Revive Daily Reviews From Customers:Legit Results Or Not Worth It?

Revive Daily Reviews From Customers: Is This Sleep Support Formula Worth Trying? What Are The Pros And Cons? Do The Ingredients work Or have Serious Side Effects? Find Out All From This Detail Consumer Reports.

revive daily consumer reviews

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Revive Daily is a new trending weight loss supplement that helps users get a better restful night. According to the official website, It is also a catalyst for increased growth hormone production and leans on the basic principle that more growth hormone leads to physical, cognitive, and mental health.

The user’s opinion is always important when choosing a health supplement; that is why our team has analyzed Revive Daily reviews from customers to ensure that it keeps its promise.

Many people fail to get the necessary sleep once the normal sleep cycle is interrupted. The doctor recommended at least 7 hours of uninterrupted night sleep; unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Some people have work-related interruptions, attending to kids at night, among other issues. Restoring your normal sleep cycle after continued interruptions is very hard. This is where Revive Daily comes in.

The manufacturer claims to use natural ingredients to boost users’ overall wellness but still, some users are skeptical. Maybe it’s time to look at Revive Daily customer reviews and complaints to find out if this is the right product to lose weight.

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Revive Daily Reviews Consumer reports

Below are some important information from Revive Daily consumer reports

Product NameRevive Daily Supplement
Health BenefitsHelp you support weight loss
Increase energy levels
Improve Skin and aging (Click Here For More Details)
Boost sex drive
Better sleep
Consumer Rating4.7
Quantity120 Capsules
Directions And Dosage 4 Capsules before bedtime

1200mg Lysine and 1200mg Arginine
10mg Melatonin
100mg Hydroxytryptophan
150mg Indian Ashwagandha Plant Extract (Click Here For The Key Ingredients)
200mg L-Theanine
50mg Magnesium
15mg Zinc
Price$69.00 Per Bottle (Check Discounted Price)
Return PolicyFull 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. To Request a refund, email [email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here
Contact InformationEmail [email protected]

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What is Revive Daily Supplement?

Revive Daily is a natural GH and sleep-support supplement. John Barban, the manufacturer, assures customers that the product ingredients are purely natural, making it a very safe supplement. Revive’s keen focus is wholistically improving a person’s health.

Adequate production of the growth hormone (GH) in humans helps boost cognitive, physical, and mental health. This is the founding principle that is the basis of the existence of Revive daily.

A good night’s sleep is a key factor for weight loss, proper muscle development, and the production of anti-aging effects. Sleep deprivation, however, can cause you a lot of trouble.

Your body will naturally produce less GH, which adds to negative effects. Revive Daily seeks to improve your sleep quality by using melatonin and ashwagandha as the main ingredients in the supplement to support restful sleep.

According to the manufacturer, Revive Daily works by stimulating and rejuvenating one’s health holistically. By the end of this Revive daily review from consumers, we will show you how the product works; you will also understand the ingredients in detail to help you determine whether it’s the right product.

Pros and Cons

  • Boost body metabolism and support weight loss
  • boosts the natural production of GH
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Leads to better skin health
  • Improve libido
  • Has no man-made ingredients and GMO elements
  • Manufactured in a start of the art approved laboratory
  • Revive daily reviews and complaints reports show the supplement is trending on the right direction.


  • Pregnant and lactating mothers are not advised to use Revive
  • People with underlying medical issues should not use Revive without advice from a health practitioner
  • Available only in the company’s website

Does Revive Daily Really work?

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revive daily supplement

To answer this million-dollar question, ‘does Revive Daily really work?’ we will revive that evidence and find out if there are any sleep benefits.

Revive Daily functionality is backed up by scientific evidence through research to prove how the product components mix and work to enhance quality sleep patterns [1] and the production of natural GH.

The Revive Daily manufacturer cites 16 studies to prove this product’s authenticity and functionality. There are also varying benefits linked to the supplement. To further prove to customers how beneficial the product is, the manufacturer compares the product with other sleep supplements.

Revive Daily Ingredients

Revive Daily uses some of the world’s best sleep aids and formulas as ingredients. The ingredients have no side effects since they are 100% pure, and, in any case, if you don’t get better sleep, you will not have negative impacts. All ingredients are backed by scientific evidence and support better sleep differently.

  • Melatonin

Melatonin is a basic ingredient in any sleep formula. It is one of the best-known natural sleep ingredients without known side effects. Experts recommend dosages between 0.5mg to 10mg. Revive Daily uses a 10mg dosage on the higher side, thus giving them a great effect on sleep improvement.

