SonoVive Reviews 2023 Warning From Customers Reported-Is It A Scam?

Sonovive Reviews From Customers: Can This Supplement Help With Hearing Problems Or Not Worth It? What Are The Pros And The Cons? Are The Ingredients Safe?

Sonovive independent Reviews

Overall Rating 4.7

  • Quality 5/5
  • Online Reputation 4.8/5
  • Price & Discount 4.6/5
  • Scientific Research 4.7/5
  • Effectiveness 4.8/5


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No dangerous Stimulants
  • Made In The United States At IN FDA Approved And GMP Certified facility
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Health Benefits

  • SonoVive helped achieve better cognitive performance.
  • It has also helped with hearing problems such as Tinnitus.
  • Sonovive helps support natural brain function.

About Sonovive

  • Made in the United States
  • FDA Approved Facilities
  • No Side Effects have been reported so far
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Only available via the official website

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Sonovive Reviews

SonoVive is a natural hearing aid formula designed to improve and restore hearing and ear health. The formula works for people across all age groups. 

The difference between the SonoVive hearing aid and other hearing aids is that this one uses dietary supplements. The product is made from natural herbal extracts. The founder, Sam Olsen, 65, was inspired by plants from a tender age. In forming SonoVive, he magnified the impact of plants like Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Wort, Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A, and others whose properties promoted brain health.

If you are looking for a hearing formula, It may be time to check the SonoVive customer reviews. It is an accredited and reputable formula for hearing loss. It has a significant impact on the functioning of the brain and on dealing with the issues affecting the nervous system. 

Sonovive Consumer reports Critical Information

Product NameSonoVive
TypeHearing aid supplement
IngredientsBacopa Monnieri Extract
L-Glutamine Click Here For All The Ingredients
DosageOne Capsule Daily
Price $69.00 Check Discounted Price Here
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Official WebsiteClick Here
Return Policy60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Order SupportCall Toll-Free: 1-800-390-6035

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What is SonoVive Supplement?

SonoVive is a dietary supplement designed to improve and restore hearing conditions in people of all ages. The product is only available for purchase from the official website only. They control the manufacturing and retail functionalities. 

Pros and Cons


  • Product made by a renowned expert in the hearing and health industry. Sam Olsen is a legend in the medical industry and has a wealth of experience in hearing issues. You can consume SonoVive products safely and enjoy a natural product with no side effects. It is a chemical-free product. 
  • SonoVive price is not as exaggerated as other hearing aids. The product may help you get a permanent cure for your hearing problem while you enjoy an impressive pocket-friendly cost. 
  • SonoVive product has received authorization from an FDA-approved facility. The product works under strict and precise GMP standards, allowing you to enjoy the best production facility. 
  • Though you need to use SonoVive for up to six months, there are no elements that can lead to addiction. SonoVive allows consumers to feel relaxed and increases their energy level every time they use it. 
  • Besides hearing, SonoVive has other benefits you can take advantage of, enhancing the brain’s cognitive functioning. 
  • SonoVive has no side effects. The ingredients are well-studied to provide adequate hearing treatment to help you gain better brain health. 


  • It may take time before showing results.
  • The presence of fake SonoVive products makes it hard for new customers unaware of where to buy the product.
  • Recommended for adult use only
  • It may be best to check with your physician for a severe condition.

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Who created Sonovive?

Sam Olsen created the SonoVive formula. He made it from plant extracts and picked those able to treat tinnitus. Sam is a retired medical chemist with more than 40 years of experience working in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. [Cortexi For Tinnitus: A Scam Or Legit Supplement?]

Sam used his vast knowledge to design this product, gaining deep inspiration from his love for plants. Some of the most popular plant extracts he sought include Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Wort, Bacopa Monnieri, amino acids like L-glutamine, and quotes like vinpocetine, among other ingredients like Huperzine-A.

 These elements are well sought after; they together form a vital component of the auditory system and affect human cognitive growth. 

