What Supplements Are Good for Your Teeth and Gums:6 Essential Vitamins

A healthy mouth and strong teeth result from good oral health and a well-balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Similar to our bodies that need good nutrition and nutrients to promote overall health, the same applies to our teeth and mouth.

supplements for teeth and gum

Several vitamins and minerals have a positive impact on our overall oral health. When consumed through foods and supplements, they can contribute to how healthy our teeth and gums are. Certain supplements contain nutrients and minerals that can help reduce gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth sores. 

Taking such supplements can also help fight against infections and bacteria that are dangerous to our overall oral health. They are particularly beneficial for people who are recovering from oral surgery. Taking the correct number of supplements rich in vitamins and minerals should be considered at a young age. Young children need to take them while their teeth are still developing.

What Supplements Are Good for Your Teeth and Gums? This document lists several supplements you could consider taking to improve your gum and tooth health and treat periodontal disease.

6 Important Supplements That Are Good For Your Teeth and Gums

Typically, oral hygiene involves brushing and flossing the teeth and gums at least two times a day with fluoride toothpaste. However, most people fail to understand that what they consume influences their oral health. 

Professional dentists recommend limiting alcohol and sugar intake. They also encourage taking foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. A lack of specific vitamins and minerals can significantly impact someone’s overall dental health. For example, it may result in tooth loss, bleeding gums, and inflammation.

However, the supplements below would help you support your regular dental care routine since they are rich in minerals and vitamins that support dental health.

  • ProDentim

ProDentim is the best oral probiotic for healthy teeth and gums. It manages to do this by repopulating the mouth with beneficial bacteria. The probiotic contains natural, highly effective, and easy-to-use ingredients.

Our mouths contain both good and bad bacteria. Suppose harmful bacteria are left to grow and multiply; they may cause dangerous infections and other common oral health problems. A higher number of harmful bacteria in the mouth causes tooth decay, bleeding gums, and gum infection.

ProDentim is a unique supplement that is free of toxins and has zero effects on the body. Taking the supplement helps lower the risk of cavities, oral infections, and other dental problems. It also helps balance excellent and harmful bacteria, provides a long-lasting fresh breath, and reduces inflammation.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics are famous for promoting a healthy gut. It is interesting to note that several studies have shown that certain strains of probiotics can also support healthy teeth and gums. An accumulation of pathogenic bacteria characterizes the periodontal disease. If left unchecked, it can result in unhealthy and damaged gums.

Fortunately, probiotics can help introduce beneficial bacteria into the mouth that have anti-inflammatory properties and have effectively shown success in treating periodontal disease. A study was carried out on 30 periodontitis patients who were given a tablet containing Lactobacillus reuteri (a probiotic) for three months, combined with scaling and root planing.

The researchers discovered that patients who were given the probiotic had significantly lower levels of the potentially harmful bacteria known as Porphyromonas gingivalis compared to patients who had just received periodontal cleaning. Also read: What Minerals Help Restore Teeth And Gum

  • Calcium & Phosphorus

Most of our teeth are made up of calcium, and increasing the amount of calcium in our diet is beneficial. The importance of supplements rich in calcium is that they can help improve the tooth enamel and jaw bone. Dentists claim that lack of calcium in the diet promotes tooth decay, and it is critical for someone to take an adequate amount of calcium daily.

Aside from supplements, calcium can also be found in several foods, including beans, leafy greens, and almonds. Dairy products are also rich sources of calcium. Phosphorus, on the other hand, is essential for helping calcium build strong teeth and bones. You can increase the amount of phosphorus in your diet by taking foods such as milk, eggs, fish, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  

  • Vitamin K

You can think of vitamin K as a shield as it helps block out toxins responsible for breaking down teeth, enamel, and bones. Supplements rich in vitamin K encourage the production of osteocalcin within the body, essentially a protein that helps maintain bone and enamel strength. 

Lack of vitamin K doesn’t only prolong the time it takes for our bodies to heal, but it also increases the likelihood of experiencing bleeding gums. You can also check out a list of other Vitamins that help keep teeth and gum healthy.

  • Dentitox 

Dentitox is also an all-natural dental health supplement that generally promotes oral health, strengthens the teeth, and prevents gum disease. As a result, it reduces the risk of oral issues for people who love eating and drinking.

Dentitox promotes general oral health by preventing tooth decay and discoloration and makes cleaning teeth easy. Aside from strengthening the teeth, it also prevents gum disease. Since the product lacks additives, fillers, and preservatives, it is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women. 

Some of the ingredients used in the manufacture of Dentitox include peppermint (which is, in fact, the primary product), Indian Licorice, Xylitol, and collagen, all of which are natural and safe.

  • Vitamin C

Not only is vitamin C perfect for the teeth, but it also supports gum health. Clinical research has revealed that taking supplements rich in vitamin C helps prevent bleeding gums, gum disease, and loss of teeth. This is because it helps maintain the health and strength of the connective tissues found within the gums. The connective tissues and gums are responsible for holding your teeth in place.

Additionally, early childhood vitamin C supplementation prevents erosive tooth wear. You may take a lot of vitamin C in your diet if it is abundant in peppers, citrus fruits, kale, sweet potatoes, and berries. Supplements containing vitamin C are also widely available.

Wrap Up

If you are interested in improving the health of your gums and teeth, ensure that you get regular dental cleanings. Additionally, you may want to try one or more of the supplements listed above. Most dietary supplements, including Prodentim and Dentitox, may help if you have gum-related conditions.

However, consumers should understand that not all over-the-counter supplements are fit for oral use. You should consult your dentist before taking any supplements to ensure they are safe.

Medical Discalimer: The information provided here On Geeks Health website is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider. Reliance on any information in this response is solely at your own risk.
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