Does Skateboarding Help You Lose Weight?

Skateboarding has long been a popular recreational activity and form of self-expression for individuals of all ages. But as with any physical activity, skateboarding also provides health benefits that go beyond simply having fun. On the surface, it would seem that skateboarding’s active nature and requirement of physical movement would translate into weight loss benefits. 

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But for many casual skateboarders, the activity may remain more a hobby than a workout. And for serious skateboarders performing tricks, periods of stillness between maneuvers are common. So, does skateboarding help you lose weight?

Can You Lose Weight Skateboarding? 

Depending on your weight and the intensity of your skateboarding, you can burn 300 to 450 calories per hour. Skateboarding, even 30 minutes a day to and from work or school, can help burn excess calories and lose weight over time.

Skateboarding is an aerobic activity that involves both your upper and lower body. As you ride your board and perform tricks, you engage multiple muscle groups and keep your heart rate elevated for an extended period. This helps burn calories and improves your cardiovascular fitness. 

Skateboarding develops agility, balance, and coordination. You train your body to move and react quickly as you learn new tricks and navigate different terrains. This improves your neuromuscular system and proprioception, which in turn helps regulate your weight. 

The better balanced and coordinated you are, the easier it is for your body to maintain a healthy weight. Skateboarding also develops your core muscles which play an important role in metabolism and natural waistline trimming. Also read: Can You Lose A Lot Of Weight By Cycling?

Skateboarding gets you moving. Even if you’re just cruising around on flat ground, you’re still standing and engaging your leg muscles for an extended duration. 

That can burn 50 to 100 calories every 15 to 30 minutes you skate. Over time, those “extra” calories can lead to weight loss. More challenging terrain, higher speeds, and trick maneuvers will considerably boost the calories you burn while skateboarding.

However, there are important nuances to consider when examining whether and to what extent skateboarding can promote weight loss. Factors like the intensity and duration of skate sessions, the type of skateboarding performed, and an individual’s diet and other lifestyle habits all influence how much skateboarding may contribute to fat loss and a healthy weight.

Additionally, the health benefits of skateboarding extend beyond weight loss. It improves mood, focus, and sleep quality and strengthens bones and joints.

These factors positively impact your weight by influencing your energy levels, appetite, and nutrient absorption. A healthy body and mind make weight loss and maintenance much more achievable. Read here : How Everyday walking Impact Weight Loss?

If weight loss is your primary goal, skateboarding should be combined with a nutritious diet focusing on lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Keeping hydrated during and after skate sessions also boosts weight loss and recovery. Integrating other forms of exercise into your routine, in addition to skateboarding, can accelerate the results.

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an enjoyable form of physical activity that you can use to lose weight. It offers a potential avenue for burning calories and boosting cardiorespiratory fitness in a fun, engaging manner. However, you want to do it right. Here are the best ways to lose weight while skateboarding:

  • Focus on Intense Sessions

Aim for short but high-intensity sessions rather than long, casual rides when trying to lose weight through skateboarding. Short bursts of intense activity are more effective at burning calories and fat. 

Try to skateboard thrice weekly for 10 to 20 minutes, pushing yourself hard the entire time. Go all out from the very start and keep your heart rate elevated. This intense style of skateboarding will optimize calorie burn. 

Your body burns calories during and after exercise as it recovers from the intensity. Even short, intense sessions can boost your metabolism for hours after. Sprint, perform difficult tricks, ride on hills, and always go fast to keep your sessions effective for weight loss. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  

  • Push Through Fatigue

To maximize calorie burn and fitness gains while skateboarding for weight loss, prolong your high exertion past the initial point of fatigue. Force your body to keep performing at a high level, even after feeling tired. 

Listen to your body and stop when needed, but push through the discomfort for as long as possible. Staying intense for just a few minutes more can significantly increase calorie expenditure. 

Your body is burning the most calories during the period when you’re really pushing yourself. Focus on the burn and fatigue as a sign you’re having an effective workout. Your body will adapt over time to better handle the intensity.

  • Seek Hills and Incline

 When trying to lose weight through skateboarding, terrain with hills, banks and ramps will offer the highest calorie burn. Skating up an incline requires more effort and utilizes more muscle groups compared to flat ground. 

Look for hills and banks to ride up and down in your area. Even small inclines can make a difference. Ramps allow you to pump and generate speed without pushing, saving energy you can instead spend on performing tricks. 

