How Do You Activate Brown Fat Cells To Lose Weight?

If you have been following our weight loss review On Exipure by now, you understand what brown fat is. However, if this is your first time to read our review, this is a unique and natural fat found in the human body in small amounts.

how to activate your brown fat

In several studies, this particular fat is said to have the ability to burn fat calories at a high rate when activated. Unlike white fat, which stores excess calories, brown fat breaks down calories producing your body with heat when in cold temperatures.

And because the amount of this particular fat is small, most probably in obese people’s bodies, it would help you activate it. This way, you will make brown fat cells work faster and help you bring down pounds of excess weight within a short period. Below are ways you dive into to activate BAT levels in your body.

How To Activate Brown Fat To Lose Weight Safely?

The following are some tips you can consider when trying to increase brown fat for your weight loss journey.

  • Drink green tea

Green tea contains potent antioxidants which aid boost the brown adipose tissue in your body. Therefore, taking mugs of this tea every day can help your burn more fat in your body with the help of the thermogenesis process used by brown fat.

In addition, you can purchase green tea packages rather than leaves. According to experts, this makes it simpler for green tea antioxidants to dissolve into water and get absorbed by the body easily.

  • Take Puravive

Puravive is a natural weight loss supplement that works by increasing low brown fat. By taking Exipure daily your brown fat will be activated to help you lose weight.

  • Take melatonin

Melatonin ensures that brown fat is active, may it be when you’re busy with your day-to-day activities or when at rest. Based on weight loss experts Daniel Campos, consuming one ml of this substance 30 to 40 minutes before the light can activate your brown adipose tissue to help your burn more fat and calories overnight.

  • Eat apples

Eat more apples because they contain ursolic acid. Basically, this is a powerful substance that tends to occur in super concentrations in the apple peels. The fruits can activate your brown fat as well as the muscle mass toward reducing pounds of excess weight.

  Apart from this benefit, apples can as well improve someone’s glucose tolerance and reduce body obesity. In addition, there are other foods rich in ursolic acids such as holy basil, peppermint leaves, bilberry, cranberries, prunes, plums, thyme, lavender, periwinkle, devil’s claw, and hawthorn which can turn white fat into brown fat.

  • Expose your body to cold temperatures

Overall, the cool temperatures send some signals to the brain. This process act to activate the BAT activity in two particular ways. First, acting on the vascular system to eventually increase the blood flow to brown fat stores and sending your nerve impulses to the BAT cells to stimulate additional boost right in the cellular activity.

 Based on the experts sitting in temperature at 59 degrees F for around two hours with your summer clothes might significantly stimulate the brown fat. And this can help burn excess weight to around 100 and 250 calories based on someone’s metabolism.

  • Consume turkey breast

This kind of breast is the source of the L-arginine acid. This is an amino acid that tends to activate your brown fat. A recent study claimed that consuming 4 oz o turkey break dairy might aid someone shed five pounds effortlessly just in five months. If you cannot afford the turkey breast, you can switch to peanuts because they as well contain l-arginine.

  • Use the cooling vest.

The cooling vest can aid someone to increase his or her brown fat. This is because this kind of vest tends to lower the body temperature than even being in a cold room. Thus, someone can buy this cooling vest in good venues such as Walmart or legit stores.

  • Sleep well

Essentially, melatonin is the chemical that is released in the brain when the dark comes, and this is why it’s connected to sleep. Therefore, inadequate sleep can affect your weight loss negatively, and it is the same case with brown fat.

When you have inadequate sleep, your brown adipose tissue fat levels will stay low. Set a regular and active sleep plan for around 9 and 7 hours every single day, If possible. If you really have sleep issues, talk to your doctor and take the melatonin supplements start using them.

  • Bath using cold water

In some cases, consider taking cold or cool showers instead of warm ones. And this is not possible to your try and sit in the ice bath for at least 20 minutes three to four times a week. You can as well go for a cold swim in a poll or chilly late. This will activate your brown fat cells overall.

  • Exercise

This is a great way someone can activate the brown fat in the body. Some studies are concluded that people who often go for a workout have high levels of BAT than those who do it rarely. This is because whenever you have some hours or minutes of exercise, the irisin protein is produced in your body which is responsible for converting the white fat to Brown fat.

In this case, you should as well specify types of workouts that can directly create an impact on brown fat development—for example, try simple workouts such as aerobic training. And when exercising, ensure that your skin will get exposed to the cooling effect.

  • Eat hot peppers

These peppers are rich in capsaicin which might activate your BAT levels. You can do this by including such peppers in your diets, such as red chili peppers, spicy peppers, or habanero.

  • Chilly out

Chilling out for around 30 minutes or even 20 minutes might activate your BAT levels, thus triggering calorie–burning. Wear light clothes when you are outdoors and also keep temperatures low in your car or when at home.

Final word

According to the weight loss experts, by using the proper ingredients you can activate the level of your brown fat level. when brown fat is fully activated, it can generate around 300 times more fat and calorie burning per day. While there are no tested and approved drugs to activate brown fat, few foods like the above have been claimed to help do so. Remember that too much white fat might lead to overweight, therefore when possible, try the above practices to turn WAT to brown fat, which is beneficial.

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