Does Putting Ice On Body Fat Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight using orthodox weight-loss methods, including exercising and dieting, can be strenuous. That’s inspired creativity in weight loss techniques, prompting using unorthodox methods, including ice therapy. But does putting ice on body fat help you lose weight?

ice to lose body fat

Putting ice on body fat will not help you lose weight, Ice patches don’t work and aren’t effective. Instead, the technique can be potentially dangerous and cause long-term health complications. However, cold exposure is the best way to use cold to lose weight, as it’s safe and yields tangible results.

Have you ever thought of using ice to help you lose weight lately? This article will offer insight into what you need to know about this technique.

Does putting ice on your body burn fat: What is the trick Behind It?

Contrary to popular belief, placing ice on your body won’t burn fat. It’s safe to say that this method isn’t secure and ideal and might cause a few complications you may find incredibly challenging to deal with in the long haul. Ice can be harsh on your internal temperatures and might significantly lead to frostbites that make you uncomfortable.

Medical practitioners are against placing ice on your body and targeted areas you want to lose fat, and rightly so. And while you may come across information sources urging you to follow the procedure, please understand that you’re not making the best weight-loss choice for your body.

However, that doesn’t mean exposing yourself to the cold might not help you lose fat since safe cold exposure has proven more than once that it works.

What Is Cold Exposure, And Is It an Ideal Alternative to Using Ice for Weight Loss?

Cold exposure can be your ideal weight loss alternative to using ice for weight loss. At least it doesn’t set you up in a compromised position, and you can enjoy the benefits without worrying about possible long-term effects. Cold exposure only exposes you to cold ambient conditions and hardly causes frostbites or other nagging complications.

With cold exposure, you only get in cold conditions for a limited time. That’s enough to trigger your body’s mechanisms in improving your metabolism while burning fat and calories. Also read: How Much Weight Can You Lose With Cold Exposure-Is It Effective?

There are many cold exposure techniques, and you can choose one that’s fitting and effective. Here are the cold exposure techniques that are better and safer than ice patches on your skin.

  • Ice Baths – Ice baths are one of the best techniques that help you quickly burn fat, although they are not as effective as other crude methods like exercising and dieting. And the good thing is this technique offers other health benefits, including protection against diabetes and insulin resistance.

A recent review published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health has shown that this technique works better, especially if you combine it with exercises.

  • Cryotherapy – This technique might be similar to using ice patches on your body, but it’s medically proven and safe. Besides, it works and isn’t like chasing the winds using ice patches.

A cryoprobe is a tool used in cryotherapy and contains “frozen” gases that immensely cool flat surfaces placed on your body. Doctors use it to help you remove abnormal tissue and work on your fat. Also read: Can Losing weight Increase Body Temperature?

  • Cold Showers – Regular baths help you manage your weight without knowing. But if you already know, you’re in for many benefits besides weight reduction. Cold showers challenge your body in the cold for less extended periods without affecting your health. They’re more refreshing and revitalizing, and you’ll undoubtedly love them.
  • Exercising Outside – Outdoor summertime workouts are all you need to help you burn fat. This hybrid technology combines cold and activity, making it twice effective in helping you lose weight. You might need to get yourself into a comfortable situation so that the cold doesn’t take a toll on you that much. Getting the appropriate attire while allowing the cold to braze your skin is a prudent way to lose weight through cold exposure outdoors.

Should You Combine Ice Therapy and Other Weight Loss Methods?

Ice therapy through cold exposure is the safest and most effective way to help you lose weight. It does work compared to placing ice patches on your body and can offer tangible results. However, you can enjoy the benefits this technique tags with if you combine it with other practical methods.

The good thing with this technique is that it complements exercising quite well, revitalizing your muscle and facilitating ligament movements. Besides, you can combine it with dieting techniques, including taking dietary weight loss supplements and keto diets. The significant advantage of this weight loss method is that it’s effective and less strenuous and offers long-term results.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects and Health Risks?

Ice for weight loss is a safe way of losing weight and can quickly yield results when combined with other weight loss techniques. However, you must understand that prolonged exposure to cold conditions can only worsen things since the human body can hardly withstand cold for extended periods. If you’re out in the cold exercising, please ensure that you get yourself comfortable clothing and don’t overstay in the ice bathtub.

Potential cold exposure side effects include discomfort, which you should easily manage. However, if you observe any cold intolerances and frostbites, it’d be best to find a way to mitigate them, perhaps by immediately stopping the practice. But, some specific groups of people should avoid using this technique as it keeps them in jeopardy.

The Potential Benefits

Cold exposure therapy for weight loss offers more than just blasting your fat away. The method is one of the most used for skin therapy for a valid reason. While you may lose weight with cold exposure treatments, you’re in for a tasty pack of benefits, including the following.

Tightening the Skin – Your skin can be loose for numerous reasons, but ice helps tighten it. It helps your blood vessels contract and shrinks the pore, immediately reducing puffiness. This technique is sought-after in beauty parlors and can make your skin glow.

Boosts Your Immune System – Exposure to cold water helps improve your immune system quite significantly. One study (1) confirmed that this statement has a valid truth based on experimental research on a few individuals. Also read: How To Raise Core Temperature Naturally?

Improving Your Circulation – Cold water improves circulation, making you more likely to feel refreshed and revitalized. Blood vessels on the surface of your skin mainly constrict circulation, and blood inside vessels situated deeper into the skin circulate quickly.

Other benefits of cold exposure and ice therapies include improved libido, reduced stress, depression relief, and enhanced cardiovascular health.

Who Shouldn’t Use Ice Therapy for Weight Loss?

Ice therapy and cold exposure treatments may not work for a few groups of people, especially those susceptible to frostbites. Moreover, you shouldn’t undergo cold exposure if you have respiration issues and breathing difficulties.

If possible, avoid this weight loss technique if you’re pregnant, and remember to consult your healthcare provider before subscribing to it. If you also think this method isn’t ideal as it makes you uncomfortable, you can resort to other weight loss techniques, including dieting and exercising.


Contrary to popular belief, you cannot “freeze” to shrink body fat using ice patches placed on your body. It negatively impacts your health and can invite long-term health effects, so medical experts don’t recommend it. However, short-term cold exposure can be your ideal alternative to weight loss since it’s safe and medically approved. Ice baths and getting out in the cold help you lose weight. Reinforce this technique with other weight loss practices like exercising and dieting for quicker and better results.  

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