How To Lose Weight From Thighs In A Week:8 Tips That Works

It’s no shame for someone to want to tweak or change a part of their body. Before moving any further, the truth is that you can’t lose weight in a specific region of your body.

How to lose weight from thighs only in a week? If you’ve ever wanted to burn the fat on your thighs specifically, then bad news! However, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible. How to lose weight from thighs only

how to get rid of thigh fat

Suppose you have a weight loss goal in your mind; expect other areas of your body to also lose weight in your quest for eliminating thigh fat.

As you already know, a properly balanced diet and workout routines are the foundation of weight loss. Since you can’t control weight loss overall in any region, the tips in this article are the bread and butter you’ve been missing if you are looking to learn how to Lose Fat on your Thighs?. 

how to lose inner thigh fat: 8 Proven Tips

The process of weight loss is something most people find quite Cumbersome. But if you’re determined to get those lean thighs you yearn for them, then below are some tips to make your journey less tedious;

  • Perform Cardio Exercise

One of arguably the best ways to lose fat in any region of your body is cardio, and that includes your thighs. One major aim of cardio is to ensure your body burns tons of calories as possible to aid stay in a caloric deficit. 

Workout routines like cycling and long-distance running can assist you in burning more fat. But, engaging in other intense workout exercises such as sprinting and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) are also effective tactics for burning excess body fat.

Such kinds of workout routines help boost your metabolism, which allows your body to continue calorie burning even long after the exercise. [Read: How To Reduce Butt Fat With Exercise: 8 Proven Tips That Helps]

A 2014 study comprising women participants aged between 22 and 27 investigated the effectiveness of printing intervals in weight loss. The six-week sprint interval required the participants to stay on the treadmill thrice per week.

And by the end of the study, the participants had lost about 8% of their body weight. A 2010 small study investigated if cycling could help with weight loss. The study found that it helped the participants lose weight; the caloric intake, however, didn’t decline. 

The cycling participants performed indoor cycling thrice per week for 12 weeks. These participants experienced a 5% and 3.2%  fat mass reduction and body weight, respectively.

How often you should perform cardio exercise solely relies on your set goals. Generally, half an hour of cardio five days per week should do the trick for any typical adult. 

  • Eat A Proper diet 

Hitting the gym and eating right are the main ingredients for any type of weight loss on your body, be it the legs, thigh, buttocks, and more[1].

To maximize metabolism and effortlessly shed the extra junk on your thighs, it’s crucial to know how you can fuel your body with certain nutrients.[Read: How To Reduce Weight Without Exercise Fast]

  • Make Fiber and Proteins an Essential part of your diet

Consuming meals that are highly rich in fibers and proteins can go a long way to keep you full but with few calories. Good protein and fiber sources include; nuts, Fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables, lean meat, etc. These foods also contain essential minerals and vitamins, which create an excellent balanced diet. 

  • Avoid refined sugar or carbs 

Refined food products like sugar and carbs can significantly impact your health negatively. So avoid pasta, soda, pastries, desserts, and white rice. Such foods mainly target spiking your blood glucose levels[2].

Soon afterward, your sugar levels may drop significantly. This, in turn, causes increased cravings and hunger for junk food to replenish the glucose deficit. 

  • Maintain a Moderate Caloric Deficit 

Note that your body must burn up to 3,500 calories to shed one pound. Essentially, you must calculate the number of calories your body requires to maintain your current weight properly.

A realistic standpoint would be cutting down those calorie levels by 500 daily from your diet. to avoid binge eating later, do not trigger your body with feelings of deprivation by tightly restricting your caloric intake. 

  • Drink Lots of Water 

Fun fact, Your body is 75% water—meaning almost every process in your body somewhat utilizes water[3]. To ensure the smooth running of all the activities in your body, including metabolism, you should stay hydrated all the time.

Since most of your body processes are super sensitive, slight dehydration can slow down metabolism. According to nutritionists and health professionals, eight glasses (eight ounces) or more of water per day should keep hydrated perfectly. However, you can adjust this water quantity depending on your weight, activity level, and your height.

  • Do Strength Training 

As previously mentioned, spot reduction of fat is something impossible.  However, in your quest to tone your thighs, you can train some muscles in particular regions of your body to shed that dreaded extra fat. 

exercise to reduce thigh fat

The exercise is simple, perform some curtsy lunges, sumo, and goblet squat to target your thighs properly. To focus on toning your inner thighs, perform some side leg raise and lateral lunges. You can also perform bridges, reverse leg curls, and deadlifts when working on your hamstrings. 

  • Get Yourself some Ankle Weights

A great way to blast off the excess fat on your thighs is by investing in quick workout ankle weights if you have no time to visit the gym. Not only do ankle weights help lose that extra pound on your thighs, but they also help tone your legs.

For those who’ve never used this equipment, consider starting with 1lb ankle weight while sitting on a chair with all your feet on the floor and bent knees. 

Extend one of the legs straight forward, then hold it like that for a minute. Bend your knees at 45 degrees, then hold for about half a minute. Lower your foot to the ground, then change legs and repeat the process.

If you notice that you’re getting stronger, increase the ankle weights by ½ lbs every time you feel strong enough but gradually. Remember, ankle weights aren’t suitable for aerobic exercises as they may place extreme stress on the joints. 

Closing Thoughts

To eliminate excess fat from your thighs, you must perform exercises for specific body regions to target the thigh fat. Overall, a combination of aerobic exercise, strength training, dietary and other tweaks can steer you toward a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to adjust your diet to have more nutrients and fewer calories.

Most importantly, remember to consult your health care provider about whether or not losing thigh weight is a suitable thing. Once you have the green light from your doctor, you can carve out your thigh weight loss plan. And Remember, as Alyssa Ardolino once quoted, “food is not only nourishing but also enjoyable.”

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