Tea Burn Reviews From Customers: New Consumer Warning Legit Or?

customer reviews on tea burn

Tea Burn Reviews From Customers: Critical Consumer reports Analysis Updated February 2022: Find out the Pros, the cons, and Its Ingredients.

Tea burn is simply a white powdered supplement consumed for weight loss. Typically, this dietary formula is consumed with non-sugary drinks, i.e., coffee and tea. Notably, this supplement is mainly available on the official website and is designed particularly for tea. 

customer reviews on tea burn

Your weight gain is visible, and everyone in your inner circle who you come across is concerned about it. So these people typically suggest solutions such as eating less, exercising more, or avoiding the junk food they like. We all know that adopting these solutions is challenging.

However, Tea burn promises to burn your excess body fat without going through the painstaking process of trying to burn excess fat through physical exercise or suppressing your appetite voluntarily. In addition, the powder formula claims to help everyone; equally, no one has to compromise their daily activities while using it. Can that be too good to be true or a false promise? Let’s analyze tea burn customer reviews to determine whether it’s worth trying.

According to the manufacturer, the tea burn formula is a powder supplement that helps you lose weight by simply sipping tea. In addition, numerous advocates claim that this product is effective per the manufacturer’s directions. 

The fat-burning tea Supplement primarily attacks areas with high-fat storage. Generally, if you can’t afford to stick to a dietary meal plan, Tea, Burn may be here for your rescue. Additionally, consistent use of this tea drink can help maintain a healthy lean body for a very long time.

Tea Burn Consumer Reports Essential Details

Product NameTea Burn
Good ForWeight Loss
Product GoalTo promote healthy weight loss
Type Powder Supplement
IngredientsChromium, vitamin B6, L-theanine (See The Full List OF Ingredients Here)
Unit Inside30 Packets
How To useTake One packet of Tea the Supplement every morning for the best results
Age RestrictionFor adult use Only
Cost 1 Pouch for $49.00
Return Policy60-Day Money Back Guarantee
AccessibilityThrough The Official website, only
ContactCall 1 (844) 236-6478 Or Email: [email protected] 

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How Effective is Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea burns help you lose weight through metabolism, as you’ll later see in this article. If you have been looking for means to shed excess body fat, the formula claims to have all the necessary tools to help you achieve a healthy body weight. 

Moreover, it claimed to use 100% natural ingredients, each broken down and explored more. So, if you’re one of those individuals who desire to lose weight effortlessly, perhaps this article might be a deal-breaker for you.

Tea Burn Customer Reviews

It is flavorless; according to the customer reviews on Tea Burn reviews, there’s no need to worry about having weird tastes in your mouth. In addition, the manufacturer claims that its ingredients are all-natural without artificial additives such as artificial color.

As recommended by the manufacturer, this supplement is mainly consumable with warm coffee or tea. That means the drink should be neither too cold nor too hot. Though the manufacturer allows the consumption of this powder supplement with other beverages, it’s mainly effective when consumed with tea.

Does TeaBurn Work For Everyone? Find Out Here

Tea Burn Reviews 2022: Is It Safe For Weight Loss?

Since the product claims to help in losing excessive body weight, it recommends that you use it according to the direction of use regularly for instant results. Moreover, you can pour the powder weight loss formula into shakes or drinking water.

Tea burn also prides itself if Maximum effectiveness in losing weight through metabolism without making unnecessary trips to the bathroom. Contrary to most powdered supplements, which also follow the metabolism route to weight loss. According to the manufacturer, the supplement can effortlessly help you lose one pound per day. 

Though yet to be determined, the tea burn product is arguably one of the safe supplements with 100% natural ingredients. Most importantly, John Barban is the creator of this supplement. Besides helping you lose weight, Barban designed this powder supplement to also help in boosting general health and mental health, reduce hunger, and increase energy production.

According to John, Tea burn’s effectiveness is mainly in its unique ingredients, which will be explored later. These ingredients are; vitamins and minerals, chlorogenic acid, etc. For those who want to purchase this formula, it’s available on their official site for $49.

How Does tea burn work?

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Tea Burn independent reviews

John Barban, the creator of this product, recommends consuming tea with tea burn every morning to help develop drinking tea regularly. That’s because consuming tea alone, even without the supplement, can help reduce excess body weight. 

Tea is among the healthiest, most consumed beverage globally. Drinking it alone will help improve your health. However, the manufacturer claims that a combination of tea and this product is an excellent surcharger for losing weight significantly. And since it’s not incorporated with artificial additives, don’t expect sweet or sour tastes.