Nutrition Journal published a study in 2014 on melatonin, and the study found the ingredient to have a great effect on sleep improvement in some people, whereas others didn’t experience any improvements. The researchers found that some people used melatonin to fall asleep and did not experience any side effects.

Each serving of Revive Daily contains up to 1,200 mg of L-arginine. The ingredient is a popular element in sleep and bodybuilding supplements. Several scientific studies link L-arginine to sleep improvements. A 2003 study cited by the Revive Daily manufacturer’s website is the most common.

The study results concluded that people suffering from apnea had lower levels of L-arginine. Those who had high levels of L-arginine had testified of not having a sleeping problem.

This is, therefore, a direct link between sleep quality and L-arginine ingredients. The research further used rats and realized that a high level of L-arginine increased wave sleep and reduced rat movements.

  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is popular health, wellness, and sleep ingredient. Through many studies [2], Ashwagandha is linked to adaptogen. The ingredient allows your body to respond to mental and physical stressors.

Ashwagandha is 100% pure root extract and thus has no known side effects. It boosts response to sleep through GABAergic activity. Researchers used sleep-deprived rats and concluded that this ingredient led to improved sleep.

  • L-Theanine

Another component associated with Revive Daily serving is L-theanine. L-theanine is a natural extract from green tea and has other natural components. Most people who consume this product want to cancel out the caffeine effects.

A 2015 study linked L-theanine with quality sleep. the study showed that taking 200mg of L-theanine helps you become more alert. Most users do not experience daytime drowsiness.

  • Zinc

Revive Daily also uses minerals like Zinc, magnesium, and tryptophan. These are important ingredients that help improve the natural sleep cycle. Journal of Research and Medical Sciences published research in 2012 where magnesium was one of the GABA agonists in the tests. The minerals were generally important in regulating sleep.

The research used 46 elderly patients struggling to get quality sleep. they took 500mg of magnesium or any placebo daily for eight weeks. The result justified magnesium’s effects like insomnia severity index score, sleep onset latency, sleep time, early morning awakening, and sleep efficiency.

Where to buy with?

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revive daily independent review

You can only buy Revive Daily on the official website. The manufacturer does not sell Revive Daily to third parties for resale. This means you get to the original FDA-approved formula at the lowest possible price in the market.

Nevertheless, there are means of unscrupulous traders who collect used bottles and package their imitated products. If you find Revive Daily on other retail websites like Walmart or Amazon, they are fake.

The manufacturer uses the full money-back guarantee for products bought through the official website. The rip-off product is unsafe, and Revive Daily cannot be cheaper than they sell it on the official website.

Pricing And Bonuses?

Revive Daily supplement comes with three packages and offers customers impressive discounts. one bottle of Revive Daily goes for $269; however, at the writing of this review, one bottle cost $69.

Revive Daily is much cheaper than other sleep and health supplements on the market. The demand for this product is pretty high; therefore, you should keep checking for these offers since they come and go as they exist as long as the product is in stock.

Here are the three packages.

30-day supply: One bottle contains 30 tablets that you should use for 30 days, one daily. This is the recommended dosage. One bottle sells at $69, exclusive of shipping charges.
90-day supply. Buy three bottles to last 90 days at $39 per bottle, exclusive of the shipping charges.
180-day package. This is your maximum package since the product is not for resale. Buy six bottles to last up to six months at a discounted price of $34 per bottle, exclusive of the shipping charges.

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Return Policy

Revive manufacturers offer amazing discounts. If you buy one bottle, you pay $69, but if you pay for 6 bottles on a 180-day package, you pay $34. 

The manufacturer gives you a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You only need to return the bottle or the remaining bottles and get a full refund within 48 hours.

If you are not committed to the program, do not worry. You can test the effectiveness, and if it doesn’t match your expectation, you can quit anytime.  For any questions, email [email protected]

Revive Daily Customer Reviews

Revive Daily has received a high rating from customers across the internet. Moreover, many positive reviews prove the product is 100% risk-free, as the manufacturer claims. 

There are several GH in the market but Revive is considered the best. There are thousands of consumer testimonials from users praising the manufacturer for the unique product.

Here are some of what users have to say

Paladin from the United States “I love Revive Daily due to the product’s unbeatable quality and amazing formulations. I thoroughly enjoy and use it every day.”

Yvonne “The product is very effective. It has helped me return to my distorted sleeping plan. I can now concentrate much better during the day. I highly recommend Revive Daily to any person.”

Is Revive Daily Available on Amazon?

