Does Inner Body Temperature Affect Weight Loss:The Real Benefits

Your inner body temperature is a critical driver for weight loss. Research has established that people with various body sizes and fat indices directly correlate with their internal body temperature. But if this relationship exists, does inner body temperature affect weight loss?

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Your inner body temperature affects your weight loss effort and goals quite significantly. A higher internal body temperature facilitates weight loss better than the other end. Raising your inner body temperature gives your weight loss effort a much-needed shove, making it easy.

We dig into the details in this article, examining the impact of inner body temperature on your weight loss effort.

What is the Inner Body Temperature?

Inner body temperature is the degree of heat within and around your internal organs, enabling them to operate optimally. This temperature is usually slightly higher than the external body temperature, sustains organ activity, and facilitates standard body processes. While it must remain constant, it mostly spikes due to a sped-up metabolism, aiding weight loss.

For a long time now, scientists and medical practitioners have tried to establish the link and point out the connection between these inner body temperatures and weight loss.

Studies and findings have demonstrated that people with lower internal body temperatures usually struggle to lose weight, which is why most obese people have a counteractive low inner body temperature.

Does internal body temperature affect weight loss-What Science Says?

Successful studies have shown that individuals with lower inner body temperature struggle to lose weight. That underpins the importance of having a higher internal body temperature to make your weight loss journey seamless.

One study (1) examining the association between obesity and thermoregulation concluded that individuals with high body mass indices (BMI) have a characteristically lower inner body temperature. Such individuals, when losing weight, struggle more than their non-obese counterparts.  

Another experimental study (2) examining the link between lower core body temperature and body fat in rodents concluded the same, citing that diet-induced obesity contributes to decreased core body temperature.

The inner body temperature influence on your weight loss effort is apparent, and you’ll struggle to blast off fat from your body if your internal temperature is low.

What Impact Does the Inner Body Temperature Have on Your Weight Loss Effort?

People with lower inner body temperature have diminished metabolism and may hardly find losing weight quickly. Remember, the temperature is only a variable and an indicator of metabolism’s activity.

A higher inner body temperature indicates that the body’s metabolic rate is above par and can burn fat and calories. Conversely, it should mean that your body’s metabolism isn’t able to facilitate weight loss if it’s lower.

Whether the impact of your inner body temperature on your weight loss effort is direct, the relationship between them is apparent. But a high internal body temperature doesn’t always indicate that your body is burning calories and fat since illness can quickly cause a surge in temperature.

What’s the Ideal Inner Body Temperature for Weight Loss?

You can lose weight when your inner body temperature is within the normal range (36.10 C – 37.20 C). However, you can quickly lose weight if this temperature spikes, indicating that your metabolism is well sped up and it can burn calories and fat seamlessly. A high inner body temperature of 400 C can facilitate your body’s fat-burning processes.

While you can achieve such high inner body temperatures when losing weight, you’re more likely to get into a compromised situation if it stays that high for long. It could be a sign of an illness you must give more attention to. While exercising or exposing your body to the cold, this temperature should only rise periodically and not stay high for long.

Do Obese Individuals Have Lower Inner Body Temperature?

The arguments around this topic are pretty conflicting based on several studies that researchers have undertaken. Ideally, a direct link between obese individuals and low body temperatures exists.

One study (3) done in 2011 concluded no association between obesity and low body temperature, contradicting the initial claim. However, follow-up studies and observations have denounced the claim, citing otherwise.

Higher inner body temperature precedes weight loss; low internal body temperature can compromise that. Individuals with higher body fat percentages find cutting down their fat chunks incredibly challenging because their inner body temperature doesn’t make that easy.

Nonetheless, they can still raise their internal body temperatures through exercising and taking foods that need more energy to undergo digestion. 

How Do You Raise Your Inner Body Temperature for Weight Loss?

There are several convenient ways to raise your inner body temperature and achieve the body fat percentage you need. These methods mostly speed up your metabolism and keep it within the pace that helps you quickly burn calories. One of the trending way to raise your inner temperature is to use supplement like Alpilean.

Here are several techniques that help you raise your inner body temperature to facilitate weight loss.

  • Taking Foods with Thermogenic Properties

Foods with thermogenic properties are the best at raising your inner body temperatures. These foods usually require high energy expenditures in the body to break them down, and protein diets are pretty proficient. While at it, try throwing in lean protein, including chicken, steak, whey protein powder, and salmon, for the best results.

Still, other foods like sweet potatoes and green tea help improve your inner body’s temperature. Besides, ginger tea and cinnamon all help strengthen your internal body temperature and are ideal when trying to drop a few extra pounds. Coconut oil has also proved to be highly thermogenic, and you can consume it to raise your inner body temperature.

While taking these foods, however, you should cut out all processes, including canned and packaged delicacies. You can also avoid sugary drinks containing less helpful and empty calories that stall your progress.

  • Brief Cold Exposure Therapy

exposing your body to the cold for a while can go a long way in keeping your inner body temperature high. That helps activate brown fat in your body to provide energy and improve your internal core temperature for weight loss.

It’s a safer alternative to using ice patches and getting out in the cold for extended periods, which can cause frostbites and other possible health issues that make you uncomfortable.

Some ideal and practical cold exposure methods include cryotherapy and brief ice baths. Cold showers are also a safer alternative cold exposure treatment and can effectively raise your core body temperature for weight loss. Exercising or taking a leisure walk outside during summer is another way to challenge your body to increase its inner temperature and can help you quickly lose weight.

  • Exercising

There are a whole lot of many exercises you can get into to raise your inner body temperature effectively. The good thing is that these exercises don’t always need to be strenuous, but you can do them leisurely. You can go with strength training and other intensive and demanding activities if you feel like it. However, you don’t have to knacker yourself that much.

Standard exercises like brisk walking and cardio can effectively raise your inner temperature to facilitate weight loss. Jumping jacks are the most effective, but you can mix them with numerous exercises to speed up your metabolism, raise your inner temperature and burn weight.


A higher inner body temperature indicates that your body’s metabolism is increased and sped up. That’s a good sign that you’re in your best position to lose fat and induce weight loss. However, the opposite is true since a lower inner body temperature will significantly impact your weight loss pace and effectiveness. There are numerous ways to raise your internal body temperature to facilitate weight loss, including cold exposure therapy, exercising, and taking foods with thermogenic properties. If you want to lose weight, these techniques should be handy.

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