The 65-year-old physician has a production plant in Aurora, Colorado. The benefit of using SonoVive instead of these dangerous hearing aids and pills, surgeries, and supplements is that it has no side effects whatsoever. The product focuses on the root cause of the hearing problem. In a few weeks, you will have healthy hearing and improved and healthy brain functioning. 

How Effective Is SonoVive For Hearing Health?

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sonovive consumer reviews

SonoVive is a groundbreaking formula with 100% natural ingredients. The plant extracts supply the proper nutrients to the body; in particular, they provide the proper nutrients which the ear needs for optimal performance. There are nutrients that your ear requires for protection from any external diseases. It makes the inner part of the ear healthier and boosts its hearing capacity. 

On the other hand, SonoVive enhances your neural receptors and makes the brain permanently better. It has properties known to build the connection between your brain and ears. 

This increases your memory and improves the health of your inner ear. Once the ingredients are added to make this product, the results are an excellent hearing product, which helps patients regardless of age and health. 

The manufacturer added a nootropic substance used in ancient medicine in China and India to increase its effectiveness. 

How Does SonoVive Work?

SonoVive uses natural ingredients to provide essential nutrients that the body needs for a healthy ear. The ingredients work hand in hand to protect your ears from ailments and supply the ears with all relevant and required nutrients. The aim is to boost the health and capacity of your hearing and how the inner ear operates. 

Resources used through the formula are significant in protecting the ear from any disease. It provides excellent results by covering any germs and external support. The produced mixture is an exciting and fantastic hearing aid that helps players with hearing loss and provides better health. The beauty of SonoVive is that the ingredients are 100% practical. 

Herbal extracts are traditional Chinese medicine that addresses the problem in the safest and most reliable ways. 

SonoVive Ingredients

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sonovive ingredients

There are up to eight active ingredients which support brain health. They also have other significant effects on the body and have impeccable benefits.

John’s wort. 

Traditional medical practitioners have used this herb for centuries. It was popular in Chinese and Indian medicine and used in treating general ailments. There is less research to link St. John’s wort to hearing problems; however, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties which boost the body and, more so, the ear. Patients with healing problems are prone to inflammations in the ear.   

  • L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is a popular amino acid used by Sam in the production of the popular hearing aid. Every SonoVive capsule contains 150mg of L-glutamine. L-glutamine is responsible for working in the complex body process and leads to formation. It is also known for muscle formation and the production of transmitters.

The brain works hand in hand with amino acids since, without them, the brain cannot send signals; when amino acids function well, the brain can communicate seamlessly with the rest of the body. A regular dose of SonoVive is a good serving of L-glutamine, which helps with other nootropic supplements. 

  • Phosphatidylserine

Every nootropic sold today contains Phosphatidylserine. This component is a natural compound associated with memory, focus, and general cognition. There are more and more studies backing this research, and all point out its ability to affect brain health and awareness. 

  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract

SonoVive also uses Bacopa Monnieri Extract, a product backed by research done over a long time in traditional medicine. Researchers have tested the impact of Bacopa Monnieri Extract on brain health and have supported cognition and memory differently. Through the presence of components from Bacopa Monnieri Extract, the human brain can better interpret signals from the ears. 


  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine 

Another essential ingredient used is N-Acetyl L-Carnitine. As we mentioned, two amino acids are contained in SonoVive, which are critical in producing neurotransmitters. They are N-Acetyl, L-Carnitine, and L-glutamine. 

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine has a similar function to that of L-glutamine. It is the main building block for all neurotransmitters and proteins. Its presence in the capsule means your brain health is in check. 

It helps trigger a healthy brain if you are deficient in neurotransmitters. It supports the brain’s cognition function and boosts overall brain health. Though N-Acetyl L-Carnitine has no direct impact on the ear, as long as it increases the brain’s cognitive function, healthy hearing will be an achievement at the end of the day. 

  • Vinpocetine

Every SonoVive serving contains at least 2mg of vinpocetine. This may sound small, but it is all you need to spice up nootropic supplements. Many studies across the internet use the exact dosage of vinpocetine for better functionality. It is the best way to boost memory, cognition, and general brain health. 


  • Huperzine A. 

