VigRX Plus Reviews 2022 Shocking New Report: Can This really Help?

VigRx reviews

VigRX Plus Reviews From customers Updated 2022: Can This Help Men Experience Bigger And Harder erection? Are There Any Serious Side Effects? In Depth report From The Latest Consumer Report.

vgrx plus reviews

Overall Rating 4.6

  • Quality 4.7/5
  • Online Reputation 4.7/5
  • Price & Discount 4.4/5
  • Scientific Research 4.8/5
  • Effectiveness 4.7/5

About VigRX

  • Creating by Leading Edge, a Canadian Company
  • 67-day 100% Money Back
  • High-quality ingredients
  • GMP compliant

Health Benefits

  • VigRX help with erectile dysfunction
  • Help increase libido.
  • Facilitating blood flow
  • VigRX may help boost energy levels.
  • Decrease Cholesterol in the Body
  • Improving Cardiac Health
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Sleep Patterns

Main Ingredients

  • Muira Pauma Extract
  • Bioperine
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Saw Palmetto

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What Is VigRX Plus?

Vigrx plus reviews - VigRX Plus is a sought-after herbal and organic solution for men's penile issues and offers them more potency for an enviable prowess in bed. This formula is all-natural, fortified with potent aphrodisiacs, and has no side effects. The manufacturer assures improved sexual stamina and harder erections, to the delight of every man who uses this pill.

Men have felt less confident in bed and hardly satisfied their partners for long. However, there seemingly is no lack of viable solutions to help struggling men restore their confidence. Several studies have ratified this pill's potency and have approved that it works for men with nagging male virility problems.

The supplement contains a rich blend of natural and organic ingredients, making it a healthy alternative to other synthetic and chemical-laden formulas.

The manufacturer affirms that they strategically use every ingredient after carefully researching their healing impact on most men's issues. This supplement is available without a prescription, and the manufacturer assures that it heals a vast array of issues to make it your kryptonite.

Most of the problems this supplement resolves include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and bolstered sexual stamina. Besides, this pill helps dial up men's libido to epic proportions, improve blood flow, minimize fatigue and offer better sleep.

The ingredients included in this supplement support all manufacturer's claims that VigRX Plus work. Therefore, it's a seemingly trustable pill that walks its talk and can offer much-needed relief for most men's adversities. This review article provides insight into VigRX Plus, whether or not you should trust it and how much you should expect it to work.

VigRX Plus Reviews Pros And cons

  • Quick and more efficient results – according to numerous VigRX Plus reviews and updated consumer reports, this supplement can be quick in action, and results may show a month after taking it.

That's an added advantage since immediate relief is everyone's desire; the faster it works, the better. It's quite an offer, given that this supplement's manufacturer guarantees results three months after starting the treatment.

  • Natural and well-researched ingredients – Key to this supplement's trustworthiness and endowment is its tons of potent aphrodisiacs. The manufacturer claims its ingredients are natural, well-researched, and strategically included in the mix, helping with countless men's vitality issues.

The best part is that this product has no artificial additives or preservatives that may compromise its organic state. 

  • Quick order shipping and delivery – The VigRX Plus manufacturer ensures prompt delivery and shipping, making it a more reliable purchase. Anyone who craves immediate relief wants this product delivered in a flash and does not take quite some time, and that's one of this product's essential perks.

  • Reliable return policy – Like most health supplements, having a favorable return policy is a no-brainer. However, VigRX Plus offers a much more extended period to test the product and determine whether or not it works for you.

Besides, you get no questions asked after return, which is why it's a much-favored product by men with many male vitality issues.

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The Cons

  • It can sometimes take longer for the results to show – every man wants quick relief for erectile dysfunction, compromised stamina, and other vitality issues. However, the manufacturer claims the results may not be instant but can take up to three months.

That can be pretty long for some users, which is an instant turnoff.

  • Continued use to maintain positive results – VigRX Plus doesn’t offer a long-term or lifetime solution to men’s vitality issues. The supplement works as long as you use it and requires that you sustainably use it.

That can be hectic if all you want is some quick relief without so much pill-popping.

  • Not ideal for men on blood thinners, antidepressants, and other medications – Medical guidance is necessary for people on antidepressants and blood thinners, among other medicines.

That’s because combining incompatible medications can invite severe reactions and other adverse side effects.

  • May be insignificant for men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction – While the manufacturer touts this product as the ultimate solution for erectile dysfunction, a few users disagree in the VigRX Plus reviews.

Most don’t agree that it’s the ideal solution for people having chronic erectile dysfunction but commend it for helping with mild to near-moderate ED.

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How Does It Work to Improve Sexual Desire?

vgrx plus supplement reviews

VigRX Plus contains potent ingredients that are handy in improving men’s sexual desires[1]. That’s possible due to the supplement’s ability to boost blood flow, increase testosterone, and counter erectile dysfunction. That helps give your sexual confidence a shove, and you become more motivated to engage your sex partner.

