How to Shed Weight Fast – 10 Simple Steps You Must

Being overweight may lower your self-esteem apart from increasing the chances of contracting various diseases such as diabetes, although you can work it out and have a healthy life. Small steps can make you achieve your dream. If you want to learn how to shed weight fast and  admire being in good shape, start with these simple activities, stay motivated and you will reap the benefits.

 how to shed weight fast

10 Great Ideas To Help You Shed Weight Fast

  1. Write down your diet schedule

Design your meal schedule for at least a week earlier and constantly update it when you progress. This will help you avoid unhealthy diet which may increase the calories you are trying to burn. Closely monitor your weight reduction plan to know where you are so as to make adjustments to your diet to achieve your desired weight.

  1. Reduce Starch and Sugar intake

Sugar and starch stimulate the production of insulin which activates storage of fats in our body. Reduction of insulin production in our system makes fats get out their storage tissues making the body burn more fats instead of burning carbohydrates. Low insulin level also enables our kidneys to shed unneeded water and sodium reducing excess water weight and bloat.

Water weight and fats contribute a large percentage of your weight; in fact, you can lose about 10 pounds or more within the first week by losing excess water weight and body fat. Cutting sugar and carbs from diet lowers insulin which automatically kills your appetite making you able to work on your diet without necessary feeling hungry, this is one of the key when looking to know how to shed weight fast

  1. Know what motivates you to eat

The main reason why we eat is to get the energy that enables us to do our daily activities. However, many times we eat when we are not supposed to eat and when we are not hungry. There are many things that trigger your appetite; it may be because of anxiety, stress, depression or even anger. Knowing how to control or avoid these triggers helps you to control your diet and work effectively towards weight reduction.

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  1. Get Support and be Accountable

Join a group that discusses how well to lose weight, seek advice from friends and family members who are doing it or have done it in a healthy way. Ask for your family and friends to cheer you up and encourage you. This will help you when things seem so hard and you feel like giving up. Motivation can be the line between you and your dream weight. Also, you may look for apps that guide you on how to work out and plan your diet. Keeping track of diet and being consistent will help you a lot.

  1. Workout every day

Workouts help to reduce triggers that make us eat poorly such as stress, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep. Exercises especially after eating makes digestion of food inefficient hence making the calories we have eaten pass through without being absorbed.

Exercising also helps in building muscles which require a lot of energy to be built up or repaired, all these activities burn calories in our body leading to weight reduction. Moreover, exercises increase your basal metabolic rates which lead to burning more fats even when we are asleep and therefore leads to weight reduction.

  1. Drink water instead of drinks with high calories level

Many energy drinks and sodas and other beverages may contain high levels of calories and may also contain a substantial amount of sodium and carbohydrates. Water, on the other hand, contains no calories or carbohydrates thus you will be able to reduce calories intake if you switch to water. Also, when we drink cool water our system uses energy to heat up the water which burns calories hence reducing weight.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Did you know that skipping breakfast is one of the most crucial mistake that  you can make when looking to learn how to shed weight fast. Don’t think that avoiding breakfast will make you lose more calories and hence more weight. In fact, skipping breakfast may make you add more weight. Eating breakfast helps in reduction of hunger later during the day reducing the chances of overeating.

Also, it reduces production of insulin which reduces storage of fat and hence weight gain. Eating breakfast may also help you in making good healthy choices in the day, when you eat a low-fat nutritious diet in the morning you are more likely to include vegetables and fruits which will be beneficial in weight reduction than calories.

  1. Eat food rich in spices.

Some spices such as cayenne peppers and jalapenos contain capsaicin which helps to cut calories down and also increases the release of various hormones like adrenaline. Production of adrenaline increases the rate of metabolism and the body ability to burn more calories. Eating hot pepper reduces your eating pace giving your brain enough time to know when you are full.

Other spices such as oregano, black pepper, turmeric, and ginger have additional nutritional benefits apart from helping you reduce your wait hence you may try them as well.

  1. Have enough sleep.

Have enough sleep, mostly around 7 hours per day. Lack of sleep slows down the rate of metabolism making it hard to get rid of calories. Also, you are more likely to eat if you feel hungry when awake. Lack of sleep triggers production of Leptin and Ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that tells your brain when you are hungry while Leptin tells you when you are full. Production of these two hormones will make you eat more and hence add more weight. Having a sound sleep is therefore vital if you want to know how to shed weight fast.

  1. Don’t skip meals.

Don’t starve yourself just eat enough. Skipping meals slows down the rate of metabolism hence making it difficult to shed weight. Lack of enough food also makes you lack the energy to workout which will make you add more weight. Starving makes our system to think that we don’t have enough of food to eat hence slowing conversion of calories to energy as our body preserves the fats. Eating small meals repeatedly will ensure that your body metabolism increases thus burning down more fats and reducing weight.

As you can see how to shed weight fast shouldn’t be a daunting task. We all desire to be healthy and fit as we carry on with daily activities in life. However, being overweight can make our lives hectic and boring. How to shed weight fast shouldn’t be a rocket science , the good thing is we can do something about it. No dream is too further fetch, following these simple approaches, determination, persistence, and motivation will go a long way in helping you achieve and maintain your dream weight.

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