How To Have A Fast Metabolism – 10 Simple Tips That Work

How fast the food we eat is converted to energy affects our daily activities and weight. Having faster metabolism/ basal metabolic rate enables us to burn more calories and avoid being overweight, which can put us at risk of many diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes. The question is how to have a fast metabolism and burn more calories.

how to have a fast metabolism

Here is what you can do to have a fast metabolism and burn more calories.

10 Things You Must Do To Have A Fast Metabolism Diet.

  1. Have Regular Exercises

To begin with the best tip that will help you to learn how to have a fast metabolism is to have a regular exercise. Exercises increase our physical activity energy expenditure; the more physical exercises we do the more calories we burn and hence the high the rate of metabolism. When we run, walk, jog, lift weights or do other types of exercises that involve muscles our body uses the sugar (glucose) build new muscles. Calories are used to replenish the glucose used in muscles building hence burning calories and increasing our metabolic rate.

  1. Eat the Correct Amount of Calories

Eating too little amount of calories makes our body lack enough energy making it to adjust and start conserving calories which can decrease our immunity, reduce our concentration, makes us feel fatigue and reduce our muscle tissue hence reducing metabolic rate.

On the other hand, too much calories intake has many metabolic issues such as metabolic syndrome which disrupts the normal biochemical reactions in our body leading to a slow metabolic rate. Knowing the correct amount of calories needed by our body helps to strike a balance between low calories and high calories intake and hence fasten metabolic rate.


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  1. Drink More Cold Water.

Water makes the most part of our body fluid and helps our body to function effectively. When we drink cold water our body uses calories to heat up the water so that it matches our body temperature. Optimal hydration thus helps to speed up a slow metabolism rate.One of the Best tip when looking to learn how to have a fast metabolism is to  replace beverages that contain a high amount of calories with water enables our body to burn extra calories and in the process speeding up basal metabolic rate.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

There are two hormones that play an important role in regulating our appetite. These two hormones are Leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin is mainly found in the stomach and regulates our appetite while Leptin is found in fat tissues and regulates satiety. When we don’t have enough sleep our body increases production of ghrelin making our appetite to increase and decreases the production of leptin which makes us brain not to quickly signal that we are full when we eat. This makes us eat more calories decreasing our metabolism rate.

Enough sleep leads to the production of the right amount of leptin and ghrelin controlling our food intake and hence calories intake making us have a fast metabolic rate.  Lack of enough sleep also decreases the sensitivity of insulin in our body. Insulin is responsible for the conversion of the food we eat into energy. When we lack adequate sleep decrease in insulin sensitivity causes less conversion of food into energy thus slowing the rate of metabolism.

  1. Take Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine.  Caffeine increases our body energy expenditure and decreases our physical exertion. This causes us to burn more calories making the conversion of food to energy faster. Moreover, caffeine increases fat oxidation which boosts our energy expenditure and increases our basal metabolic rate.

  1. Eat Spicy Food

Certain types of spices such as red chili (contains Capsaicin), turmeric, guarana, ginseng, garlic, fennel seed, cinnamon, mustard, horseradish, ginger and black pepper increases thermogenesis ( a metabolic process by which food is digested and transported).  Thermogenesis requires energy which leads to increase in overall energy expenditure in our body and hence increasing our basal metabolic rate.

Capsaicin in the red chill, for example, helps in burning calories when we eat food. When we eat spicy food we are more likely to do it slowly, slow eating enables our brain to get enough time to tell us when we are full. Capsaicin also acts as an appetite suppressant thus making us to take fewer calories and increase our metabolic rate.

  1. Increase Protein Intake

Eating proteins make our body to use more calories in their digestion when converting the proteins into energy (thermic effect) this can be mainly because when we eat protein they are needed to be converted to energy immediately because our body does not have the capacity to store proteins. Thermic effect helps in building of muscles reducing fat storage in our body.  Increased intake of proteins gives our body ability to produce amino acids which are used in making muscles. Increase in muscle mass allows you to burn more calories and hence be able to have a fast metabolism.

  1. Never miss breakfast

Breakfast is considered by many as the most important meal. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast initiates thermogenesis, the process by which food is digested and transported to various organs in our body.  This process increases our energy expenditure thus increasing our metabolism. Therefore if you want to know how to have a fast metabolism you must ensure that you have a good breakfast.

  1. Increase your Muscle Mass

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is affected by our body composition which is the difference between fat weight and our total lean weight. Muscles are more metabolic than fats, in fact, high muscle mass weight help in burning more calories even when we are not working.

People with more muscles mass weight usually have more lean body compared with those with a high-fat weight.  A leaner body means more metabolic rate.  Walking, biking, lifting weights and other types of exercises help in building muscles for a faster metabolic rate.

  1. Take regular meals and avoid Fasting or Starving

Eating small meals regularly other than 3 main meals enables our body to maintain a high metabolic rate 24/7. When we fast, starve or even are dieting our body respond so as to adapt to low intake of calories to enable us to do our daily activities.

By doing so it starts holding calories and storing fats making us have a low metabolism. Regular eating avoids the possibility that you will fall short of enough calories which can lead to low metabolism. Caution needs to be taken so as to avoid eating too many calories which may also slow down metabolic rate.

How to have a fast metabolism – Video Tips

How to have a fast metabolism shouldn’t be difficult if follow the above tips . Having a fast metabolism not only helps to keeps you fit and healthy but also enables you to have enough energy to do your daily activities efficiently and effectively.

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