What Drink Burns Belly Fat Overnight:16 Drinks You Must Try

A sexy, flat stomach does not come easily. Now that you need to lose that frustrating belly fat and start wearing your favorite drinks make an effort, all of the questions come to mind trying to figure out what drink burns belly fat overnight?

drinks for belly fat

Apart from exercising and doing a good diet, drinks are considered, among others, claimed to help lose abdomen fat. Today’s article will help you understand what to drink to lose belly fat overnight.

What to drink to lose belly fat overnight: 16 Drinks That Helps

  • Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

According to the Ikaria Lean Belly Juice customer reviews, this drink consists of natural ingredients that can help crush belly fat within a few days

  • Cinnamon water

This drink is packed with antimicrobial properties and has other tonnes of benefits. It can keep someone’s insulin levels controlled and boost the metabolism for faster belly fat burning. You can either use cinnamon powder or whole sticks when preparing a recipe.

 Boil one glass of water for minutes; around ten minutes, let the drink cool, add honey, and drink on an empty belly. For best results, have it between meals or before going to bed to burn excess even in sleep.

  • Ginger water

Ginger has two powerful substances, shahaols and zingerone, which lead to faster-burning fat when drank regularly. While consuming this drink, just stick on nutritious, healthy diet and consistent workout for effective results. To prepare, just grate or chop an inch size of ginger into fresh water and boil. Drink in the morning and don’t add any sugary drink or sugar itself.

  • Warm water with honey and lime

Lemon has antioxidant properties effective for fat burning. This mixture will give you a full glass of pectin fibers and antioxidants which will help burn fat and flush out toxins in the body. Make it your easy morning drink on an empty stomach.

  • Turmeric milk

This is a delicious yet soothing drink proven to aid burn excess abdominal fat even at sleep. Turmeric is loaded with curcumin ingredients, which help promote metabolism and faster overall weight loss. The anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric can also improve your sleep quality, and this is also essential for efficient fat burning. You need to grate turmeric, add two spoons of honey, and healthy yogurt.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This drink is effective to burn fat within the shortest time possible. This drink has acetic acid, and this component helps your body to break down the stored fat cells, using them for energy. The drink can also control blood sugar levels and improve digestion as a bonus. Just take one soon of this solution and put in a glass of water the drink.

Grape juice

Grapes are highly packed with antioxidants, which can faster help promote fat burning and boost metabolism. The grapes drink is as well as good source of potassium, fibre and vitamin C, and this are all essential for melting excess body fat. Just make pure grape juice

  • Celery juice

This juice is great for belly fat burning. Celery is low in calories, and they contain essential nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, which aid in fat burning. Drinking celery juice before the bedtime may aid reduce water retention and bloating to avoid fat storage.

  • Kefir

This is a fermented milk solution, which is high in probiotics, a beneficial bacterial effective to aid support gut and reduce excess belly fat. Further, Kefir is proved to promote overall weight loss via boosting the metabolism. Overall, its powerful properties make this drink great for people looking to burn fat.[ Also read: Detox Juice For Flat Stomach That Works]

  • Protein shake

This shake will aid you to build your muscles. In this case, the more muscle mass you have in the body, the more calories to burn. Have a Greek yoghurt protein shake before bed time for maximum effect.

  • Oolong Tea

This is a Chinese green tea, which has been fermented. The tea is loaded with thermogenic effects that help your body to melt more calories, especially in the waistline.

  • Chamomile Tea

There are researchers that have proved that this tea can aid in fat burning and glucose control. Sip a cup of hot to warm chamomile tea to shed the unwanted belly fat before bedtime. The tea is also effective for relaxing your nerves and improving your sleep.

  • Soaked fenugreek water

 In most cases, this water is used to regulate the blood sugar rates. However, you can also use this drink before bedtime to help in melting the belly fat and healing you from frequent digestive issues.[Read: The Side Effects Of Ikaria Lean Belly]

  • Jeera water

Jeera packs have detoxifying properties, low in calories, and regulate the blood sugar in the body, which is common to fat storage. More importantly, this drink can lead to improved metabolism and reduce the bad cholesterol.

 Besides, with these qualities, you can be sure to burn belly fat faster with a glass of warm to hot jeera water in the morning. And for more effective results, have the drink 3 to 2 times every day after the meals. When making this water, remember to soak the solution overnight, and in the morning, boil it for 15 to 20 minutes before drinking it.

  • Kombucha

This drink is a potent source of fat-burning probiotics, which aid reduce inflammation, support gut bacteria, and overall help to melt excess abdominal fat. This drink combines fruit, black tea, and spices, making it a refreshing taste to drink.

  • Coffee

Coffee is great to burn fat from the stomach fast. Coffee is packed with caffeine which fights excess fat in the body. Therefore, a cup of coffee will accelerate your metabolism to help trim and burn frustrating fat waistlines.

  • Psyllium Husk

This water is high in fiber good for better digestion. This husk is an effective choice if you need to speed up cut down on belly fat and overall weight loss. Just mix this supplement, and you can mix it with water. Overall, Psyllium is a raw fiber from seeds of the Plantago ovate plant.


Knowing what to drink to get rid of belly fat overnight. Belly fat is stubborn fat that lives rent-free in the human body. When you don’t bother about your belly fat, it will continue growing and making you uncomfortable.

By drinking enough water, avoiding sugary drinks & foods, doing exercises can help to lose belly fat;  however, there are ways you should look into to fasten the process and non-other than drinking belly fat melting drinks. I have compiled a list for you; go for drinks this round! A flat tummy is around the corner.

Jennifer Singleton is a registered nutritionist and fitness writer who is passionate about fitness nutrition and accomplishing better health by spending time between the gym and the kitchen. Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree at the Ohio State University. You can learn more on her by By Visiting here. Her LinkedIn Page  Or Follow her on Twitter.
Jennifer Singleton
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