Does Coffee And Lemon Help You Lose Weight:Trending Weight Loss?

Coffee is not just a favorite drink for the sweet taste but the fact that it comes with exclusive energy to help us kick-start our daily activities.

Coffee is a popular workout booster. It can improve your workout routine and, most importantly, help you lose weight. Instead of adding milk and sugar, add a dash of lemon juice and join the challenge to shed those kilos. 

coffee and lemon for weight loss

Lemon coffee is an excellent alternative to long, strenuous workouts and strict dietary considerations. Lemon coffee may not feature on boards of popular restaurants and coffee centers since the taste is not that welcoming, but the results will shock you. 

does lemon juice and coffee help you lose weight?

Neither coffee nor lemon has any impact on weight loss. There is no scientific evidence that coffee and lemons without any alterations to your diet can cause weight loss. Black coffee has no calories. The diet is, however, rich in caffeine, a powerful stimulant psyching you up for the day.

Caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter in the body, adenosine, which can increase stimulating neurotransmitters like dopamine. The result thereof was keeping you more alert and energized throughout the day. More caffeine in your body leads to increased metabolism, which helps burn calories. However, this may have side effects like insomnia.

Benefits of using coffee for weight loss

  • Coffee is a powerful stimulant that boosts our gym workouts.
  • Caffeine contains theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acids, which are essential for weight loss.
  • Coffee boosts break down fat cells used by the body to provide energy and, in this way, helps you lose weight naturally.
  • Coffee contains caffeine element that stimulates thermogenesis. In this process, the body produces more heat and energy from digested food. This means that less food is stored as fat.
  • Taking a good amount of coffee daily improves your digestion. It relieves constipation and minimizes the absorption of sugar in the body. Take note not to take coffee in excess since you may reverse the effects.

does lemon help you lose weight?

Drinking lemon water helps you lose weight. It is a common phrase. There are specific biochemical processes behind lemon, but most importantly, you get to drink lots of water that keeps you full longer.

We experience thirst signals that the brain understands in eating; you have to take water to quench those signals. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times may eliminate this signal; thus, you do not have to eat much.

Benefits of Using Lemon Juice to aid Weight Loss

  • Medics advocate that you start your day with a glass of lemon water. Lemon boosts body metabolism in a significant way.
  • Continuous uptake of lemon juice keeps you hydrated and promotes satiety. It is also another way to keep your calorie intake low and, in the process, helps you reduce weight.
  • Lemon water is a perfect ingredient in your daily diet. One glass contains only six calories.
  • Lemon juice has acidic compositions that can flush out unwanted materials and toxins from the body. The drink triggers the production of bile juice by the liver, which enhances digestion and detoxification.

The Mixture

Please note that the mixture of lemon juice and black coffee may work together to boost your ability to lose weight when doing intermittent fasting. It is an effective weight loss ingredient if you take it in the right quantities.

Add a spoonful of lemon juice to hot water, and there you have it. This mixture may not work best alone. Combine it with things like a workout. Take the mixture for at least one hour before hitting the gym for impressive results.

Some, however, argue that there is no scientific link between lemon coffee and weight loss. The argument suggests that adding lemon to coffee makes it taste better and keeps you hydrated longer.

Drinking water before a meal plays the same role. It helps you eat less, thus maintaining a proper diet to aid weight loss. The ultimate goal is to make you eat less without starvation. Eating less means you get the right calories needed to lose weight.

Is Lemon Coffee Worthwhile?

People are always in search of something to help make a difference. Many alternatives to weight loss are available online and crafted mainly by people because they have access to these things in kitchens, most due to health benefits.

Health professional, Cassetty, said that following and implementing what these viral videos teach is damaging and dangerous. She said they are created by people without qualifications and can lead to profound health implications. If you want to get a shift in your body metabolism, she advises using a professional’s point of view.

Where did the idea come from?

Adding lemons to coffee is a controversial topic. Where did the idea of adding lemon coffee for a better figure come from?

Lemon coffee is not a new idea, though it has recently received wide uproar on social media, especially TikTok with the lemon coffee challenge. The idea was coined during the Algerian resistance in the 1830s.

Due to limited supplies, the French could not cut their coffee with brandy or milk; instead, they used cold water. This way, the coffee supply lasted longer. Throughout the year, they added lemonade to mask the duller flavor of low-quality coffee beans.

How to Prepare Lemon Coffee?

Lemon coffee consists of just a cup of coffee with about half lemon juice and about one spoonful. Most recipes consider it a sweetener since it aids in the taste.

Over time, coffee has been linked to reducing ghrelin levels, the hunger hormone. Sipping the beverage for a more extended period gives you a complete filling throughout the day; thus, you eat less. Lemon coffee is, therefore, the best drink for intermittent fasting. One cup of coffee offers up to 3-5 calories. It is a potent fasting drink.

Too much lemon coffee is not suitable for your health. FDA recommends 4 cups daily. Excessive consumption could lead to anxiety, increased blood pressure, headaches, abdominal pains, or fatigue.

Other than weight loss, lemon coffee is also attributed to other benefits like;

  • Maintaining a healthier skin due to antioxidants present in both coffee and lemon.
  • Relief headaches and acute migraines due to caffeine.
  • Relief’s diarrhea. The mixture is considered a natural remedy for stomach upsets.


To achieve high metabolic results through lemon coffee, you might have to go an extra mile to work out and proper dieting. Take the mixture for at least one hour before going for a workout. Losing fat is not an easy thing. Incorporate all weight loss mechanisms for better performance.

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