How To Heal Cavities In 2 days: Is It Possible or?

how to get rid of a cavity in teeth naturally

Dental cavities are tiny holes that occur right on the hard surface of someone’s teeth. Generally, cavities are caused by the bacteria on the teeth surface creating acid out of the sugar.

How to get rid of cavities at home naturally will not come easy and may not be possible for everyone. In simple words, cavities will occur from tooth decay, and a streptococcus mutant bacterium is known to cause decay.

how to get rid of a cavity in teeth naturally

Fortunately, cavities can be treated with different home remedies that tend to strengthen your teeth’ enamel in the pre-cavity stage. Currently, one of the best dental health supplements to treat cavities is ProDentim

Besides, this procedure is known as remineralizing, which prevents the cavity from occurring. Below is a comprehensive list that will help get rid of cavities at home naturally.

How to get rid of cavities without going to the dentist?

  • Cut on sugary foods

Stop overeating sugar because it’s the number one risk factor that causes cavities. The experts commend that someone should cut sugar consumption to about 10 percent of total caloric per day. Now Trending: Is prodentim a gimmick Or Safe Dental Supplement?

And if it’s necessary for you to consume sugar, consider not snacking on sugary food during the day. Besides, after the sugar is gone, the enamel will start remineralizing.

  • Oil pulling

Oil pulling is not new to some of us who have maybe suffered from dental problems. Oil pulling is an ancient system that involves one tablespoon of coconut oil and sesame oil around your mouth in a prescribed period followed by spitting out.

Oil pulling is claimed to lower the plaque, which might remineralize the enamel while also preventing cavities. The rinsing procedure pulls up bacteria out from your mouth. Therefore, it is practical and helpful for tooth decay and cavities and can decrease gum swelling.

  • Neem

In the older times, individuals used to brush their teeth using neem sticks rather than toothbrushes. Besides, neem is a very effective method of getting healthier teeth.

Generally, neem is rich in fiber content which keeps the plaque away from the user’s teeth. And this technique is easy; just chew the neem leaves followed by rinsing the mouth with water.Also read: Can decaying teeth cause health problems?

  • Avoid phytic acid

This acid might damage your tooth enamel, and the experts believe that cutting it out can prevent cavities and tooth decay. Two hundred studies claimed that this acid affected mineral absorption right from food.

The study claimed that this acid tends to break down the minerals in the enamel leading to tooth decay. In addition, phytic acid can be found in legumes and cereals such as wheat, maize, rice, navy beans, broad beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, and haricot beans.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is frequently utilized to offer relief from tooth cavities. This is because it has antibacterial and inflammatory properties that keep our gums healthy alongside preventing tooth decay.

Besides, there are two methods for using turmeric where; the first one is applying it right on affected teeth for some minutes, followed by rinsing the mouth. Further, you can mix your turmeric using mustard oil, and massage your mixture of gums and teeth for about ten minutes.

  • Fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride is practical and helpful for our teeth. It aids in restoring the necessary minerals required by the teeth. And since lack of minerals and demineralizing tend to cause tooth decay, fluoride mouthwash is an excellent remedy to try at home to eliminate tooth decay. There is this study that was conducted and claimed that fluoride could prevent forming cavities.

  • Bone broth

This is a soup made from boiling bones of healthy animals and mixes with fresh vegetables. Generally, this soup is claimed to be loaded with lots of minerals, vitamins, and fats that are beneficial for teeth health. This soup contains magnesium and calcium that can remove the cavities from users’ teeth while fighting tooth decay.

Baking soda

This is among the antimicrobial home remedy agent. Basically, its alkali properties neutralize acids present in your mouth while preventing it from causing tooth decay and cavities.

To use baking soda, consider dipping a wet brush in your baking soda followed by brushing the teeth in a few. However, you should be careful about brushing with it because it may damage your enamel. Therefore, you should brush with it within a few days.

  • Lemon

Lemon contains vitamin C. Further, acids present in lemon juice tend to kill germs, helping to ease cavities. In this case, someone should keep the lemon in his mouth for some seconds, chew it then rinse using clean water.

  • Eggshell

Eggshells are rich in carbonate which is claimed to remove tooth decay while refilling your mineral back in your enamel. Therefore, consider cleaning your eggshell, boiling it, and dry it, then grinding it into powder before using it.

Additionally, add some coconut oil and baking soda to eggshell powder, followed by utilizing it as toothpaste. Remember, you should keep this paste in the air–packed vessel.

  • Wheatgrass

This is a good and effective vitamin E and A source alongside calcium, iron, and magnesium. Besides, wheatgrass has effective antibacterial properties which prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink about a glass of wheatgrass juice. Further, you can preferably mix wheatgrass juice using water, rinse your mouth or chew wheatgrass directly.

  • Sugar-free gum

Chewing this gum after meals are becoming popular in many clinical trials as it aids in remineralizing enamel. Generally, this gum is rich in xylitol, which can stimulate saliva flow, and reduces it.

Mutans bacteria, and raise the PH of the plaque. Phosphopeptide amorphous in sugar-free gum lowers the levels of harmful bacteria, which tends to damage our teeth’ enamel.

  • Saltwater

This is among the common and effective home remedies for your oral health issue. Saltwater can mouth bacteria-free alongside removing cavity stickiness. Overall, saltwater neutralizes PH levels in the user’s mouth by eliminating acids.

What to do if this continue?

If it gets worse it may be time to seek a supplement that contains all the necessary ingredients to fight gum cavities. Two of the best affordable formulas are ProDentim probiotics, and Dentitox pro.

When to see the dentist?

Many dental issues, such as Gingivitis, and even deep cavities, tend to develop without pain or related symptoms. Therefore, regular dental checkups can be the best and most helpful way for catching a cavity even before it becomes worse.

Below are the first treatments you will receive from the dentist to treat the cavity.

  1. Fillings:This is the primary treatment when you have a cavity that has advanced beyond your enamel.
  2. Root canals: Immediately, tooth decay reaches your inner material in the tooth; the dentist will advise you to have a root canal.
  3. Crowns: This is a custom-fitted cap or covering placed over a patient’s tooth to eventually treat the extensive decay.
  4. Tooth extractions: removal of the decayed tooth ultimately

Conclusion how to get rid of tooth decay naturally

Oil pulling, chewing gum, vitamin D, and the other above-related remedies can prevent cavities from getting bigger while also preventing new ones from forming in someone’s teeth.

If you have experienced the pain from the tooth cavity, you can testify how irritating and uncomfortable the feeling is. Establishing a good dental hygiene routine will be the best way to prevent developing cavities. Further, remember always to brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste followed by flossing once a day.

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