What Can a Woman Do to Lose Weight Fast?

What Can a Woman Do to Lose Weight Fast? It can be frustrating as a lady to watch men in your inner circle lose weight fast and effortlessly while you struggle with every pound. Men tend to lose weight much quicker than women—for example, losing belly fat within the midsection.

woman running to lose weight

If it seems as though you are not making any significant progress, that doesn’t mean you should take a different approach than men. Neither does it mean losing weight is impossible but takes a bit longer for women. The good news is that this article explores some of the most effective tips for weight loss to help you cut those extra pounds fast.

Why do women find it hard to Lose Weight Faster?

Before we dive into the tips for weight loss, why is it hard for women to cut extra pounds than men? Hormonal differences and body composition are among the top reasons behind this. Luckily weight loss supplement like Protetox is a good way to lose weight, you can learn more here about Protetox to see if this a good for your weight loss journey.

Oestrogen and progesterone are two hormones in women which propel strong cravings for food. However, the testosterone hormone found in both men and women contributes to rapid muscle building and fat loss in men.

Compared to women, men have plenty of testosterone hormones. That’s why they can lose weight faster than women. Biologically nature is also a significant contributor to the challenges women face when trying to lose weight.

Essentially, nature preserves a woman’s ability to bear children. Suppose you develop a calorie deficit; it can significantly hamper your fertility. As a defensive mechanism, your body fights off weight loss to prevent any interference with your capacity to reproduce.

The ideal amount of calories to consume daily shouldn’t be less than 1,200. Also, you shouldn’t cut your daily calorie consumption by more than 1,000.  As you age, weight is most likely to creep up on you.

On average, women aged 40 to 50 gain about a pound annually. In total, this equates to 10 – 15 extra pounds. Also, in your years heading to menopause, if there’s a drop in estrogen levels during this period, you’re more likely to gain more weight.

The older you get, the less active you become, meaning you’ll be burning fewer calories daily. Moreover, you’ll be naturally losing muscle mass because of your hormonal changes. Read: How To Prepare yourself To Lose Weight?

This leads to fewer calories burnt daily. Your fat tissue will be burning calories much less than the muscle tissues. And with a body consisting of lean tissues, you’ll be susceptible to weight gain due to low metabolism.

Tips for women To Lose Weight Faster

Though there are weight loss pills and meal supplements with promises to help you lose weight quickly, consider giving the natural ways a try. That means eating a balanced diet in conjunction with physical exercise.

The likes of weight loss drugs and supplements should be the last resort but under the strict supervision of a professional health practitioner. Meanwhile, tips to adopt in your weight loss journey include;

woman running to lose weight
  • Weight Training and Physical Exercise

Muscle mass building helps women and men alike in boosting metabolism. More muscles mean your body will be burning calories even while at rest. Doing resistance training exercise for 20 to 30 minutes twice per week is essential(1), especially when growing old, to keep your metabolism at its peak. And as previously mentioned, it’s because your metabolism reduces as you age.

For those who have no idea what resistance exercise training is, here’s how you can approach it;

  • Join a group of fitness class
  • Use machines in your home or at the gym
  • Do squats, lunges, and push-ups.
  • Use resistance bands or free weights

Some women are hesitant when it comes to physical exercise, e.g., going to the gym with the fear of turning manly. Becoming manly is just nothing but a misconception. The benefits of physical exercise are; decreased resistance to insulin and prevention of osteoporosis and diabetes (2).

  • Mindful Eating

Generally, this means you must pay attention to what you eat if you want to cut weight. With such a practice, you’ll not only enjoy your food but also lose a significant amount of weight at the same time. 

It’s a common practice for most people to often eat on the go because of the busy lives they lead. For example, eating; in the car, while watching tv, or while working at your desk.[Read: How To Lose Weight In The Buttocks]

In such situations, many don’t pay attention to what they’re eating. So, to ensure you’re eating mindfully, the insights below should point in the right direction;

  • Eat slowly: though it may sound a bit conventional, taking time to chew and savor the food is a crucial weight loss technique.
  • Sit down at a table and eat: sitting down at a table and eating allows you to pay attention to your food while you enjoy it.
  • Choose your food considerably: choosing a rather nourishing food will keep you satisfied for a long stretch than a few minutes.
  • Set Small Goals and Focus on them

Do not set unrealistic goals—for example, wanting to lose weight in a week and make, say, four out of five meals within the same week with a dessert twice a week.

Focusing on and doing smaller things at a time can go a long way in helping you loses weight gradually. Week after week, you’ll progress to and adopt new healthy habits. And before you know it, you’ll be living a stressless lifestyle sustainable enough for weight loss.

  • A Goodnight’s Sleep

According to most studies, you’re at high risk of gaining weight if you sleep for less than 5 to 6 hours(3,4,5) Some researchers suggest that poor or insufficient sleep can lower the energy conversion process in your body, i.e., metabolism. The low metabolic activity prompts the body to store unused energy in the form of fat.

Poor sleep may also increase cortisol and insulin hormone production, promoting fat storage. Sleep duration may affect ghrelin and leptin—hormones that control appetite affecting your eating habits.

Additional Weight Loss Tips

Other tips to lose weight faster are;

  • Stop stocking junk food: if you have junk food in your house, consuming them can be a tempting ordeal, especially when trying to cut down your weight. So, avoid stoking up fizzy drinks, biscuits, chocolate, etc.
  • Drink a lot of water: thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger leading to high consumption of calories when a glass of water is all you need.
  • Never skip breakfast: if you skip breakfast, you’ll be doing yourself an injustice, especially when trying to lose weight. You might end up eating snacks all day if you miss out on the essential nutrients in the morning due to constant hunger.
  • Eat a lot of food and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables have low fat and calorie levels. Don’t forget the fibers as they also contribute to weight loss due to their high vitamins and minerals content.

Final Verdict

As you’ve seen above, it’s pretty clear that you need to be committed and put in more effort if you are a lady trying to lose weight. Remember, to keep the above tips at your fingertips, suppose you’re struggling with weight loss.

The results may be instant for some people and gradual for others—meaning that patience is of great essence. The journey to weight loss might be a challenging experience. But as Toni Sorenson once said,” weight loss starts with a decision in your mind and not at the gym with a dumbbell.”.

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