The product has numerous aphrodisiac ingredients, including Hawthorn berry, Muira Pauma bark extract, and Asian Red Ginseng, that help boost blood circulation and maintain more robust erections.

Other potent ingredients, including epimedium leaf extract (horny goat weed) and saw palmetto of North America’s origin, help improve below-normal testosterone levels. These ingredients’ cumulative effects make VigRX Plus one of the most trusted and sought-after formulas for solving most men’s virility issues.

The good thing is that this supplement doesn’t take long for the results to show. Most people in the VigRX Plus customer reviews confirm that they practical experience more improved sexual desire a month after starting these pills.

That’s quite a claim since the manufacturer recommends giving this product about two to three months for the results to show. It takes a more diligent user to see this supplement’s effects, and adequately following instructions should make that possible.

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VigRX Plus Ingredients

vgrx plus ingredients

VigRX Plus has many active and more potent ingredients that are efficient at giving more soothing effects. Most of these ingredients are aphrodisiacs and help improve men’s sexual vitality.

The company doesn’t term its ingredients as proprietary since they give its consumers a clear picture of what they include in its products. Some of VigRX Plus’ most active ingredients include:


  • Asian Red Ginseng

This VigRX Plus ingredient is sought-after for its ability to aid sexual desires and help men restore their sexual vitality. It's a much-known herb to the Chinese and Japanese and has helped them achieve a higher sexual potency for centuries.

Asian Red Ginseng usually helps improve blood circulation, which enhances the sexual experience[2]. In its sense, this ingredient helps improve blood flow to the genitals, facilitating more robust erections, and enabling you to have longer sex episodes, hence, a more fulfilling sex life with your partner.

  • Muira Puama Bark Extract

Muira Puama is one of Brazil's indigenous Amazon trees with a highly rated remediating effect. Its extract tags with innumerable medicinal benefits, but it's a popular treatment option for many sexual disorders. A few studies have affirmed that this plant helps improve libido, earning it some recognition from the VigRX Plus manufacturer.

  • Catuaba Bark Extract

Catuaba is a sought-after plant that recently racked up massive popularity for its ability to aid sexual performance. It's earned the recognition it deserves among VigRX Plus manufacturers, making it a principal ingredient to aid the supplement's men's sexual performance improvement aim. More specifically, this supplement helps with sexual arousal, complementing other ingredients in the formula.

  • Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berry is a potent vasodilator and a principal ingredient in VigRX Plus. It mainly helps with blood flow, enabling it to reach sexual organs. It works more seamlessly with other ingredients, including Asian Red Ginseng and Epimedium leaf extract, to significantly improve blood flow. That helps convey more nutrients into the penis, facilitating more robust and sustained erections.

  • Bioperine

This ingredient anchors the body's ability to absorb the VigRX Plus ingredients, making the formula more effective and potent. It came from black pepper and is used as an extract in this formula, making it an essential inclusion. In essence, it improves the formula's potency and efficiency, and the VigRX Plus manufacturer feels it's okay to include it.

  • Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a potent antioxidant that can ease blood flow, keeping the nervous system in perfect shape. A relaxed mind is more receptive to sex, and a more robust erection is likely coupled with improved blood flow. It's also an antioxidant and helps oxidize the free radicals in the body, making it a double-impact ingredient worth including in the formula.

  • Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a much-revered north American plant, mainly instrumental in helping with prostate issues. The ingredient boosts the testosterone levels in the body, making it a more beneficial element in the formula. It's a generally safe ingredient with no possible side effects, except if it reacts with other substances in other medications.

Are the Ingredients Safe?

All VigRX Plus ingredients are generally safe and have no side effects. However, as much as the manufacturer rules out that possibility, it's likely to induce a few nagging side effects that can be weirdly uncomfortable.

According to some VigRX Plus reviews from customers, some consumers have reported potential side effects, including headaches, upset stomachs, nausea, and vomiting.

The manufacturer made sure to include what doesn't seem to hurt users, which works fine. However, some people can be naturally reactive to some ingredients, which invites nagging allergic reactions and mild discomfort.

The manufacturer, however, recommends seeking professional medical help if users are on blood thinners, antidepressants, and other medications that aren't deemed compatible with the product.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus?

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The manufacturer recommends getting this product from its official website and nowhere else. The dread of customers receiving duplicate deliveries with mediocre effects and, sometimes, more adverse health impacts is what the manufacturer condemns.

The manufacturer makes it relatively straightforward to get this product upon completing an order, and the shipping is traditionally quick.

Counterfeits have become rampant, and most pseudo-manufacturers try to make money by replicating products and brands without offering what authentic companies promise.

Some of these fakes can be more detrimental than good, putting users in a worse position than they initially were. Therefore, users should always order this product from the official website, Leading Edge Health, and nowhere else.


The VigRX Plus official website offers more attractive discounts, an incentive for getting this supplement from the site. However, these discounts favor bulk purchases with lengthy supply spans.