The Effects Of Tea Burn Formula

John Barban claims that this powder drink has the following effects;

  • Boosts and maintains energy production in the body
  • It suppresses your appetite
  • It Improves overall well-being health-wise. 
  • Improves metabolism
  • Targets mainly unnecessary fat storage.

It’s logical to exercise to lose weight; however, according to John, this product is the ultimate solution for individuals with excess body fat who don’t want to exercise. Also, the effects of tea burn powder vary from individual to individual. 

So approximately 3-6 months, you should see a significant difference. For those who want rapid results in a shorter period, consider adopting a healthy meal plan and diet. Advisably, you shouldn’t consume the supplement before retiring to bed as it may delay sleep. If you consider purchasing this formula from the official website, remember to carefully read and understand the guidelines and the direction of use.

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What are the tea burn ingredients?

Notably, the ingredients in by particular product are what makes it worth purchasing or not. As previously mentioned, the ingredients used to manufacture this fat-burning drink are all 100% natural. However, before trying out this product, it’s crucial to know what will be flowing into your system.

As mentioned, John recommends using this supplement alongside tea to amplify its effects. You should know that herbal teas won’t necessarily provide you with all the requirements to lose weight in adequate quantities. Most importantly, green tea has small quantities of L-theanine. However, mixing it with tea burn makes it more beneficial. 

Before dispatching packages of this supplement, it undergoes numerous processes to ensure public health safety. The Manufacturing Company conducts its manufacturing processes under the watch of the FDA. This is essential to ensure there’s contamination, e.g., allergens.

The batches finally go through quality testing in third-party laboratories before sending them to the warehouse for dispatch. Since the company sells these products online, they don’t need local distributors or retailers. And so they deliver based on online orders. If you want to know what’s inside this drink formula, below is a comprehensive highlight that’ll help you decide whether or not it’s for you. 

Does TeaBurn Work For Everyone? Find Out Here

The List Of The Ingredients Used:

Tea Burn Ingredients
  • Chromium 

The primary function of this component is; to improve micronutrient digestion, e.g., proteins and carbs. In addition, it’s an essential mineral that aids in improving insulin sensitivity. Since a metallic element is a crucial requirement for overall well-being health-wise, Chromium is considered a suitable metallic component in tea burn. 

The chromium quantity in this supplement is about 20 mcg since a typical person requires small doses of metallic elements in their system. Aside from metabolism improvement, chromium also aids in reducing body fat and promoting healthy weight loss. So, generally, it promises you a lean body and weight.

Chromium picolinate is a component in chromium whose function is to balance blood sugar levels. Also, research indicates that it reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes patients. Chromium also blocks fat formation and initiates the burning of more than 45% of carbohydrates instead of storing it as fat. 

  • vitamin B6

Generally, this is an essential component with numerous functions for propelling weight loss. Vitamin B6 aids in increasing metabolic rates by breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. By stimulating the thyroid, vitamin B6 highly promotes significant fat burning. For women with water retention problems, vitamin B6 is the solution and restores hormonal balance. 

  • L-theanine

This tea burn component is crucial in black tea and green tea leaves. Note that the human body can’t produce this essential amino acid, though it’s vital .to help you slim down.

L-theanine is a common supplement for enhancing cognition, e.g., improving focus when used with coffee. Also, a combination of L-theanine and coffee can significantly increase attention. Aside from reducing body weight, this element also helps eliminate side effects associated with caffeine, e.g., restlessness and anxiety.

  • Chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid is synonymous with reducing glucose absorption in the digestive system. This, in turn, helps keep the blood glucose levels down, minimizing the risks of insulin spikes, which lead to weight loss—also, chlorogenic acid help regulate obesity-related hormones. 

Moreover, this acid is also crucial for reducing triglycerides and cholesterol levels in your body— a process essential to burning fat. Since this element is present in coffee, roasted coffee beans may not have effective chlorogenic acid. So, as you drink your delicious coffee, you won’t be ripping the benefits of Chlorogenic acid. 

Tea burn has 200 grams of Chlorogenic acid extracted from green coffee beans. Note that combining this with regular coffee increases the weight loss rate. Also, more than 210% of calories convert to energy instead of being stored as fat.

  • vitamin D 

We all know that Vitamin D is essential for strong, healthy bones. Vitamin D helps control the quantity of calcium and phosphate in your body to protect against illness while maintaining healthy muscles and teeth alongside all your bonds. Aside from that, it can also help in cutting down weight.

