Does Liquid IV Help You Lose Weight? Things you Need To Know

Drinking enough water is essential for health and weight loss. Electrolyte drinks claim to provide faster and more efficient hydration, boosting your metabolism and energy levels. 

liquid iv weight loss benefits

Liquid IV is a popular electrolyte drink mix that uses a novel formula called Cellular Transport Technology to quickly deliver water and nutrients to your cells. And while it’s not purposely designed to help with weight loss, many wonder if it can work to shed some pounds after taking it. 

Does Liquid IV help you lose weight? Yes, but indirectly. Continue reading to know how Liquid IV can potentially help you lose weight. 

What is Liquid IV?

Liquid IV is an electrolyte drink mix brand that produces powered electrolyte drinks to improve hydration. The company was founded in 2012 with the vision of creating innovative products to help people stay hydrated.

Liquid IV produces a variety of electrolyte drink mixes that utilize what the company calls Cellular Transport Technology. This proprietary formula contains electrolytes, glucose, and other nutrients that Liquid IV claims can hydrate the body faster and more efficiently than water alone.

The main product is the Hydration Multiplier which comes in multiple flavors. It contains electrolytes like potassium and sodium to enhance hydration while tasting like a flavored drink.

Liquid IV also offers products to improve sleep, boost energy levels, and support immunity. Their Sleep Multiplier contains melatonin and valerian root extract to help promote better sleep. The Energy Multiplier incorporates matcha tea and other energizing ingredients. And their Immune Support drink mix has higher levels of vitamins A, C, and zinc to potentially aid the immune system.

How Does Liquid IV Make You Lose Weight? 

Most of those using Liquid IV say it can boost energy and improve sleep. Others say it helps with hunger pains. What is unclear is whether Liquid IV can make you lose weight.

While all the benefits point out it can, Liquid IV does not directly burn calories. You can’t drink Liquid IV and expect to lose weight. While some Liquid IV products contain caffeine and claim to boost energy levels, they will not burn calories on their own. Also read: Weight Loss After Gastric by Pass: How Much Can You Really Lose?

For Liquid IV to potentially lead to calorie burning, you still need a properly designed weight loss regime and stick to it. 

The product is more of a weight loss support – it will help boost some factors that improve your weight loss, such as hydration and sleep. Here are the different ways Liquid IV will help you lose weight:

  • Hydration for Boosted Metabolism and Hunger Control

Staying properly hydrated is key to supporting weight loss goals. Not drinking enough water can slow your metabolism and trigger unnecessary hunger cravings. 

Liquid IV claims its products hydrate the body 2x faster than water alone. This means you need to drink less volume to stay hydrated, leaving less room for unwanted calories from sugary drinks and snacks.

Being slightly dehydrated can lower your metabolic rate by as much as 3%. When hydrated, your metabolism speeds up, which converts more calories into energy and less into fat storage. 

Additionally, drinking water before meals can fill your stomach and leave less room for higher-calorie foods. This can help with portion control and calorie intake. Staying hydrated may also dampen the hormone ghrelin that triggers hunger, curbing unnecessary cravings.

  • Electrolytes for Reduced Water Retention

Maintaining proper electrolyte balance through sodium and potassium replenishment is important for staying hydrated. It also helps regulate fluids in and out of cells to prevent excess water retention that can lead to bloating and temporary water weight gain.

Liquid IV contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium to replenish what is lost through sweat and urine. This can help minimize water retention issues that counter weight loss progress on the scale. 

When combined with a calorie deficit from diet and exercise, electrolyte replacement may support more sustainable weight loss by showing decreases in body fat versus water weight. Read: Does Cryotherapy Work For Weight Loss?

  • Energy to Support an Exercise Routine

Some Liquid IV products contain caffeine and other energizing ingredients to boost mental clarity and physical energy levels. Enough energy is crucial for sticking to an exercise regimen, which is important in sustainable weight loss.

Not having the stamina to work out can derail diet plans and progress. Some Liquid IV flavors contain caffeine and other natural stimulants like ginger and matcha tea to provide a boost. 

Extra energy may make it easier to get in cardiovascular exercise, strength training, or other physical activity needed to burn calories and build muscle mass. The more active you are, the more calories you’ll burn daily, supporting weight loss.

  • Quality Sleep to Regulate Appetite and Metabolism

The Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier contains melatonin meant to promote better quality sleep. Sleeping enough each night is linked to regulating appetite hormones and metabolism. Studies show poor sleep and short sleep duration are associated with increased body weight and obesity risk.

Proper sleep allows the body to produce leptin, a hormone that signals fullness, and reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormone. This balance of hormones helps control feelings of hunger and cravings. 

Meanwhile, metabolism slows down without enough sleep. So improving sleep duration and quality through products like Liquid IV Sleep could support appetite regulation and a faster metabolic rate – both factors that aid in weight loss.

  • Reduced Feelings of Hunger

Liquid IV claims its hydration technology can curb hunger pangs better than water alone. Being properly hydrated is linked to decreasing unnecessary hunger cues between meals. When thirst is mistaken for hunger, overeating is more likely.

However, some Liquid IV flavors contain relatively high amounts of sugar, which could negate the benefits of reduced hunger. The electrolytes and hydration from Liquid IV may briefly dampen appetite. 

But the sugar and few calories from the drink could ultimately stimulate more hunger. Combining Liquid IV with a low-calorie, high-hydration diet would be key to actually experiencing reduced hunger and appetite.

Is It Okay to Drink Liquid IV Every Day for Weight Loss?

While Liquid IV can potentially support weight loss goals through better hydration, electrolyte replenishment, and possibly boosted energy or sleep, drinking it every day may not be necessary or advised for most people. 

First, many individuals can meet their daily hydration needs through water alone. Electrolyte deficiencies leading to significant imbalances are not common for the general population. So for everyday hydration, water is sufficient and cheaper. 

Drinking Liquid IV daily could also lead to excess sugar and sodium intake, which is not ideal. Most Liquid IV flavors contain between 4 to 11 grams of sugar and 300 to 500 mg of sodium per stick. Over time, consuming this added sugar and salt daily can become unhealthy.

Additionally, the high upfront cost of Liquid IV makes it prohibitively expensive to drink one stick per day. Subscriptions and bundles can lower the per-stick price slightly, but Liquid IV remains significantly more costly than drinking water. 

So, it would be best to use Liquid IV when you’re dehydrated, electrolyte-depleted, or experiencing low energy or sleep issues. These factors could potentially benefit weight loss efforts if managed properly. But everyday consumption of Liquid IV is generally not recommended.


Does Liquid IV help you lose weight? While Liquid IV claims its products can support weight loss goals through better hydration, electrolyte replenishment, and boosted energy or sleep, the drink mix does not directly burn calories or cause weight loss. Liquid IV, at best, acts as a weight loss supplement by helping optimize some factors involved in effective dieting and exercise regimes. Drinking Liquid IV daily is likely unnecessary and could become expensive over time.

Saving Liquid IV for occasions when extra hydration, electrolytes, or energy/sleep support is actually needed is a more sustainable approach to potentially integrating Liquid IV into a weight loss plan. However, a healthy diet and regular exercise will remain the most important factors for achieving and maintaining lower body weight.

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