The impact of landing tricks off inclines also burns extra calories. Utilize any terrain with an incline when skateboarding for weight loss to maximize your sessions’ challenge and calorie expenditure.

  • Perform More Challenging Tricks

As you progress to more advanced and complex tricks while skateboarding, you utilize more muscle groups and expend more energy, resulting in higher calorie burn and a more effective workout. Even repeatedly attempting a difficult trick strengthens your core and leg muscles while increasing your heart rate. 

Landing the trick provides an additional calorie burn from the force and momentum involved. The more tricks you can perform in a session, the greater the total calorie expenditure. Focus your practice on continually progressing to harder tricks that challenge your balance, strength and coordination.

Keep repeating newly learned tricks till they become fluent movements in your repertoire. Over time, your fitness will improve, and you’ll be able to include more challenging tricks in each skate session, boosting the workout they provide.  

  • Pair with Strength Training

Incorporate strength training exercises focused on your lower body into your routine twice to thrice weekly. This maximizes fat loss from skateboarding. Weight lifting and resistance work to build muscle mass, increasing your metabolic rate even at rest and burning more calories day and night. 

Specifically, train your legs, glutes and core with squats, lunges, leg presses, and planks. This additional muscle and strength improves your ability to perform tricks and land jumps while skateboarding, reducing the likelihood of injuries. 

Plus, a well-trained lower body can better handle the impact forces involved in skateboarding. On your off days from skateboarding, hit the weights to build muscle, support your skating and boost your metabolic rate for improved weight loss results.

  • Limit Snacking During Sessions

To get the most benefit from skateboarding for weight loss, avoiding eating or snacking during your skate sessions is important. Consuming extra calories while exercising means those calories are not coming from your fat stores, reducing the workout’s effectiveness for losing weight. 

When you eat during exercise, much of what you consume goes towards fueling your physical activity instead of being stored as fat. So your body may not actually end up burning as many calories as it would have if you exercised in a fasted state. 

Staying hydrated with water during and after skateboarding is still important, though. Drinking water helps support performance, regulate body temperature and remove waste products from circulation. But avoid high-calorie beverages like sports drinks and fruit juices while skating. 

Opt for water only to maximize your fat-burning potential during workouts. When you’re finished skateboarding for the day, eat a wholesome, balanced meal that supports muscle recovery and replenishes glycogen stores to prepare your body for the next workout.

  • Focus on a Healthy Diet

Though skateboarding can burn calories and help you lose weight, a nutritious, calorie-controlled diet provides the foundation for any successful weight loss plan [1]. Skateboarding alone is unlikely to overcome a poor diet of processed, high-calorie foods. 

To optimize the benefits of skateboarding for weight loss, pair your skate sessions with a whole-food diet rich in lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Limit added sugars, saturated fats and ultra-processed foods as much as possible. 

Aim for a moderate caloric deficit of 500 calories per day below your maintenance level through dietary changes and increased activity like skateboarding. Monitor your portions carefully using measuring cups and a food scale if needed. 

Stay motivated by focusing on the long-term health benefits of a nutrient-dense diet in addition to weight loss – things like stabilizing blood sugar, reducing inflammation and supporting your immune system. A healthy diet forms the foundation for maintaining a healthy weight even after you achieve your goal.

How Long Should I Skateboard to Lose Weight?

The amount of time you need to skateboard each day or week to lose weight depends on your calorie needs, intensity of skateboarding, and weight loss goals. For most people, skateboarding at least 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes per session is a good starting point. The key is consistently challenging yourself and pushing your limits in each session to boost calorie burn.

Aiming for 30-60 minutes of skateboarding 3-5 times per week can lead to a healthy, sustainable weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week for most individuals. Shorter, more intense sessions are usually more effective for burning calories and fat than long, leisurely rides. The intensity and calorie expenditure during a 20-minute intense skateboarding session may exceed a 40-minute casual session.


Intense skateboarding multiple times weekly paired with a healthy diet can lead to sustainable weight loss for many. Prioritizing short, high-intensity sessions, tricks, and inclines optimizes benefits. However, a moderate calorie-deficit diet through nutrition remains key for lasting results, with skateboarding as an enjoyable complement to a healthy lifestyle. With consistency, skateboarding provides enjoyment while seeking to lose weight.

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