How to Raise Core Body Temperature for Weight Loss:6 Easy Tips

Your vital organs must function optimally at appropriate and healthy temperatures. However, it’s possible to deal with a lower internal organ temperature which can compromise your weight loss effort. So, how do you raise your core body temperature for weight loss?

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Cold exposure can effectively raise your core body temperature for fat burning. Moreover, some foods like butternut squash, oat, and ginger tea are significant in raising your core temperature. A higher but standard inner core temperature indicates higher metabolism and is essential in burning fat and calories.

If you’re looking for tips on how to raise core temperature, this article is for you. We’ve listed the best ways to help you and answered other relative questions for a proper acquaintance.

Can Increase Your Core Body Temperature Help You Lose Weight?

Raising the core body temperature means doing the things that speed up metabolism for weight loss. The food you eat and your activities all invigorate your metabolism and likely increase your core temperature.

A higher core temperature results from an enhanced metabolism, which helps you blast off some extra fat and lose weight in the long haul.

Science overwhelmingly backs the claim that raised core temperature facilitates weight loss. One study (1) examining the link between obesity and lower core temperature found that core temperature accounts for a significant portion of daily energy expenditure. The energy spent determines the number of calories burned, hence inducing weight loss.

Another study examining whether the obese have lower body temperature further affirmed the claim. This study (2) concluded that a one-degree Celsius increase in the body’s core temperature due to a 10 to 13% metabolic rate increase accounted for an increase in caloric expenditure of up to 130 Kcal/day. That underpins the essential part a raised inner body temperature plays in burning fat and calories, enabling weight loss.

What Is the Ideal Body Core Temperature for Weight Loss?

Your body’s core temperature shouldn’t stay high for long since that can indicate possible illnesses and fevers. The standard core body temperature should be between 36.10 and 37.20 for any healthy individual. However, raising it to about 400 C is okay to facilitate weight loss, as one scientific publication (3) states.

However, it’s worth reiterating that such high temperatures sustained for an extended period can be unhealthy and might indicate a possible health issue. As such, your core temperature should only be raised temporarily. Most activities and practices that raise your core temperature do it within shorter spans, sufficient to facilitate weight loss.

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how to raise Your core temperature For Weight Loss?

You can raise your core temperature through several practices, ranging from your diet to the type of activities you engage in. You may need to go hard on some feasible ways to lose weight by doing as little as taking food that speeds up your metabolism. Here are the various practical ways to raise your core body temperature.

  • Cold Exposure

Cold exposure remains one of the most effective ways of raising your core temperature, facilitating weight loss. It’s a habit you may need to combine with other practices to burn fat quickly, including working out and dieting.

Cold exposure limits your body, triggering metabolic activities that raise the core temperature. However, cold exposure should be safe and limited to only a few seconds or minutes to prevent getting any side effects. Read: How Body Temperature Impact Weight?

Getting yourself outside is an impeccable way to raise your inner body temperature for weight loss. The ambient cold should trigger metabolic activities that keep your body more active, increasing your internal body temperature and facilitating weight loss.

Some cold exposure methods that raise the core temperature for weight loss include:

  • Cold showers

Inarguably the safest cold exposure method, cold showers only briefly expose you to the cold to raise your core temperature. The ambient cold is sufficient to speed up your fat-burning metabolism and raise your inner temperature.

  • Ice baths

Athletes use cold baths to recuperate and maintain their core temperatures to prevent weight gain. However, the exposure is usually brief to prevent complications like hypothermia and frostbite.

You should never underestimate the impact ice baths and cold showers have. They slightly “torture” your body with the cold but poke your metabolism, speeding it up and raising your inner body temperature. Cold showers are safer for people susceptible to frostbite and profound cold. However, intermittent ice bath exposure for few-second periods can be efficient.

  • Cryotherapy

Unlike ice patches, cryotherapy is a safe medical procedure for weight loss and effectively reduces fat chunks. It facilitates core temperature rise by patching a cold apparatus on your body, enabling weight loss.