No. The manufacturer does not allow any middlemen to sell Revive Daily. You can only access this product through the official manufacturer’s website at the stipulated prices. This selling mechanism helps consumers get the right product. However, it is worth noting that many unscrupulous traders will use original Revive Daily contain and sell imitated products.

How does Revive Work?

Before you buy any supplement, it is prudent to understand how it works. You should know how the ingredients interact with your body functioning to know whether the product is safe for you.

Revive Daily is a holistic product. It looks into the root of poor cognitive and physical health, also known as somatopause. In a somatopause state, you are at a low growth hormone level, which affects your wholesome health.

Low GH in the body leads to reduced metabolism, weight gain, poor skin health, and may lead to hair loss, and many other issues. According to health experts, GH is the source of a healthy and energetic life.

Here Is How This Product works:

To understand how Revive Daily, a natural GH [3], affects the body, let’s understand how the growth hormone works.

The brain’s pituitary gland produces GH. It controls our height, bone length, and growth of body muscles. Growth hormone is released during sleep and mostly early in the night. Lack of proper sleep is dangerous as it could lead to serious conditions.

Our bodies need adequate growth hormones; if we don’t sleep well, they might become deficient. The hormone helps build, maintain and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other body organs.

It is this organ’s responsibility to heal and repair cells after injury. It is also responsible for better body metabolism and helps burn fat. Generally, if you get adequate sleep, you will have a better skin appearance.

Low levels of the growth hormone can lead to pituitary dwarfism. Children with this condition are at risk of dwarfism. They are abnormally short and may have other abnormalities. You need good levels of the growth hormone to stimulate the growth of other tissues and boost intelligence.

Is Revive Daily Safe And Effective?

Revive Daily supplement is made of ingredients that boost the production of GH in your body. Some research shows that this product positively impacts weight gain, helps patients with wrinkled faces, increases libido, prevents brain fog, and helps people with unhealthy sleep patterns.

Revive Daily formula is a safe and 100% natural product. It is FDA approved for safe human consumption. This supplement has passed all scientific tests and is said to have an effective and fast metabolism. The product allows a well-rested sleep and can also be used for weight gain.

A single tablet every day, and with time you gain control of your life. Continuous usage of Revive Daily is associated with extra happiness. This product gives you a happier life and helps you protect your body, and gives you better health.

Consuming the right nutrients helps your body generate the right strength and elements to help fight infections. It allows your body to fight threats and can repair and regenerate itself in cases of injury.

Revive Daily elements are carefully chosen from select minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and critical brain neurohormones. It is a unique product that allows the body to function through brain nutrition while restoring the natural sleep cycle, and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

How to use the formula to get results?

To function as the manufacturer intended, take the right dosage.

You need over 60 capsules to see the right results. It is a nutrient supplement, and one pill alone will not be enough to give you the required changes. You must be consistent with taking one pill every night for some time. The manufacturer has a full money-back guarantee if you cannot experience any changes within 60 days.

The capsules are easy to swallow and should be taken with plenty of water at least 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime. Revive Daily is not fit for expectant or nursing mothers or if you are not on medications.

If you are unsure whether this supplement fits you, consult your physician for advice. Nutritional experts recommend that you continuously take the supplement between three to six months for the best results. The ingredients used are 100% natural and may therefore take time before showing results; however, once results appear, they are permanent.

Revive Daily Consumer Reviews

According to real consumer testimonials of verified purchasers, it takes up to one or two weeks to experience better sleep and high energy levels after using Revive formula consistently. The changes appear differently for different people, though. On the maximum limit, it should not exceed three months before you see notable results.

Most natural elements also offer this timeframe. Revive takes this long because it uses natural ingredients that take time to blend with body systems organically.

This, however, means that should you stop using the Revive formula, you will not experience any side effects. Some alternative prescriptions work quickly but have severe side effects. If abruptly stopped, they could lead to dangerous health complications.

Nonetheless, Revive offers you a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee that assures you of a great refund in terms of the longevity of results achieved. The longer you take Revive, the better and more permanent results you get.

Alongside the supplements, it is important to adopt healthy habits and a straightforward daily intake of healthy eating. It takes a personal effort to establish a sleeping pattern, and Revive formula helps you maintain it.

What Are The Side effects

According to internet testimonials of Revive users, we could not discover any mentioned side effects. There are no noticeable side effects associated with Revive Daily supplement.

Nevertheless, experts do not recommend any dosages to lactating and pregnant mothers. You should seek a physician’s opinion before consuming the product if you have any medical issues. Stick to the general instruction of consumption to ensure you take in the right content of these ingredients.

