How long Does it take to lose 10 pounds?

How long does it take to lose 10 pounds? To answer this question it can take an average of Five To eight weeks to lose 10 pounds.

how long would it take to lose ten pounds

Losing 10 pounds of unwanted weight from your body can be a real struggle provided you got the right and safe ways. And since losing weight seems to be a bit more challenging compared to gaining weight, learn to always be patient, be on track to reach any of your weight loss goals.

Besides, the challenging part when it comes to losing ten pounds and how long can be based on getting started.
Remember, weight loss mostly seems to be often of someone’s mental and physical efforts. In this case, the experts say that taking some special time and thick why you have decided to draw ten pounds can help.

Think of what has motivated you towards making that specific change in your body. And now, the answers to these questions will help you to hold the decision tighter and work towards achieving the goals. Without much said, I am glad that in today’s article, I will be taking you through a quick and fact review on how long you expect to draw ten pounds from your body weight.

How long does it take to lose 10 pounds by running?

The average runner can easily lose 10 pounds in as little as 4 weeks to 6 Weeks. However, some scientists say that ten or more pounds of weight loss from a human body can impact his or her health when done incorrectly.

Most probably for some of us who are overweight, this process can be helpful to improve some markers of your health such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Therefore, how long will it take to lose 10 pounds also depends right on someone’s dedication to achieve the goal and his or her current weight? In this case, remember that nutrition experts recommend that the gradual weight loss rate should be two to one pound every week.

This means you can probably reach your goal of losing 10 pounds around five weeks; also, it may be less or more. However, to faster reach this specific goal, there are ways and strategies you should incorporate in your lifestyle, such as healthy eating, exercise, etc. In addition, ensure you are emotionally and physically ready for this to avoid losing hope while on the journey.

How to lose 10 pounds in a month?

Generally, consuming few calories compared to how you burn dairy may lead to subsequent weight loss and energy deficit. This means someone needs to make his or her deficit equal to 3,500 calories to lose one specific pound.

But a deficit of 1000 and 5000 calories every day tends to add up the loss of natural and safe one and two pounds every week. In this case, you basically create a deficit via moving more and eating less. For example, someone can choose to trim his diet to just 250 calories, add 250 calories of the additional exercise every day.

Plus, creates 500 calories loss every day, which is needed to lose a single pound every week. Consider the below top tips tested and approved to help you reach your desired weight loss goal of losing ten pounds within the shortest period possible.

Tips To Help You Lose Ten Pounds In A Month

  • Keep the food log

In this way, consider decreasing your calorie consumption via tracking what you consume every day. As I have discussed above, cutting down what you eat or preferably eliminating the high-calorie selection from your food would significantly help. Most importantly, ensure you are counting your calories to stay on track.

  • Reduce hunger

Hunger feeling can make it hard to achieve losing ten pounds in five weeks or less. Generally, a human body got two specific hormones used to regulate our hunger leptin and ghrelin.

The ghrelin is naturally produced by our stomach and tends to signal to the brain, telling it to increase the appetite whenever your stomach is empty, also when energy is needed.[ Also read: How Long Will Take To Lose 50 Pounds]

On the other side, leptin is naturally produced by body fat cells and doe the opposite of the ghrelin hormone. Its works via increasing your metabolism for better digestion, signaling the brain that someone is full and decreasing the hunger feelings. Now when someone is gaining weight, this leptin hormone works to decrease appetite also promote weight loss.

However, in excess weight gain, leptin can be resistant, meaning ghrelin hormone is the increase in the body. With this information, now you can practice the below changes to control your stomach hormones which deal with weight loss and gain:

  • Eat more fibre because they pull water to the gut, thus making you fuller
  • Rest adequately to avoid ghrelin hormone raise while leptin hormone be decreased
  • Drink more water to spike your appetite
  • Eat more proteins such as fish because they are linked to decreasing your hunger feelings
  • Consider having cheat meals rather than cheat days

Deprivation and dieting do not require you to be stricter. It is possible for someone trying to lose excess body weight to enjoy healthy lifestyle changes, also splurge for some time. In this case, you are recommended to follow the 20/80 rule alongside striving to eventually keep about 80 percent of your consumption on track.

And these are what are known as cheat days. However, keep in mind that it takes 3500 calories for you to lose one specific pound. And this means it would take 3500 calories to gain a pound.[Also read: How To Lose 1 Pound A Day Fast]

Overall, having the full brown specific cheat day may unravel your hard work for an entire week when not careful. Rather, consider having cheat meals and opt for two or one meal a week to typically enjoy.

  • Know your strengths

How will It be possible to lose weight while you don’t know where are your weaknesses and strengths towards the weight loss journey? Before you start the journey, take your notebook and write all the obstacles you tend to face once you try losing weight. Ensure you are honest, is it your friends, money, job, stress, among others? Hold back on them to make your goals achievable.

On the other hand, know your strengths, do you have that active and robust support system over your weight loss, what are you intended to achieve after reaching your goals, do you have essential access tools to do the job such as weight lifts? Now dedicate yourself to your strengths and weakness and use them to eventually overcome the obstacles and prosper yourself forward.

Final verdict On How Long Does It Take To lose 10 Pounds?

I was once a victim of overweight, and I know how stressful the situation was. The motivating part when it comes to weight loss is being dedicated, telling yourself you can do it, and following the scientifically proven ways and methods to make it real. The final word that I have is to encourage you that it’s possible, just stick to your goal and your diet.

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