How To Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat

how to turn white fat to brown fat

With the increase in the obesity rate among adults and children, there is this scientific growing interest in coming up with ways to learn How to turn white fat into brown fat.

how to turn white fat to brown fat

And also, in this case, some scientists have started discovering the benefits of increasing and activating the brown fat cells. Besides, what the experts are uncovering in dietary and lifestyle changes which may aid convert white fat naturally to brown fat. Unfortunately, white fat cells are also linked to weight gain.

Understanding brown fat vs white fat

In most cases, when someone is talking about body fat, he or she is referring to white fat. This white fat is still known as white adipose tissue, which is less healthy fat in our bodies. The primary purpose of WAT is to store the energy in large fat droplets.

Basically, these fat droplets are later distributed in someone’s body into large qualities. Regardless of that, white fat may help to keep our organs and body warm; excess of it might lead to health risks like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.

On the other hand, brown adipose tissue or BAT is a scientifically proven healthier tissue that accumulates energy right in our bodies in a small amount.

While the experts are not gotten deep information about this fat, they overall believe it’s a good fat based on a few lab tests they have done. This fat is rich in mitochondria rich in iron and leads to the thermogenesis process.

This process aids the body burns fatty acids and calories, which in turn can reduce obesity. Generally, brown adipose tissue can be broken into two specific types, the recruitable brown that may be changed via the right lifestyle changes and the one we are born with.

The good news is that you can increase your brown fat in the body by changing the white fat into BAT. Below are ways claimed to help convert WAT to BAT naturally.

How to turn white fat cells into brown fat cells?

  • Try Weight Loss Supplement

There have been a number of weight loss supplements that claim to help you lose weight by increasing your Bat Level. Exipure is one of them that seems to work, according to the Puravive weight loss reviews when consuming daily it can quickly increase your brown fat level. When bat level is activated it initiates rapid weight loss. In addition, you can use Java Burn with your morning coffee to help boost your metabolism.

  • Coldwater therapy

The experts say that exposing our bodies to low temperatures might aid to encourage the growth of the brown adipose tissue.

In this case, cold water therapy is among the great selections which come with several health benefits among converting the white fat to brown fat. If someone would rather expose herself or himself into cold water and sit for a couple of hours, then it would be a benefit to your body.

Further, the exposure to cold water and weather aids cold down your entire body making adequate space for the brown adipose tissue.

And based on the American diabetes association, once you expose your body to cool and cold temperatures ranging from 19 degrees Celsius for two hours every day, then this would be a good start to turning WAT into BAT.In addition, there are certain foods that can turn white fat into brown fat.

  • Try CBD products and oil

Basically, CBD oil has naturally become more popular because of its potential to aid relieve anxiety and stress. Its can still help reduce the other related mental and physical conditions.

Fortunately, several researchers have also shown that CBD can help lose weight and reduce obesity. And this is accomplished via its potential to eventually encourage the breakdown of fat in our bodies via converting the white fat to brown fat.

  • Exercise more often

Among the top best methods to increase your BAT in the body is working out often via engaging in regular exercise and physical activity. Some studies have shown that individuals who fail to get enough exercise tend to produce less irisin.

Basically, irisin is a unique body enzyme that helps to convert white fat to brown fat. Further, there is another research required to determine if often workouts can help create more brown fat faster and release results anytime soon.

Additionally, exercise can help in weight to control some diseases which are linked to weight gain, such as diabetes. And this via enhancing the ability of body fat cells to burn more calories every day. Further, it can do this by lowering the levels of blood sugar and improving insulin.

  • Increase melatonin intake

Based on a 2018 study about melatonin the experts came up with results that it can aid increase your brown fat. The increase of melatonin can be boosted via consuming via taking foods like cardamom, coriander, almonds, tomatoes, etc. In addition, the diet you take can also maintain your melatonin rates.

In this case, try and move away from light exposure, such as electronic screens during the night. And this means lowering your screen time, maybe it is your television, phone or computer.

Overall, developing a healthy sleeping pattern as well as daily sunlight exposure may still stimulate the body’s melatonin production.

Among the simple and functional ways someone can generate more brown fat naturally is via taking breaks. Allow your body to relax, most probably during the tight schedule and nighttime.

Activities like managing house chores, work, and maintaining your entire social life may add more stains right on your body. Therefore, taking some simple breaks, aids maintain the stress hormones such as cortisol that tends to work in reducing the white adipose tissue in the body.

  • Eat right

Many of us would say that starving more often is a major key when it comes to burning the white fat cells. But this is really true, your body needs more food to naturally keep the brain nourished. Whenever your brain is awake, your body works greatly in increasing the brown fat.

And of course, this starts eating excessively since it may as well have a negative effect on your weight loss and also interfere with your brown fat capability to eventually burn fat and calories.

Below are top examples of natural ingredients which may aid in burning the WAT to encourage the growth of brown fat:

  1. Consume pears and apples because they are rich in ursolic acid to boost the brown fat
  2. Take the hot peppers because they contain capsaicinoids and capsaicin that may improve your fat oxidation.
  3. Other foods such as cabbage, peanuts, red wine, berries, spinach may also be effective as they contain polyphonic elements to promote white cell browsing.
  4. The herbal ingredient like thyme, oregano etc., can activate brown fat BAT cells in your body as well.

Conclusion On How To Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat

We understand that losing weight can be a frustrating and hard way, most probably when someone is not seeing positive results. However, patience and consistency are the keys. You may try scientifically proven tips like the ones above to see if they can work and help you shed excess weight from your body.

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