Revive is also a very safe supplement. All ingredients used are 100% plant-based and have no GMO modifications. They are all free from soy and dairy elements. The ingredients have been used in traditional medical practices for ages, and there are no notable side effects.

Revive Daily Review: Who Is The Creator?

John Barban created Revivedaily. John studied at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and graduated with a human biology and nutrition degree. He also holds a master’s degree in Human Biology and nutrition from the same University.

John has taught physiology at the University of Florida. He has several training certifications, including NSCA, CSCS, ACE PT, and CSEP. He is a Nutritionist, Wellness expert, and 3 Time Best-Selling Author.

John Barban has a wide experience in sports medicine, exercise physiology, and personal training. Through his wide experience, He has worked closely with international health brands like NxLabs, MuscleTech, and BlueStar Nutraceuticals, among other firms, all located in the United States.

John is also the brain behind the Java Burn supplement, a coffee-boosting supplement that supports weight loss by boosting morning metabolism. He is a weight loss guru who believes that burning fat is determined by the speed and effectiveness of your body’s metabolism.

John Barban is also the creator of Resurge Supplement. Resurge is a safe and legitimate supplement used for weight loss. The product can be used by both men and women and has plenty of advantages, mainly helping people with slow metabolism and poor sleeping patterns. John is associated with many natural supplements that enhance weight loss and better sleep. 

Here are some of the books authored by John Barban;

The Venus Factor 12-Week Fat Loss System (2014): John Barban designed this program. It operates on the basic principle that humans’ bodies burn fat differently. The book is designed for women and focuses on the Leptin hormone. Leptin regulates the amount of fat stored in the body. John argues that naturally, women have double the Leptin hormone found in men.

This makes women more susceptible to weight gain than men, mainly in areas around the hips and thighs. Venus Factor became successful after its release due to the proper market through online media. It’s proved to work so effectively that there are no negative reviews in any of the reviews. 

Weight loss Coffee: John Barban’s book shows how to lose weight while taking your favorite foods. John puts his experience of over 20 years in metabolism and weight loss in this book. The book helps you understand how simple it is to use fat-burning coffee to increase body metabolism.

He also reports on America’s most recommended diet. John also reveals a natural way to ignite your body metabolism with seconds every morning and how you can keep it stocked all day. He argues that he plans to help you lose weight and achieve youthful energy with clear thinking. 

The Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook: John Barban shares over 100 recipes you can enjoy and still lose weight in the Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook selling at $38.93 on Amazon.

The book is dedicated to females yearning to lose weight through a natural program. In the book, you will understand a fat reduction system that takes three weeks only for effective weight loss. The book is available as an e-book, video, or audiobook. He also takes the readers through simple training that is not present in his other books.

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The Benefits Of Using Revive Daily Formula

Taking Revive Daily offers consumers numerous benefits. Below are some of the key benefits:

  • Improve sleep Pattern

The main benefits are that it is a sleep supplement, leading to better sleep. Sleeping well at night has numerous advantages, including improved production of Human Growth Hormone and weight loss.

With quality sleep, you get a more productive and healthy brain. Some consumers who bought Revive supplements for better sleep are now using it because they have seen effects in weight loss. 

Weight loss results. Revive is a sleep formula, but its ingredients are attributed to weight loss. Better sleep is directly attributed to weight loss. Good sleep helps the body manage calories, which might not be the case on a normal day and night cycle. 

  • Boost Mood and Increase Energy levels

Revive is an important element in boosting mood and energy levels. Revive customers attest to better mood and high energy during the day and less reduced sleep. This improves body metabolism, which is a great factor in weight loss. 

Revive Daily is also known as a GH because it boosts the production of the growth hormone in the human body. Human growth hormone helps maintain, build and repair body tissues. It is also an aid in boosting body metabolism and is great in building body mass. GH helps users get smoother skin, thus improving outer appearance.

  • Increase sex Drive and Libido

Improves libido. Consistent usage of Revive Daily boosts libido. Low libido affects relations and self-esteem; nevertheless, it is not medically a problem. It may result from anxiety, sleep deprivation, and age, which Revive helps address.

  • Made at an FDA Approved Facility

Revive is created in an FDA-approved facility and is a GMP-certified product. The labs are tested and have passed all regulations and standards for quality and cleanliness for producing human consumables.

Revive daily is a 100% natural supplement with no side effects. The formula allows you to gain better sleep patterns, aiding in better health. 

Why should you buy Revive Daily Supplement?

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Revive Daily is a sleep factor well proven to be 100% free. This is your go-to supplement if you suffer from sleep deprivation or struggle to return to a normal sleeping schedule. It is also a good recommendation for patients suffering from apnea.

