Why Do Cold Showers Help You Lose Weight:The Real Benefits

Cold showers are downright refreshing and can make your evenings and mornings enjoyable. However, they essentially help you lose weight, a benefit you may not know about. But while you may perhaps now realize that cold showers help you shrink your body, Why do Cold Showers help you lose weight? and how exactly is so?

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Cold showers activate your brown adipose tissue (BAT), which provides energy to help you burn fat. Besides, cold showers trigger your metabolism and speed it up to burn calories and help you lose weight.

Besides helping you lose weight, cold showers offer more than your body could need and are incredibly beneficial. This article provides insight into why cold showers help you lose weight.

does taking cold showers help you lose weight?

While the scientific research on the weight loss benefits of cold showers is limited, some studies suggest exposure to cold temperatures may activate brown fat and increase metabolism, aiding weight loss. Als read: here Why Does Alpilean Really Work For Weight Loss?

Cold showers help you reduce your weight by activating brown adipose tissue and speed up metabolism for quicker and more effective fat burning, as one study claims.

More evidence backs this claim, and the stance is on the action of BAT on fat burning and its activation. But no specific temperature measure is put on the required cold levels on your showers since and seems to work. No particular conditions or time of day you take these showers matter as long as you take cold showers every day.

Are There any Other Benefits Besides Weight Loss?

Cold showers have lots of health benefits, physically and psychologically. This practice helps you lose weight, and even though you won’t expect much, the results are all worth it in the long haul. While you may solely take cold showers to drop some extra pounds, you should expect the following health benefits.

  • Improved Immune Function – Cold showers stimulate white blood cell production, which helps fight off infections and diseases.

Increased Alertness and Energy – Cold showers can help increase heart rate and adrenaline production, boosting energy and attention.

  • Improved circulation – Cold showers can help improve circulation by constricting blood vessels, which can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  • Reduced muscle soreness – Cold showers can help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after exercise by constricting blood vessels and reducing swelling.
  • Improved Skin and Hair Health – Cold showers can help improve skin and hair health by reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and sealing pores and cuticles

It’s essential to note that while cold showers can have benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain medical conditions or who are pregnant. Speaking with a healthcare provider before changing your shower routine is always a good idea.

Are There Any Risks or Drawbacks?

Cold showers are generally safe; making them your daily routine shouldn’t worry you much. However, that’s not to say that it’s all plain sailing taking cold showers since there are a few extremes that should keep you on your toes.

Prolonged exposure to cold water can lead to hypothermia, a dangerous condition where the body’s core temperature drops too low. That’s more likely to occur in frigid water or for prolonged periods. Cold showers can also increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can be dangerous for those with preexisting heart conditions.

These showers can be stressful to the body, leading to increased stress levels in some individuals. Some people may also experience skin irritation or dryness from exposure to cold water. While cold showers can be generally pleasant, they still can be uncomfortable or unpleasant for some people, making it difficult to maintain the habit over time.

How Long Do You Need Cold Showers to See Weight Loss Results?

The time you need to take cold showers to see weight loss results will likely vary based on individual factors, and you should consider it part of a broader weight loss plan.

Generally, though, no set amount of time for taking cold showers will guarantee weight loss results. The weight loss benefits of cold showers may depend on several factors, including your starting weight, lifestyle habits, and genetics. You can also read: Does Putting Ice On Your Body Help You Lose Weight – Are there any risk?

It’s only reasonable to take cold showers daily for the best weight loss results. You should gradually notice any weight loss results in six weeks into the regimen, although you won’t expect much. Making this habit a routine and ingraining it in practice should enable you to realize tangible weight loss results in the long haul.

Should You Combine Cold Showers with Exercise and Eating a Healthy Diet?

It’s essential to note that taking cold showers alone is unlikely to result in significant weight loss. Weight loss requires a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and other lifestyle habits.

Cold showers may be one small part of an overall weight loss plan, but you should not rely upon them as the sole solution.

Daily and consistent cold showers should help you get the best weight loss results. However, as mentioned before, incorporating more involving practices and patching them alongside cold showers should offer quick results.

Are There any Tips for Making It Easier to Take a Cold Shower?

If you’re new to cold showers, gradually decrease the water temperature over time rather than jumping straight into a cold shower. That should help your body adjust more gradually to the colder temperature. Taking slow, deep breaths can help you calm your nervous system and make it easier to tolerate cold water.

You can also set a timer for your cold shower and start with just a few seconds at a time, gradually increasing the time as you get more comfortable. Begin by exposing your feet to the cold water, and progressively work your way up to the rest of your body. While in the shower, try moving around or doing some light exercises to help increase circulation and generate body heat.

Have warm clothes ready to put on immediately after your cold shower. That should help you stay warm and prevent your body from losing too much heat.

can cold showers Be More Effective At Certain Times Of The Day?

Currently, no scientific evidence suggests that taking cold showers at certain times of the day is more effective for weight loss. However, some research has indicated that exposure to cold temperatures may significantly affect metabolism in the morning compared to the evening.

The time that works best for your schedule and lifestyle is the best time to take a cold shower. Consistency is paramount when developing healthy habits, so choosing a time you can stick to over the long term is essential.


Cold showers should help you lose weight significantly without raising a finger. That happens when water at this temperature activates your brown adipose tissue to expend energy, facilitating calorie and fat burning. The good thing is, there’s no set condition or specific span you should take cold showers to get the best weight loss results, but vaguely, the results should show within six weeks. But before subscribing to cold showers and altering your schedule and routine, it’s best to always check in with your healthcare provider, especially if you’re prone to frostbites or get uncomfortable.

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