journey.

You might be practicing the right practices and ways to lose weight but doing them in the right way not contributing to achieving desired weight loss results.

Below are the top reasons you are experiencing pleasing results in your weight journey regardless of what you do:

Top Reasons Why you Can’t Lose Weight No Matter How Hard You Try

  • You are experiencing a slow metabolism

This is the top reason we fail to shed excess weight on our bodies no matter how fast we do. If your metabolism is slow, you don’t have very slight results in your weight loss. Generally, metabolism may slow due to age, poor exercise, what you eat, etc. Find out here how the Alpine ice hack may beneficial to your weight loss journey.

And since the muscles tend to burn excess calories compared to the fat, maintaining and building muscle is essential for your metabolic health toward your weight loss. Another issue is the low brown fat level, also known as brown adipose tissue.

And if you are consuming the same amount of calories as the metabolism drops, then your weight might creep up with time. In this case, begin lifting weights and strongly exercising to eventually keep your metabolism in good check.

  • Feeling stressed

Weight gain and stress are friends. Do you know you can be stressed out, and you don’t know? You may doubt it, but it’s true based on some experts. Constant stress leads to several health conditions, and weight gain is among the major ones.

This is because stress triggers more cravings when unhappy or stressed; we most probably need to reach the comfort foods with high fat and sugar.

Further, too much stress also increases the production of cortisol, leading to abdominal fat building in your body. Generally, when you’re feeling stressed, tired, or down, even the workout seems daunting.

In this case, consider taking someone short moments in a day to lower your tension levels. In addition, mindful meditation may help bring calmness to someone’s life.

Overall, you may consider discussing such an issue with a doctor or counselor because chronic stress might be challenging to solve, they will aid you in identifying the best ways of managing those stress.


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  • Not getting quality and adequate sleep.
sleep to lose weight

Lack of enough sleep contributes to weight gain, but many of us take it simple. The recent 2018 research suggested that participants who slept less than seven hours at night had high chances of developing obesity and a higher average body mass.

The scientist also speculates that sleep deprivation tends to increase ghrelin levels, the hormone responsible for hunger.

Further, it decreases the insulin and leptin levels of sensitivity hormones responsible for weight control. And last, it can affect someone’s salt retention and the markers of inflammation.

Sleep deprivation may make someone feel confused and cranky and affect their food and activity choices. Therefore, getting sleep is essential to shedding excess weight because it affects us mentally and physically. In addition, consider cutting off caffeine consumption for many hours before bed.

  • Eating too much

Overeating is among the top factors contributing to not shedding weight, even if you’re doing workouts. Unless you track the number of calories you consume daily, you might be overfeeding but in denial.

Many of us significantly estimate our calories incorrectly while still overestimating the number of calories we burn in activities we do.

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In this case, consider keeping your food diary by writing down everything you consume using an online tracking program or food intake.

You may measure your food portions, access nutritional information, or read food labels daily. Secondly, analyze the diet you take, where food websites and diary apps may often give someone a good overview of how many calories you might be eating and the breakdown of nutrients in the body.

  • Exercising too little

Exercise is among the crucial elements in losing weight. It should be done right, and choose the effective ones. For weight loss, the experts recommend having 90 and 60 minutes of moderate exercise daily. And for them to practice the high-intensity exercises, your number may drop to 30 minutes.

When you are not losing weight as expected, you might require increasing your workout intensity and time to match your specific weight loss goals.

Preferably, you may still need to change your specific weight loss goals to match the activity. Further, you should be active as much as you can. Spending 8 hours or more sitting might be a big reason you can’t lose weight.

  • You have a medical condition.

It’s known that weight loss is one of the complex procedures comprising a variety of different factors. Some factors we eventually control include exercise and diet, stress, and sleep habits.

However, genes, hormones, age, and personal body type might not be fully controlled. In this case, consult your doctor to give you the best ways to cope with your medical conditions toward faster weight loss.

Final verdict On The Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Healthy weight is the key, and almost everyone dreams. And if you have not yet achieved your desired weight results, the above tips may significantly help.

However, I have helpful tips to help you first remember that healthy bodies will not always appear the same and a thing which gives people negative thoughts about ourselves and our weight.

Therefore, try to always focus on all things you love about your body and appreciate things your body can do to aid you in improving your entire body image.

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