This cold exposure technique keeps your body on its toes due to the artificial cold it induces. It uses an apparatus with a flat cold end placed on your body to trigger and speed up the metabolism and facilitate weight loss. This process can be pretty uncomfortable initially, but you should get used to it with time.

  • Exercising

Exercising speeds up your metabolism and will most likely raise your core temperature, enabling weight loss. Every exercise is ideal for weight loss and keeping your core temperature high. However, only a few that don’t knacker you much but successfully raise your core temperature are ideal.

You can choose to go with strength training if feasible and want to build muscle. Nonetheless, it would help if you tried these less involved but practical exercises. Read: How Body Temperature Impact Weight?

Workouts and exercises are pretty defining, and you can use them to raise your inner body temperature periodically. Exercises are ideal because they push your body into achieving higher internal body temperature, which is effective for fat and calorie burning.

The good thing is you don’t have to undertake strenuous exercises to raise your inner body temperature. Instead, standard and less involving exercises can work just fine.

Some of the best exercises you can undertake include the following.

1.Jumping jacks – This exercise won’t get you so tired but is equally effective and practical in raising your inner body temperature. You can start from an initial standing position in a relaxed pose and jump while raising your hands, which should be high above your head. While doing so, ensure you get your legs apart and retract to the original position after every jump.

2.Walking – Evening or morning walks can seemingly offer less than you expect compared to other strenuous workouts. But you should use it if you want to raise your inner body temperature and lose weight. You can still infuse a little jogging and sprinting, but that can tire you quickly.

3.Weight lifting – Although weight lifting and strength training is strenuous, you can still use them to raise your inner body temperature. These exercises will increase your metabolic rate and boost your internal temperature, facilitating weight loss. You can do these workouts severally every week for the best results. Also read: What Is The Ice Hack To Lose Weight?

  • Cold Exposure Therapy

Cold exposure therapy helps put the body through cold stress and positions it to lose weight better. The good thing with this technique for raising your inner body temperature is that it’s safe and practical and won’t give you any adverse side effects. Some of the best cold exposure techniques you can find helpful in raising your inner body temperature include:

  • Take supplements that raise your inner body temperature

Dietary supplements can help you raise your inner body temperature more effectively. But while taking these products can be ideal and more practical, purchasing from more trusted brands and companies with excellent reviews and better track records is always essential. Not so many people trust dietary supplements for fear of getting counterfeits and fake products and throwing their hard-earned cash away.

The good thing, however, is that numerous authentic dietary supplements for raising your inner body temperature exist, and you can get the most out of them. The trick is always to engage the original manufacturer when getting your bottles or sachets.

Most dietary supplements are natural and use plant-based ingredients with no additives or stimulants. The ingredients have thermogenic properties to boost metabolism, raise your inner temperature and facilitate weight loss.

  • Don’t Put On Socks in Bed – Wearing socks in bed only lowers your core body temperature, compromising your weight loss effort. Instead, sleeping without them should trigger the body’s metabolism to facilitate weight loss by raising the core temperature. You can also have a little covering at night, such as sleeping naked and only relying on your blankets. A less threatening cold should trigger your body to facilitate weight loss by raising your core temperature.
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Consume Foods with Thermogenic Properties

The food you take determines whether or not you’ll burn down fat. Foods that take more energy to digest, including proteins, are the best and more practical. Coffee and ginger tea are also some of the best things you can take to raise your inner body temperature when your metabolism speeds up.

Some foods have natural and organic compounds facilitating weight loss by raising the core temperature. These foods include the following.

