Can An Enlarged Prostate Go Back To Normal: Is It Dangerous?

The prostate gland produces a portion of the fluid responsible for carrying the sperm during ejaculation. The urethra, the tube responsible for taking urine out of the body, is typically encircled by the prostate gland.

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When the prostate gland enlarges, it expands in size. An enlarged prostate is a condition that almost all men will experience, especially as they grow older, particularly above 50.

An enlarged prostate is scientifically referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia. While it is not cancer, an enlarged prostate can bring discomfort and several other problems. For example, it makes a good night’s sleep seem like a distant dream to many people. People suffering from this condition must endure frustrating trips to the bathroom every second.

Most of them have a weak stream and experience the urgency to urinate from time to time. Unfortunately, when the prostate gland is too large, it might block urine from flowing through the urethra.

Fortunately, the condition doesn’t increase the likelihood of developing prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate is treatable and can regain its average size by taking home remedies, medicines, or surgery. Some prostate supplements like Prostadine can reduce the risk of prostate problems; does Prostadine work, as mentioned online? Find out here about the ingredients and side effects.

Can an Enlarged Prostate Go Back to Normal?

Absolutely! An enlarged prostate can go back to its normal size. While it is a condition that tends to come with age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is irreversible. Once you restore your prostate gland to normal, urine will be able to flow as usual.

Most people with prostate enlargement can obtain a positive quality of life without necessarily having to go through non-surgical treatment, some of which include:

  • Beta-sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol is a cholesterol-like compound that is typically found in different plants. Studies conducted by trusted sources indicate that an enlarged prostate can return to normal when someone consistently takes this product. Their studies also suggested that the product has the potential to alleviate the urinary symptoms caused by BPH. 

According to the researchers, fatty substances reduce the enlarged prostate and return it to normal. Fortunately, there are serious issues that have been associated with beta-sitosterol usage that have been recorded. Read our article on how to shrink an enlarged prostate.

On the other hand, medical professionals do not yet fully understand all the long-term implications of this natural product that takes an enlarged prostate gland back to its normal state.

  • Stinging nettle

Nettle leaves have been shown to alleviate some symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). They contribute significantly to reducing prostate tissue and facilitate the excretion of inflammatory wastes when someone is urinating. Also read: The Root Cause Of Prostate Problems.

To prepare the broth, the user should combine a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves with one cup of boiling water in a bowl. They should then bring it to a boil for ten minutes, then strain it. It would be best to take this broth at least twice daily to get the desirable results.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar made from apple cider is an excellent pick for people with an enlarged prostate. The unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar can assist in reducing the size of enlarged prostate glands. Additionally, it helps someone lose weight and helps prevent some of the symptoms of BPH, including urinary tract infections.

To make this remedy, combine one or two tablespoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey and then stir the mixture into one glass of warm water. To experience the best effects of this product, you should take the mix at least twice a day.

Alternatively, combine one cup of vinegar with an entire tub of lukewarm water. You should then soak the mixture for approximately ten minutes before taking it.

  • Lycopene

Lycopene is a pigment that occurs naturally and can be found in various fruits and vegetables. A preliminary study found that increasing the amount of lycopene-rich extra virgin olive oil regularly improves prostate health and lowers prostate-specific antigen levels.

Tomatoes are considered the best sources of lycopene to which most people have access; however, a few other fruits and vegetables contain lycopene in lower concentrations. Check out a list of foods to help shrink the prostate naturally

Studies have shown that the darker the red and pink hue of a fruit or vegetable, the higher the amount of lycopene. If you are interested in getting lycopene in high amounts, you should also source it from papaya, watermelon, red cabbage, and carrots.

  • Kegel exercises 

Strengthening the pelvic muscles is also one of the most remarkable ways to revert an enlarged prostate to normal. According to studies conducted on several participants with enlarged prostates, exercising reduces some of the discomforts that result from an enlarged prostate. They also suggest that when the pelvic muscle is clenched, it is possible to control how the urethra releases urine.

However, someone needs to ensure that they have emptied their bladder before they begin doing exercises. When exercising, ensure that your knees bend and are spaced apart. You should then gently contract your pelvic floor muscles for approximately five seconds. Ensure that you also relax them for the same amount of time.

Kegel exercises are beneficial for the prostate’s health. Following the steps below will be advantageous for you, especially if you need clarification on the precise nature of the muscles that make up your pelvic floor. When peeing in the bathroom, you should attempt starting and stopping urinating at random intervals. The muscles of the pelvic floor are the ones that are being utilized here. 

To have good access to your pelvic floor muscles, you don’t need to be necessarily sitting on the toilet. The pelvic muscles contract when an individual tries to contain their urine. These muscles need to be strengthened, and Kegel exercise is one of the most effective ways.

Wrap Up

An enlarged prostate can return to normal if you follow the proper medication and use the right natural ingredients. If you frequently urinate and emit urine with some blood strains, you might want to consult your doctor for a diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, consider using the above natural products or get surgery if the condition is severe.

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