How To Lose Weight Drinking Water Before Bed And The Morning

Drinking water daily is considered a popular and useful dieter’s arsenal for weight loss. Water is a key booster of your body’s metabolism, which helps suppress your appetite.

It is also a great way to help you shed weight. But the real concern some people have can this help you shed those pounds? How to lose weight by drinking water before bedtime or daily?

lose weight with drinking water

Many studies have supported this theory and how water can benefit weight loss. Besides contributing to excellent weight loss and digestion, it is a popular tool for enhancing muscle function.

The scientific community has many theories and continues to receive different ideologies on how much water uptake you require each day. This article will examine several reasons water may help you shed off some kilos.

Many people have thought over time about how does water help you lose weight? According to recent data, 30-59% of US adults believe this and drink water to see their weight benefits. Here is how drinking water helps you lose weight.

How does drinking water help you lose weight?

The following are some important benefits:

  • It Helps You Burn More Calories

Water in the human body leads to increased resting energy expenditure. The number of calories you burn increases. For adults, resting energy expenditure increases by 24-30% after 10 minutes of drinking water. The energy burns up to around 60 minutes later.

This theory is evidenced by obese women who increased their water intake to over 1 liter per day. Within a year, the women lost up to 2 Kgs. However, these women did no physical activity, and thus, the results were impressive. [Also read: On How Liv Pure Weight Loss Detox Works]

The research shows that for every half a liter of water consumed, you burn up to 23 calories. For over a year, that calls for up to 17,000 calories, and over 2kg lost.

  • Drink Water Before Meals

It is proven that drinking water before meals leads to reduced appetite. There is a lot of truth in this. Middle-aged and older people have a great experience in this.

Within three months, studies have shown that you could lose up to 2 kgs which is the equivalent of 4.4 lbs. With reduced appetite, you take in less food leading to weight loss. Also, take a look at this article if you want to lose fat on your face and neck area

  • Water Is Calorie-Free

Since water consumption is calorie-free, you will naturally consume fewer calories if you take in more water. Most people who drink water have an average of 9% calorie intake.

Drinking more water regularly will also help you gain long-term weight and generally lose up to 2 Kgs. If you are used to taking other sweetened beverages, replace them with water.

Children ought to be encouraged to drink more water and fewer other drinks. Continuous usage will help overcome obesity and prevent children from being overweight.

  • Water Is A Natural Appetite Suppressant.

Taking in water aids a lot in weight loss. Once your stomach senses you are full, it will signal to the brain that you are full and should stop eating. You can also try MetaboFlex which is a weight loss pill that suppress your appetite, click here for more on Metabo Flex

Water in the body helps you take up space in the stomach. In other words, sometimes you don’t need pills to lose weight, regular exercise and drinking enough can help suppress your appetite.

It makes you feel full and eliminates any feelings of hunger. Drinking water regularly eliminates unnecessary uptake of snacks. At times people think they are hungry while they are thirsty. Whenever you get a chance, make sure to take in a glass of water.

Train your body to take at least half a liter before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will experience great results in body weight, body fat, and increased body mass index.

  • More Water Means Faster Waste Removal From The Body

Once dehydrated, the human body cannot remove waste through urine or feces. Enough water in the body allows body organs like kidneys to filter toxins and waste from the body by providing the proper nutrients and electrolytes.

Dehydration means hard or lumpy stools and constipation, enhancing waste removal from the body. Regular uptake of water means fewer digestive issues like diarrhea and indigestion.

Bloating, a normal occurrence if you are not well hydrated, may add inches to someone’s waist. Proper hydration helps eliminate waste and keep the body healthy.

  • Enough Water Means Efficient Workouts

Taking water helps make workouts easier. Water helps relax and provides more energy to muscles, connective tissues, and body joints. It allows them to move freely. Water also boosts the performance of the lungs, the heart, and other organs, ramping them up during activity and exercise.

Proper hydration reduces the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue and adds energy for workouts. To promote enough hydration, drink enough water before, during, and after exercise. Take enough water, especially during the hot, humid, and sunny seasons.

How Much Water Should You Drink To Lose Weight?

The question of how much water you need to drink to lose weight does not have a definite answer. Therefore, there are necessary factors to consider, including your body size, sun exposure, health, temperature, age, and activity level. Different nutrition professionals have different recommendations for water consumption for daily uptake.

The National Academy of Medicine from the US makes the following recommendations. 2.7 liters per day for adult women and 3.7 liters daily for men.

Increasing water uptake throughout the day[1]. One of the best ways to achieve the benefits of using enough water is by increasing the amount of water consumed. Drinking water during the day helps you remain full for longer.

First, as said above, replace the consumption of high-calorie beverages like milk, juice, tea, or snacks with water. Fewer calories boost weight loss. It can also help to lose weight while on birth control. Many people choose to drink it for this reason.

Do you enjoy drinking water? Not everyone does. Try flavored water. It still offers a calorie-free flavor packer that leads to a more tasty experience. You may enjoy the water when you love its taste.

Keep water near you at all times. Buy a one-liter water bottle, and make sure to stay around with it at all times. Staying with a bottle of water helps; you drink more while running errands.

An article published in 2016 by Frontiers in Nutrition concluded that increased water uptake speeded body metabolism. Water uptake increases the presence of lipolysis, which in other words, is referred to as the breakdown of fats and lipids through the hydrolysis process. As a result, fatty acids are released.


Water uptake per day is different for different people’s hydration requirements. Go for at least eight glasses daily, and if you still have more room for more, there is no harm.

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