Does tea burn belly fat: What Are The Real Benefits?

Tea is the most popular beverage people enjoy worldwide. And with many recent studies claiming that Tea can burn fat, many people drink Tea with the goal of burning their disappointing belly fat. While Tea can help with stubborn fat, not all can offer these benefits.

tea for belly fat

Basically, the right Tea can help someone lose belly fat because they have beneficial substances which can support the belly fat-burning process to achieve the goals. Below is how Tea works to give the user benefits:

How Tea Help Burn Belly Fat?

  • Tea can boost the metabolism

Certain Tea got the ability to kickstart someone’s metabolism. And since metabolism may slow down as people age which may contribute to belly fat gain. Therefore, some tea, such as Green Tea, has the right nutrients and comes in ideal portions, which can take your metabolism to top-notch.

Most probably, Tea, which contains antioxidants and caffeine catechin, is suggested to be great when it comes to raising the metabolic. With raised metabolism, the body will be able to burn calories when exercising or not.

  • It Can help the body block fat

Some green tea has catechin known as epigallocatechin gallate with anti-inflammatory effects that support a healthy metabolism. In this case, your fat storage can potentially be reduced and blocked from storing.

Further, the antioxidants in some tea are said to support lowering oxidative stress keeping the blood sugar rates balanced, and this is beneficial when it comes to fat storage controlling.

Further, the EGCG is said to block fat cells formation and lower the appetite. Other antioxidants in Tea like green Tea are thought to typically support the recovery from working and aid you to feel alert and stay active.

  • Green Tea can balance hormone levels

The expert concludes that uncontrolled hormones can lead to difficulty in losing belly fat. Fortunately, herbal teas may aid in balancing the hormone rates to make it more manageable to lose pounds.

Besides, Rooibos herbal tea has been tested and approved to be effective in burning belly fat. Also, in a 2007 study, black Tea is suggested to speed up a process in which the body can return to its normal cortisol rates alongside calming down.

  • Can reduce bloating

Bloating or water weight can sabotage your losing weight efforts. For example, dandelion tea acts as a powerful natural diuretic to help rid your excess fluid in the body.   This Tea is said to reduce excess water weight to help you become slimmer. Lemon tea is another ingredient excellent for banishing bloat because it’s rich in D-limonene.

Tea That Helps Burn Fat

Below are six teas to try when focused to lose belly fat

  • Tea Burn

Tea Burn is a popular weight loss powder that can be mixed with your regular tea to enhance weight loss. According to Tea Burn Independent reviews, the supplement really crushes belly fat and increases slow metabolism.

  • Puerh Tea

This is a special type of Tea from Chinese which has been fermented. This Tea is mostly enjoyed after meals because it contains an earthy aroma which seems to develop as longer Puerh Tea is stored. In some studies, Puerh tea is said to lower blood triglycerides and blood sugar. Another study has shown that this type of tea extract is rich in anti-obesity effects that suppress weight gain.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea is effective and linked to decreasing body fat and weight. This Tea is not fermented, so the leaves get steamed then crushed by the user’s hand. Generally, this tea is rich in catechin. For optimal results, someone should drink around seven and six cups of typical green tea each day.

  A study found that individuals who tool green Tea for 12 weeks benefited from body weight decreases, waist circumference, and body weight.

Overall, green tea catechins are natural antioxidants believed to increase fat burning and boost metabolism. The same effect still applies to the matcha, which is highly concentrated powdered green tea with the same beneficial ingredients similar to green tea. [Read: What Is Tea Burn: Is It Effective To Lose Belly Fat?]

  • Black Tea

You can find this type of often in Chinese restaurants to make iced tea. This Tea is fermented, a process that increases caffeine content. Besides, this Tea is a rich and strong flavor. Black Tea has gone oxidation process compared to other related types of Tea. 

Oxidation is the chemical reaction that occurs when tea leaves get exposed to air which gives them brown color leading to the characteristic black tea color. Some experts say that black Tea is great to burn belly fat because it is rich in flavones type of beneficial plant pigments packed with antioxidant substances. Overall, black Tea is rich in flavones and linked with waist circumference reduction, weight, and BMI.

  • White Tea

White Tea has a sweet and light flavor. This is the least processed tea. There is a study showed that this type of Tea can speed up existing fat cells breakdown alongside blocking the formation of the new ones.[ Related: Do Fat Burning Teas Work?]

  • Oolong tea

This is a special type of Tea created from drying tea leaves right in the hot sun. Same to green Tea, oolong tea is also rich in catechins. Since this tea is partially oxidized, it’s often said to have a fragrant, fruity aroma and exceptional flavor but this will vary based on oxidation level.

A study on 102 obese people who drank this tea each day for around six weeks. The researchers proved that oolong tea improved the participant’s metabolism and burned fat in their bodies.[ Read: The Ingredients Inside Tea Burn Supplement]

  • Herbal Tea

This Tea involves the infusion of spices, herbs, and fruits in the hot water. The popular herbal Tea includes ginger tea, rooibos tea, hibiscus tea, and rosehip tea. Despite that herbal teas formulations and ingredients may vary significantly, there are studies showing that herbal teas can aid with safe fat loss and weight reduction.

What do experts say about Tea in losing belly fat?

As per the experts, different types of Tea will not work magic in melting the belly fat. However, they can do better when paired with a regular workout routine and healthy eating habits. The real way this Tea can help someone burn fat is by substituting the packed juice, soda, morning coffee, or the after-dinner drinks right with them.

Final word

A few cups of daily Tea can give someone a push toward burning belly fat. However, don’t expect these teas to work miracles in your body. Natural and optimal belly fat results may also require a lifestyle approach, including activity and diet changes.

Jennifer Singleton is a registered nutritionist and fitness writer who is passionate about fitness nutrition and accomplishing better health by spending time between the gym and the kitchen. Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree at the Ohio State University. You can learn more on her by By Visiting here. Her LinkedIn Page  Or Follow her on Twitter.
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