Note that sufficient quantities of this vitamin are crucial for maintaining healthy hormonal levels burning excess body fat, and supporting weight loss. Researchers have found that vitamin D triggers weight loss, particularly in the belly region. That’s because it works alongside calcium to decrease cortisol production since this stress hormone stimulates fat storage in your stomach instead of breaking it down.

  • vitamin B12 

For a human body to function correctly, it essentially requires vitamin B12. Also, this vitamin is crucial in reducing body weight. Note that this vitamin is one of the vitamins responsible for converting the food you eat into sugar. The vitamin can also boost metabolism and provide energy instead of letting the food you’ve eaten be stored as fat.

Vitamin B12 is popularly known for its weight loss capabilities. So for those seeking to reduce their body weight significantly, these vitamins will boost your body energy while also helping you reduce weight.

Though this vitamin can help you lose a lot of weight, its deficiency can cause you to gain significant weight long-term. Tea burn has 5mcg of this vitamin, the ideal amount for burning excess body fat and eliminating the deficiency simultaneously. 

  • L-carnitine 

L-carnitine is a human body muscle-building amino acid that occurs naturally. So, generally, your body uses this element in your system to develop muscle fibers. The amount of L-carnitine in tea burn (100g) aids the body in burning fat into energy. The process involves transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria cells, thus reducing body weight.

Note that mitochondria are responsible for producing energy in your body by burning fat in their cells. So as you engage in physical activities like running, your body burns more fat which is converted into energy that is then transported to your brain, muscles, and heart to prevent fatigue.

Although tea burn doesn’t encourage physical exercise, it is a great energy booster after strenuous workouts. Surprisingly this supplement can help reduce body weight by suppressing your appetite.

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How to use tea burn Supplements?

how do you use it? As mentioned before, mixing it with warm tea is suitable to make it more effective. However, coffee is a viable option for those who don’t prefer tea. The main reason the tea bun is more effective with tea is its ingredients blend well with herbal tea to yield Maximum results. 

John Baraban also recommends that a single packet per day should suffice. Preferably, it would be best to take tea burn early in the morning. John also assures that with this supplement, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, stop eating or prevent yourself from eating what you like. However, if you desire rapid results, you should stop consuming junk, high-calorie, or sugary foods.

John Barban doesn’t recommend including tea burn in your food recipe and discourages direct consumption. Notably, he discourages consuming the supplement with alcohol or any alcohol-based beverage as it can alter its effectiveness. 

You mustn’t mistake this supplement for Medicine as it’s not prescription-oriented, especially for handling metabolic-related problems. Most importantly, this supplement isn’t a replacement for medicine, so you shouldn’t use it alongside your prescribed medication unless your doctor recommends it. 

The science behind tea burn Formula

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According to the maker, it’s 100% natural, and the manufacturer also claims that it has gone through a non-toxic manufacturing process. On the other hand, numerous tea burn claims it’s a suitable supplement with rapid results. As previously mentioned, among its benefits is improving your health.

Though these claims seem authentic, this supplement doesn’t have solid scientific backing as it hasn’t been studied adequately. However, the little available evidence, which mainly involves testing it on individuals, proves it is effective.

Research conducted in the early 2010s on green tea extracts proved that it’s an effective weight loss supplement, and that’s why it’s an essential ingredient in tea burn. Multiple studies also indicated that the study participants lost about 5.45 pounds compared to a typical test substance. 

On the other hand, other related studies have also identified caffeine to have weight loss effects. A study indicated that caffeine could potentially burn more than 10 % fat in obese individuals and more than 22% in lean people. According to this study, the weight loss results of caffeine are mainly visible in young people than in old individuals. Generally, this shows that the effects of caffeine reduce with age.

The international journal of obesity is popular and is majorly synonymous with weight gain and loss research. And according to a study conducted in 2009 on green tea extracts concluded that catechins could significantly help burn more fat while also aiding you in maintaining a preferred weight. The study also indicated that combining catechins and EGCG could yield significant results. 

In another study, excessive use of caffeine results in restlessness, jitters, and anxiety. Tea burn formula has amino acids and L-theanine that help in managing stress. A 2019 research found that L-theanine can improve cognition and eliminate stress-related symptoms. Caffeine and L-theanine are critical components of losing weight.

Conclusively, some ingredients in this tea supplement have solid scientific backing based on multiple studies as outlined above. Arguably this fat-burning tea is incomparable to other fat burner supplements as its composition of high-quality ingredients. Though it may have these ingredients, transparency still makes other potential users skeptical of its effectiveness. 

