What Do Antioxidants Do: Can IT Help You Lose Weight?

The experts claim that antioxidants can enhance aerobic metabolism when working out. On the other hand, dietary foods rich in antioxidants can typically exert metabolic modulations, which are two effective processes in weight loss.

what are antioxidants good for

However, our bodies should be able to maintain a specific balance between antioxidants and free radicals to avoid oxidative stress.

When utilized alongside other healthy lifestyle changes, antioxidants are effective and beneficial in promoting weight loss. Of course, antioxidants are in our minds when getting ready for any day. This is because antioxidants play an essential role in preventing diseases and maintaining good health.

What are antioxidants good for?

These are substances that neutralize the free radicals while protecting our bodies from any cellular damage. Free radicals are natural chemicals formed in our bodies and they are a byproduct of the calories converted into energy.

There are some antioxidants that the body can produce, and others can be obtained via dietary sources. Examples of antioxidants comprise vitamin C, carotenoids, and vitamin C.

These vitamins can help the user protect cells from the damage caused by the free radicals. The other weight loss naturally occurring antioxidants comprises tannins, lignans, flavonoids, and phenols.

How antioxidants are linked to weight loss?

The benefits of the antioxidants in nuts, fruits, tea, vegetables, and wine might include tinkering fat cells in a special way that helps improve heart condition and curbs obesity.

These foods responsible for supplying our bodies with the most antioxidants are rich in qualities that make them perfect when it comes to promoting weight loss. Most of these foods are rich in fiber which makes the user feel fuller for a long time.

The power of these antioxidants is not to make someone lose weight directly. However, they essentially give someone energy that pushes you to shed more pounds from your body. A recent study claimed that antioxidants are known as phenolic and flavonoid acids tweak the fat cells of mice.

Besides, the antioxidants didn’t slash the number of the fat cells or kill them; instead, they forced the fat cells to cut triglycerides production. And they do this by curbing the enzymes required in making the triglycerides.

Alternatively, there are antioxidants weight loss supplements that contain all the rich ingredients to help you lose weight safely

How to carb the process of antioxidants in weight loss

First, we should educate ourselves about the naturally occurring antioxidant process. In this case, a workout makes it easier for our bodies to remove themselves right from the offending toxins which lead to weight gain. This means to have accelerated weight loss, and the best health defense is consuming the potent antioxidant.

The human pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant and much more effective than other related antioxidants because it is made from high-grade ingredients and can significantly help lose weight. The effective way to lose weight is eating food rich in fiber, which fills you up quickly, thus offering your body few calories.

The best antioxidants drinks to lose weight:

  • Black tea

This is the most used type of tea which contains elements that stimulate weight loss. It is rich in polyphenols compounds which are potent antioxidants that aid in reducing body weight.

  • Coffee

Coffee is utilized by individuals to lift mood and energy levels. It is rich in caffeine, a substance that acts as the best stimulant in our bodies and can benefit weight loss. Generally, coffee is known to boost metabolism and reduce energy, which is one way towards losing excess weight.

  • Water

Drinking more water is among the easiest way for enhancing overall health. Water also keeps someone full and increases the figure of calories burned in a day.

  • Ginger Tea

Most of us have heard or even used ginger tea when trying to lose weight. In essence, ginger is known to decrease the user’s appetite, promote fullness and increase metabolism, and this is very useful in weight loss.

  • Dandelion tea

This is another category of herbal tea created by infusing roots and leaves of dandelion plat right into hot water. According to the experts, dandelion extracts are rich in different flavonoids and phenolic acids comprising quercetin, luteolin, and caffeic acid. Thus all these components have the ability to decrease cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative stress.

Final verdict

Antioxidants are natural compounds that the human body makes often. Further, we can also get them right from different foods. Therefore, antioxidants can promote and accumulate oxidative stress, reduces risk related to chronic disease, and cancer, and most importantly, help fight obesity.

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