Sleep distraction may seem simple, but the results are disastrous. Sleeplessness is associated with more stress and a negative mood. Traditional medicines have extreme side effects like migraine, and that’s why many customers prefer using Revive daily. 

Be confident in buying a Revive package. All ingredients are scientifically proven to induce better sleep. The product uses eight clinically tested elements that are 100% natural, safe and reliable. If you buy a Revive package now, you can enjoy a crazy offer from the manufacturer. You can save up to 80% off. one bottle goes for $34 if you buy the 180-day package.

This is already almost 50% of the price of a similar bottle on the 30-day package, which goes for $69. The manufacturer, however, warns that Revive formula is only available through the official website. It is not open to sale by middlemen. Should you find Revive formula from Amazon, Walmart, or other platforms, be aware it is an imitation.

Revive Daily Customer Reviews FAQ

Are There Any Negative reviews?

There was quite a little negative feedback listed on Amazon. However, the manufacturer only recommended buying revive daily from the official website.

Does Revive Daily work for weight loss?

Absolutely. Revive is a unique sleep formula that is linked to weight loss. Consumers will see a difference in weight loss after consistently using the product.

According to Revive daily reviews and complaints reports. Many consumers who bought Revive formula for its better sleep effects ended up using it for weight loss after realizing its incredible results. When accompanied by other lifestyle changes like healthy activity and healthy eating, Revive helps users get improved sleep and reduce fat storage.

Can this boost a slow metabolism?

Revive Daily allows a faster metabolism process resulting from better sleep. It aids the natural production of the growth hormone that improves one’s mood and makes you more energetic. More energetic people tend to exercise and live an active lifestyle with a high metabolism that burns fat to aid in weight loss. 

Are there any side effects?

Revive Daily has no known side effects. The product uses purely natural ingredients that eliminate any potential dangers. The manufacturer is confident in its performance and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work to your expectations.

Previous research has shown that it’s hard to get any side effects from natural ingredients as long as they are taken in the right quantities. Revive daily official website cites 13 references from previous studies that prove the validity of every ingredient used by its manufacturer.

How should I take Revive Daily?

One bottle of Revive Daily is enough to take you the whole month. A bottle contains 30 capsules that should last you 30 days. For maximum results, you should take Revive Daily with a glass of water for 45 minutes to 1 hour before bed. It works best early at night. 

How long does it take to ship?

The manufacturer delivers your order to your home or office. They mostly use premium carriers like UPS or FedEx, but your order will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days if you reside in the US or Canada. International orders take more time due to customs clearance delays but could reach you between 8 to 15 working days. 

What if It doesn’t work? Will I get a refund?

Revive Daily manufacturers not only promise you incredible results but also offer you a guarantee. The products come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee without questions.

You must, however, buy Revive Daily from the official manufacturer’s website for a refund. If you don’t think this is a good solution for your weight loss journey, you can try Protetitox. The user reviews on Protetox have been trending and show promising results, and many people seem satisfied.

Once the product is not to your expectation, which is likely never to occur, or if you change your mind for whatever reasons, email the manufacturer through the official email on the website and send your bottle or remaining package back. The company will process your refund 48 hours after receiving your container package. Returns are free, there are no shipping or handling charges, and you receive a full refund. 

Revive Daily reviews and BBB report

The information provided online by the better bureau show Revive Daily BBB report has no negative ratings. However, consumers should be mindful to stay away from third-party sites when buying Revive.

Revive Daily Reviews-Closing Thought.

Revive Daily reviews and complaints report show this formula is trending. It is exactly what you need. A natural HG and a sleep formula. You get more benefits than you asked for since it replenishes crucial brain nutrients, resulting in better sleep and mental, physical, and emotional growth.

The natural ingredients also help ease stress and relax your body muscles. This is a legit product whose benefit, efficiency, and safety are unmatched. If poor sleep affects your work, consider using this GH booster for better performance.

The creator, John Barban, is an experienced health and nutritionist expert who has committed his entire career to creating natural health and wellness supplements. He has a clear thought process and understanding of the impact of GH and sleeps on the human body’s functioning. Revive Daily is a valuable supplement. 

Check Discounted Price Disclaimer: The product reviews offered here are intended solely for informational purposes and represent the perspectives and opinions of the contributors, and they do not necessarily represent the views of Geeks Health. We do not undertake the verification or endorsement of any claims presented in these reviews. In some cases we can take action to perform our own product testing to verify the author's opinion. Please refer to our complete review guide and disclaimer for more information. It's essential to recognize that every individual is distinct, and as a result, the outcomes can and will vary.

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