Tea Burn Review And Effectiveness

Must See: Critical New User Testimonial Read Here Before You Buy

As you already know, this supplement excels mainly in the weight loss department. Tea Burn user reviews show this supplement is among the most popular. Many consumers testify it has manifested tremendous results. And because of its effectiveness, is why most users recommend it. For example, a woman aged 50 claimed it helped her shed up to 42 pounds.

Moreover, most of these people also claim that you don’t need to exercise with tea burn. As stated by John Barban, losing weight with this powder supplement will be an effortless experience. 

While some users claimed to incorporate a healthy diet and physical exercise alongside tea burn, others claimed they lost significant weight by eating whatever they wanted. From this, it’s apparent that you can shed some pounds without compromising your daily routines. Here is a highlight of testimonies from different users;

  • A woman claims to have lost about 28 pounds and can comfortably fit in 4 dress sizes.
  • A 49-year-old man claimed to shed a significant amount of cholesterol. Additionally, it has also helped lower his blood pressure. The main says he’d lost all hope of improving his health through weight loss until he stumbled upon this supplement. Ever since he started using it, he’s impressed with its results.
  • In his mid- the 30s, a man claimed to have lost 37 pounds using tea burn. Also, he says that the results were more instantaneous than he expected.

Pros and cons of using

Whichever beverage you choose to consume tea burn with, it will still manifest similar results, weight loss intended by the manufacturer and the product designer. According to users who’ve seen the results, below are some pros and cons of using this formula:

The ProsThe Cons
Tea Burn helps burn excess body fat and boosts energy productionIts effects vary from individual to individual. However, regular usage per the direction of use can yield significant instantaneous results.
Apart from amplifying metabolism, it increases metabolic rate.According to John Barban, you shouldn’t exceed the dosage if you want rapid results.
Since the formula has vitamins as ingredients, it can also help strengthen your immune system. Tea burn is only available online on its official website. So, you won’t find it in your local supermarket.
A combination of this powder supplement and warm tea is a supercharger. 
Because of its tastelessness, you don’t have to worry about weird tastes in your tea. 
It’s a supplement that’s patent-pending nutritional complex.
Though its effects vary from person to person, any gender can use it.
Aside from weight loss, the formula has numerous other health benefits, such as regulating hormonal balance.
It has no side effects, so you can be sure of incredible lasting results.
The supplement is FDA approved and manufactured in a GMP-certified setting. 

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Tea Burn Consumer reviews: What makes It unique from other supplements?

The abundance of dietary options can sometimes be overwhelming for individuals seeking effective supplements to lose body weight. However, if you consider this drink formula the right choice based on what you’ve read, unique factors make it different from other related supplements.

  • 100% natural ingredients

The ingredients used in the formula are 100 percent natural. Essentially the formula is a mixture of herbs for maintaining your well-being health-wise. Apart from natural ingredients, the process of making teaburn is also safe as it doesn’t involve the use of any industrial means.

According to testimonials from users who recommend teaburn, consider giving this formula a shot if you’ve had problems with dietary supplements for weight loss. On the other hand, the manufacturer recommends you consult your doctor or a certified medical practitioner before using tea burn.

  • It’s an excellent metabolism booster.

Slow metabolism significantly contributes to weight gain, potentially leading to obesity. However, by watching your diet and the supplements you subscribe to, you can significantly reverse this process. One such supplement is Teaburn. Due to the essential vitamins and minerals in this white powder, expect significant results in weight loss soon, according to the manufacturer.

  • The supplement isn’t addictive.

It’s common for most people to be cautious about what they consume is potentially addictive. The manufacturer of tea burn, alongside user testimonials, clearly indicates it isn’t addictive. 

Essentially the natural ingredients mainly help reduce body weight by increasing your metabolism. A single pack of this formula per day should be enough. Plus, the manufacturer also claims that none of the ingredients are non-addictive. 

  • Formulation

According to the manufacturer, the nutrients distinguish it from other dietary supplements. The complex yet natural components in tea burn bears exceptional health benefits aside from amplifying your body to lose weight.

Note that most tea flavors are considered unhealthy. So, if you’re willing to cut down on your tea flavor by using tea burn, you’ll be doing yourself a favor health-wise as you also lose weight.

  • Easily consumable

Multiple users have testified that consuming this dietary formula doesn’t leave a weird taste in your mouth or spoil your drink like most related capsules. 

Moreover, this non-flavored supplement comes with a stick packing that enables users to keep it with them at all times. As a user, you must open one supplement pack, mix it with your beverage, and gobble it. Remember to use a single pack per day. 

Where to Buy Tea Burn Powder?