  • Ginger tea – The gingerols found in ginger help improve your metabolism by speeding it up. That raises your core temperature to facilitate weight loss. Taking ginger tea in the morning before getting on with your everyday activities should be enough. However, please don’t take it moments before bed to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule.
  • Coffee – The caffeine in coffee is ideal for raising your core temperature to facilitate weight loss. However, like ginger tea, avoid taking it moments before bed to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule.
  • Butternut squash – This food contains healthy loads of fiber that your body needs more energy to digest, automatically speeding up your metabolism. It contains insoluble and soluble fiber that effectively works on your digestive health.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon has impeccable thermogenic qualities that help improve your core temperature. Most people take it in the winter due to its ability to keep the body warm, and it’s ideal for raising your core temperature to facilitate weight loss.

Quick note: Diet pills like ALpilean is a great alternative to increase your core body temperature.

How Long Should It Take to See Results?

There’s no specific span for losing weight by raising the core temperature since numerous factors usually play in, including age and gender. Typically, everyone’s body responds differently to a sped-up metabolism, and it may take a little longer or shorter to realize the results. However, you can get your weight loss results in about six weeks if you’re consistent enough with keeping your core temperature consistently high.

How to Increase Your Inner Body Temperature to Lose Weight?

You can exercise more often and consistently to increase your internal body temperature. Cold exposure and foods with thermogenic properties are also ideal for raising your inner body temperature. Moreover, sleeping with no clothes on is pretty unorthodox but practical in raising your internal body temperature.

Your inner body temperature defines the degree of warmth your internal organs need to operate optimally. That includes your vitals like the liver, heart, and kidneys. But did you know you can lose weight if you increase this internal temperature to safe levels? While that’s true, how can you improve your inner body temperature?

Raising your inner body temperature is pretty straightforward, but it helps to know how to do it effectively and healthily. This article offers insight into raising your internal body temperature and facilitating weight loss.

What Is the Variation Between External and Internal Temperature?

External temperature is the general degree of heat felt on the skin and is what thermometers mostly measure. This external temperature isn’t usually a measure of how hot or cold the internal organs are and can change depending on ambient environmental temperatures. External temperature can also vary depending on internal body temperatures, influencing it directly.

Conversely, internal body temperature is the degree of body heat facilitating optimal organ functioning. Inner temperature can be slightly higher than external temperature and may periodically rise. When this temperature increases, your metabolism speeds up, and you’ll likely burn body fat chunks.

How High Can the Inner Body Temperature Rise

Your inner body temperature can rise significantly, which is healthy and safe. However, this temperature shouldn’t remain so high for sustainably more extended periods because it can indicate that you’re ill and need medical attention. Ideally, the standard inner body temperature should range between 36.10 C and 37.20 C for optimal organ functioning. Nonetheless, this range varies slightly depending on activity.

The inner body temperature shouldn’t exceed 400 C, even though this spike may be periodic. An internal body temperature above 400 C can indicate possible health complications requiring immediate medical attention. Some weight loss activities and habits you may partake in only need to raise your inner temperature periodically before returning to the standard healthy range.

How Can You Really Increase Your Inner Body Temperature for Weight Loss?

There’s a lot more you can possibly do to raise your inner body temperature, ranging from the food you eat to the activities you engage in. Remember, your body is highly responsive to external stimuli and the food you eat and will reciprocate with the results you expect.

Taking food that triggers and speeds up your metabolism, engaging in strenuous exercises, or exposing yourself to the cold can increase your inner body, hence fat burning.

You can raise your inner body temperature quite significantly if you understand how to go about it. However, it also helps to know how best and safely you can do it. Your inner body temperature can be marginally higher than your external temperature. Still, it should only rise to not more than 400 C. such high temperatures result from a sped-up metabolism and help burn fat and calories that might have accumulated in your body. You should expect to register significant results within six weeks of consistently raising your inner body temperature.


Raising your core temperature is an effective way to burn body fat and lose weight. Your core temperature will rise due to an improved metabolism due to a few activities that trigger it, including cold exposure, exercising, and taking foods with thermogenic properties. Raising your core temperature is the way to go if you’ve ever thought of losing weight the easy way.

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