SonoVive contains eight ingredients. In the 8th place, we have Huperzine A. Many studies have given reference to Huperzine A for supporting cognition, focus, and general brain health. It boosts the brain’s ability to interpret hearing signals and offers fast interpretations. It is also associated with a memory boost.

Should your physician or ENT doctor conclude your hearing issue is a matter of the brain, Huperzine A is the element you need. There is just enough measurement of Huperzine A in every SonoVive serving. 

Where to Buy SonoVive Hearing and Cognition Supplement?

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There is only one place to get SonoVive hearing and cognition supplements—the official website. Please advise any other SonoVive you may encounter anywhere that is fake. There are no intermediaries who are allowed to sell the SonoVive formula. The company only sells to patients. The maximum number of bottles you can buy at a time is six bottles. 

Prices Information

SonoVive sells at much-discounted prices. By selling directly to consumers, the company can cut unnecessary costs in distribution, eliminate all intermediary charges, and forward all these benefits to customers. 

● One bottle of SonoVive will take you for about 30 days. They sell at $69. To buy less per bottle, you need to buy higher packages.

● They also sell a three-bottle package for $59 per bottle, a total of $177, with free shipping across the US. Should you buy this package, you will save $120. 

● The last and cheapest per bottle is a 6-bottle package, which they sell at $294, down from $594 on standard sale. You save $300 when you choose this package. 

Does SonoVive Work For Hearing Problems?

To understand whether SonoVive will impact your hearing, let us look at how the human hearing mechanism works. At first, sound waves create vibrations in the eardrum, causing vibrations in the stape bones in the middle part of the ear. 

Within the cochlea capture, there are tiny hairs that understand and interpret these vibrations, and they become electrical signals. Different sounds produce various sound intensities. Lastly, the auditory nerve transports electrical signals to the brain and analyzes the sound signals. 

Hearing is a complicated process requiring the brain to be properly able to continue effectively. However, the long process takes a split second.

Sam Olsen may not have loads of references for his product. He is yet to complete a clinical trial on the formula. Nonetheless, he published several references to studies made on ingredients. 

The same ingredients used by Sam are proven to have a significant impact on hearing aid. 

For Ginkgo Biloba, for instance, Sam uses a study published in 2018. Scientists examined this product’s effects and realized it affects neural transmission and enhances connectivity. The leaf extract of this plant could help in cognitive development in various ways. 

Sam also cites a study made in 2001 by St. John wort. After thorough and close scrutiny, the researchers realized that there are elements that could moderate depression. The ingredient can inhibit GABA, dopamine, and the feel-good hormone. Late after 15 years, another research firm did similar research and realized that St. John’s wort could help with major depressive disorders. Hearing problems may not be mental but mental awakeners are very important. 

There are two main ingredients used in SonoVive. They include two amino acids, L-glutamine. These amino acids have a significant role in the analysis of neurotransmissions. 

Separate studies have concluded that the amino acids may have a substantial impact in restoring hearing loss and help maintain unimproved healthy hearing. 

SonoVive Customer Reviews: What Do Actual Users Say?

Sonovive customer reviews show most users love using these supplements. Most people have achieved their desired hearing levels and shared positive feedback online. We have not come across any side effects from customers. 

Most customers recommend their friends and family to use this product. The only complaint we received online is for customers saying the product takes time; nonetheless, it treats your hearing impairment. 

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Can SonoVive Help Hearing Loss?

SonoVive is made of natural ingredients which have passed clinical trials proving they significantly impact the development of hearing and solid cognitive function. It is one of the market’s safest and most reliable hearing aids. You can also click here to read Sonofit independent reviews, a new trending supplement for tinnitus

SonoVive founder made a collection of nootropic substances using traditional Chinese herbs like Ginkgo Biloba and other herbs used by traditionalists, which were believed to impact cognitive performance. 

After years of research and a wealth of experience in his line of work, Sam Olsen, the founder, solved and built the most efficient hearing aid with brain-boosting ingredients. The product helps boost any poor cognitive functionality of the brain while helping address any hearing issues. 