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As highlighted before, tea burn is only available from the official website. In addition, you can make your purchase anytime you want as they don’t run out of stock. On the other hand, the official website of this supplement is teaburn.com. 

Remember, this product is only available on its official website. So don’t expect to come across it in your local store or supermarket. So the only way you get your hands on this supplement is by ordering online from where the company staff dispatches it for delivery. Conveniently there’s a home delivery option, so you don’t have to waste time going to a common pick-up point.

All that is required for home delivery is; your home address, name, and telephone number. As for the payment, you have to pay in advance to cover the transportation expenses. Generally, you don’t have to provide risky details such as social security numbers. Note that once you’ve placed your order, expect delivery within 24 and 48 hours. Typically, the package has 30 doses, enough for a month. 

According to teaburn.com, overweight people should consider opting for the bundle pack. Moreover, this is advantageous as it won’t cost much during the ordering period. Plus, it will save you ordering time. 

Pricing details

In the initial rollout, a single pack with 30 doses costs $100. With time, however, the price has reduced tremendously, with some packages available at discounted prices, as highlighted here;

For $177, you’ll get three packs of Tea burn, and with shopping, fees included, i.e., three months’ supply.
Prepare for six packs with $204 for six months’ supply. That price also includes shipment fees.
For the ordinary single pack, $49 is enough to cover the price, with shipment fees included. 

Real Weight Loss Results: What To Expect?

Typically most individuals would see results of this supplement between a month and two. However, since effects vary from person to person, you should see results between 3-6 months. According to John Barban, going for the six-month supply option should yield incredible results regardless of age or gender.

Tea Burn Independent Reviews Frequently asked questions.

Does tea burn have side effects?

Since tea burn components consist primarily of natural ingredients, it doesn’t harbor any side effects. In addition, it is manufactured in a facility that’s FDA-approved. Numerous scientific studies also indicated that it doesn’t threaten your body’s immunity. 

Note that tea burn is also identified as a non-GMO supplement. That means that it doesn’t contain chemicals like additives or preservatives. That makes it safe for your health overall. However, pregnant mothers and young people below 18 should seek medical advice from a certified medical practitioner or their doctors, for that matter.

Can I get tea burn from Amazon? 

As previously mentioned, this product is only available on its official website, i.e., teaburn.com. And no, you won’t get tea burn on Amazon. So if you see it in any retail store or different site from teaburn.com, it’s a counterfeit as the company doesn’t have wholesale or retail distributors. If you want to be sure that you’re getting a legitimate product, visit its official website.

Does fat-burning tea work?

Most experts agree that some Tea may be ineffective in burning fat. However, Tea Burn has been using safe and natural ingredients specifically crafted to target excess body weight.

What if tea burn doesn’t work on me?

You don’t have to worry about losing your money when trying out this product. That’s because the company has a refund policy that Shields you from monetary losses. The company has a team on standby for those who’d like to exercise the return policy. However, the return policy is only for 60 days from purchase time. After 60 days, you can’t return the tea burn package.

Can I use tea burn in conjunction with diet pills?

It is primarily for bodyweight loss through metabolism naturally. As you already know, it helps maintain your overall health aside from slimming down. So, tea burn guarantees you the benefits that diet pills can offer you.

Taking diet pills and tea burn simultaneously is like consuming double the dose of a similar product. Beware of unprecedented effects from a combination of these two compounds. It’s best if you avoid using any medicine or supplement with tea burn. Advisably, you should use one product at a time. 

Is there any alternative to Tea Burn?

You may need to try JavaBurn or Ikaria . Both have almost the same function as Tea Burn. However, the manufacturer recommends using Java Burn with Coffee.

How to return Tea Burn?

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Simply email [email protected]  or call:1 (844) 236-6478 to request a refund.

How long does it take to ship?

For most consumers in the United States and Canada, it can take an average of 5-7 business days to receive the product. International countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand may take up to 15 business days. For more info, visit the Official website.

Tea Burn BBB reviews: Are there any complaints?

Tea Burn reviews BBB report so far hasn’t shown any negative remarks from consumers. We will keep monitoring for new consumer reviews On Tea Burn.

Tea Burn Reviews 2022

After reviewing the consumer reports on this product, we can safely say most people are happy with their results. It is always good to use this supplement in conjunction with exercise.

The Final Verdict

Per the testimonials from those who used the supplement, thousands have found success. The latest consumer reports show they lost a lot of weight. Tea Burn can be a great solution to fight weight gain in stubborn areas. The ingredients are natural and safe to boost your metabolism for fast results.

And If you are not happy with the results, Be sure to request a refund within the 60 days guarantee policy.

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