How to Cure Diabetes – 10 Facts That You did not Know

How to Cure Diabetes – with the enormous research in diabetes and the advances on its treatment, it is easy to think that someone must have found a cure for diabetes by now. However, the reality is different, as there is no cure for the disease.

how to cure diabetes

Neither type 1 diabetes nor type 2 diabetes has a cure, although lifestyle changes have the ability to achieve remission in the case of type 2 diabetes. However, there are treatments and simple things that can create a great impact. Here are ten facts about the cure of diabetes that you did not know, take a look.


  1. Can Natural Therapy Cure Diabetes?

How to cure diabetes will not come easy since there is no treatment for it yet . Natural therapies like guided imagery, deep abdominal breathing, biofeedback and progressive muscle relaxation help in the relieving of stress. Unfortunately, such therapies do not have the ability to cure diabetes. Emotional pressure and stress affects the level; of blood sugar, therefore learning how to relax is crucial in managing diabetes.[ Glucofort consumer reviews:How Safe Is This Blood Sugar Formula]

  1. Can Supplements Cure Diabetes?

Unknown to many patients, supplements do not cure diabetes. In fact, some supplements are dangerous to diabetes medications. Some may improve diabetes, although you must consult your doctor before you start any medication. Patients must be skeptical with claims to cure diabetes. Any genuine cure must have been tested many times with absolute success.

  1. Lifestyle Changes and Diabetes

There may be no cure for it, but diabetes can be controlled and get to remission. The question is how to control diabetes. Management of blood sugar levels is a crucial aspect in controlling diabetes. Changes in lifestyles can therefore play an important role in the management of diabetes.[Top 10 Diabetic Food You Can Try]

  1. Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels

Managing your blood sugar levels helps you in keeping them near normal every day. Checking the levels of your glucose frequently. Taking diabetes medicines regularly and balancing the food intake with medicine, stress management, good sleeping habits.[Related: Diabetes Freedom Book Review – How It Works?]

  1. Taking Healthy Snacks

Taking healthy snacks prevents you from snacking empty calories. Healthy snacks prevent you from the risk associated with refined sugar normally found in ordinary snacks. Consider taking arrow roots or sweet potatoes instead of burgers and bread. These healthy snacks will help you avoid diabetes and have a healthy life.

  1. Keeping Up with Medical Appointments

Taking your medical appointments seriously is crucial in the management of diabetes. That means that you should take the people concerned with your condition seriously. That includes the diabetes doctor, ophthalmologist, diabetes educators, podiatrists, dentists, and other health care professionals.[Read: Food To Eat To Lower Blood Sugar Levels]

  1. Can Weight Loss Surgery Cure Diabetes?

After undergoing weight loss surgery, patients with diabetes type 2 get their blood sugar reversed to almost normal. That is known as remission. After weight loss surgery, many people do not need diabetes medicines any longer. The more weight you lose after surgery, the lower your blood sugar goes. However, it is important to note that extra weight can return after surgery, which puts you at the risk of contracting diabetes again.

  1. Can Stem Cells Cure Diabetes?

Stem cells are can offer you hope, but they do little to treat diabetes. Stem Cells are those cells that have potential to develop to other kind of cells. Important to note, scientists have been successful in treating type 1 diabetes using stem cells. However, it must be noted that they do not solve the problem completely.[ What causes Diabetes And How To Control It Safely?]

  1. Can Islet Cell Transplantation Cure Diabetes?

Successful islet cell transplants improve your quality of life when you are suffering from diabetes. The evolving technology is still being researched. The islet cells are able sense the levels of blood sugar and produce insulin. These cells are donated by a donor. After successful transplant, donor cells produce and release insulin as a response to your blood sugar levels.

The procedure provides more flexibility when you plan your meals and you will be protected from long term illnesses such as stroke, eye damages, kidney diseases and heart diseases. Those receiving transplants should take medicines all their life to ensure that their bodies do not reject the donor’s cells.[Natural Remedies That May Help Low Blood Sugar]

  1. Can Pancreas Transplants Cure Diabetes?

Pancreas transplants work well with people suffering from type 1 diabetes. The transplant is popular with persons with end stage kidney disease. Pancreatic transplants helps in the restoration of blood sugar level. Similar to other transplants, patients are supposed to take medicines all their life to ensure that their bodies accept the new pancreas.

Facts About Diabetes:

    • A third of the people suffering from diabetes are not aware that they are suffering from the disease.
    • Type 2 diabetes does not present any symptoms.
    • Only around 5 percent of persons with diabetes suffer from diabetes type 1.
    • Should you be at risk, you can prevent type 2 diabetes with some moderate weight loss and some physical activities daily.
    • The meal plans taken by persons with diabetes is not very different from that taken by people without diabetes.
    • Diabetes is the main cause of blindness in many working adults.
    • People with diabetes are two times more likely to suffer from heart diseases than those without the disease.
    • Effective control of diabetes minimizes the risk of developing complications.
    • In obese people, bariatric surgery reduces the symptoms of diabetes.
    • The costs associated with diabetes annually stand at around $180 billion, $120 billion being costs associated with direct medical expenses.

How to Cure Diabetes naturally – Natural Remedies

How to cure diabetes will not be easy. Diabetes is a condition that we do not choose to be in. In fact, many of those suffering from diabetes inherited the same from their parents. However, this condition is manageable, something that makes patients to live a normal life. All you need is the correct information regarding the condition, and you will live a happy life.

There are many stereotypes about the cure of diabetes. There exist many people who claim to have the ability to cure diabetes in a few days. However, you must be careful with such people, because they will either steal your money or give you drugs that will make your condition worse. Always ensure that you get assistance from qualified health practitioners.

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