Health Benefits of SonoVive

  • SonoVive has helped many people achieve better cognitive performance. It has also helped many people with hearing problems. Look at the health benefits it offers.
  • SonoVive is entirely made from natural ingredients and has no known side effects. 
  • SonoVive helps develop healthy hearing functionality after using the product for at least two months without fail.
  • SonoVive ingredients are essential nutrients the body requires for normal functioning; therefore, they deliver nutrients that the body desires. 
  • SonoVive does not just deal with hearing problems but eliminates the root cause.
  • You will have a developed cognitive function within a few days of using SonoVive consistently. 
  • SonoVive enhances better health and increases general happiness. 
  • With this supplement, you will have better brain health. It improves the normal function of the brain. 
  • ● SonoVive affects tinnitus hearing naturally. 
  • There is a decreased level of brain disorders when you take SonoVive consistently.

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Sonovive Reviews- Features

Natural Ingredients. SonoVive is made of natural compounds filtered from natural herbs grown naturally to their full maturity. It is made of ingredients that do not undergo any chemical treatment. 

Safe for Use. SonoVive is not a processed product; it is also not a rug under prescription. Even if you are healthy, SonoVive will enhance your brain's growth and help it function better. 

They are made in the USA. SonoVive is manufactured in state-of-the-art laboratories after years of research in the USA. The facilities are FDA-approved and follow GMP-certified guidelines to ensure safe products. 

Efficacy. SonoVive does not give the actual quantities used on all ingredients, but the company follows the proper health standards on daily servings. It preserves potent properties to aid in hearing issues. 

Sonovive reviews from consumers online have been mainly positive so far. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

Dosage and When Should It Be Consumed

In every capsule of SonoVive, you will get the following; 

● 250mg of St. John's wort

● 150mg of L-glutamine

● 125mg of phosphatidylserine (4% concentration)

● 120mg of bacopa monnieri leaf extract

● 50mg of ginkgo biloba leaf

● 50mg of N-acetyl L-carnitine hydrochloride

● 2mg of vinpocetine

● 10mcg of Huperzine A

One capsule daily is the correct dosage, 10 to 15 minutes before a meal and, preferably, during the evening meal. In addition, it should take around 9 to 12 weeks before showing results. Some people may start healing faster. Three-bottle package for three month at least would be the best package, to begin with. 

Sonovive Customer Reviews FAQ

Does SonoVive work for Hearing Loss and tinnitus?

SonoVive is a very effective treatment for tinnitus and any hearing conditions. 

SonoVive fraud: Is it a fraud or legit?

SonoVive is a 100% legit product. It is made of natural ingredients and has FDA approval. The manufacturing plant works through stringent guidelines of GMP, proving that it is a safe product. Many online testimonials of clients who have fully recovered after using SonoVive. 

Is SonoVive safe?

SonoVive is entirely safe and uses all-natural ingredients that help promote brain health. There are no known side effects of this product in the first place. It is safe to use without a doctor's prescription. 

What are the side effects of SonoVive?

SonoVive uses natural ingredients that make it impossible to see any side effects. The product will help boost your general health even if you are not suffering from any hearing disorders. 

How long would it take to receive the product after it ships?

Once you complete and pay for your order, the company will handle the logistics, and if you are within the US, you should get your natural hearing aid within 5-7 business days. If outside the US, you will get your product within 10 -15 days. 

Can I get a refund for SonoVive? 

The manufacturer is confident that the product will work. In this regard, there is a 60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Notify the company once you do not like the results, and there will be free shipping and handling of returns. 

What is the return policy?

If the product does not meet your desired value, contact the manufacturer within 60 days of purchase. Even if you have used up one bottle, you will still get your money back.

Sonovive Reviews-Final Words

SonoVive is worth every penny. The customer reviews on Sonovive prove it is among the best; if you have problems with your hearing system, buying SonoVive will not cause you any loss. A small natural pill full of natural dietary components directly impacts your brain.

The product has a significant impact on all users regardless of age difference. It sells at high discounts. When you buy the six-bottle package, you save up to $300. This is the best product for your brain health and hearing aid.  

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