Here are the VigRX Plus prices you should know about:

  • A one-month supply of VigRX Plus costs $90
  • A two-month supply of VigRX Plus costs $129.95
  • A three-month supply of VigRX Plus costs $179.95
  • A six-month supply of VigRX Plus costs $329.95
  • A 12-month supply of VigRX Plus costs $538.95

More perks usually tag along with bulkier purchases. The manufacturer usually guarantees free shipping within the United States for ordering more than six VigRX Plus boxes at once. That should offer a little reprieve on the shipping costs, which is a significant reward for going all in for this product.

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VigRX Plus Customer Reviews: What Do Real Consumers Think Of It?

VigRX Plus is a highly rated product among users, and most customer review platforms can affirm that. On average, customers with verified purchases have given this product an average star of 4.5, which means they're more than satisfied to use it. The good thing is that the manufacturer is more precise with how this product works and who should use it.

Some renowned review platforms like Trustpilot give this product a 4.1-star rating, which is relatively decent. Also, users seem to adorn this product with more promising reviews, and here's what a few say.

"I have tried others before, and this product rocks--cheers al" – Allen, United States.

I have tried mixing herbs into a smoothie and a couple of other pills that advertised as a sure thing but did absolutely nothing. VigRX has returned me a noticeable libido improvement" – Customer Mr. Gerald B, United States.

It's apparent that this product walks its talk and has the potency as the manufacturer affirms. However, this product will only work for people who follow the required dosages. However, a few people who don't appropriately use this supplement complain of possible compromise and that it doesn't offer the most desirable results.


Who Should Use this Supplement?

This supplement's manufacturer claims it's the best fit for adult males who struggle in bed and need a much-needed boost in how they sexually satisfy their partners. It has all-natural ingredients and loads of potent aphrodisiacs to offer a more reliable solution to all men's vitality issues.

It's claimed that this supplement helps with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and boosts libido. Moreover, it offers other more profound benefits that men can find more appealing and helpful.

Men who struggle with low blood pressure flow and diminished testosterone can take this supplement. It also contains more beneficial ingredients that can offer better sleep and reduce fatigue, making sex more enjoyable and fulfilling. [Also Read: Red Boost Customer Reviews]

Also, the manufacturer claims that this product is helpful to men who want to increase their penile erection sizes to satisfy their partners better.

The brains behind this supplement's manufacturing typically claim that the product improves the ability to reach an orgasm. However, the Food and Administration (FDA) restricts this supplement's manufacturers from advertising the product as a cure for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other men's vitality issues.

Therefore, users having these problems can seek medical help if they need a proper cure. Regardless, the product is a perfect fit for anyone with these conditions and can be used for more sustained relief.

Who Is the Manufacturer?

Leading Edge Health is the brains behind this product's development and has existed since 2007. The company has an uncompromised mission to offer solutions to men's virility and inadequacies in bed, each year rolling out more potent products. Men with diminished sexual libido and a weakened sex drive can have this company to thank.

Dr. Geoffrey Mackay, the company's principal, carries out all operations from Victoria, Canada, and creates other products to give men the confidence they need.

However, the company still operates subsidiaries providing women with the necessary confidence, including remedying their skin and helping them reverse aging. This company is an all-rounder and more trusted, making its products more sought-after.

This company has a long-running list of organic supplements and sources that test and formulates VigRX Plus, among others. A few of these supplements include Nexus Pheromones, Magna RX+, SemEnhance, and Profollica, among numerous others.

The Health Benefits of VigRX Plus

Besides improving libido, helping with erectile dysfunction, and improving stamina, VigRX Plus offers more compounded benefits to users. This supplement’s ingredients have individual extras, making them jacks of all trades. Some of the incredible health benefits VigRX Plus offer include the following:

  • Boosting the Energy Levels – Thanks to ingredients like Asian Red Ginseng, VigRX Plus increases the body’s energy levels.
  • Lowers Cholesterol in the Body – ingredients like Hawthorn berry contain flavonoids that help prevent cholesterol accumulation, facilitating blood flow and reducing pressure. That’s handy since it also acts further to help with stronger penile erections.
  • Improving Cardiac Health – lowered cholesterol and improved blood flow is good for the heart and enable it to function correctly. That means the risk of heart disease and other cardiac issues reduces as you consume VigRX Plus.
  • Reduced Inflammation – inflammation can cause pain in the body. Therefore, taking VigRX Plus, which contains ingredients like Asian red ginseng, helps minimize the chances, giving the body the calmness it needs.
  • Improved Sleep Patterns – consuming this supplement has proven to boost sleep patterns among users, an added benefit no other similar formula offers.

VigRX Plus Review-Features

Packaging - VigRX Plus comes inside boxes, and each lasts a month. That means you can get as much as you want to, depending on your desired results and your virility situation. Each box usually contains 60 capsules and should be sealed upon delivery.

Tablet Appearance – VigRX Plus pills are usually red and measure about an inch long. They have rounded edges and a sweet taste.

Discounts and Couponsusers are entitled to discounts when they purchase bulkily. Single boxes cost way more but getting as many as you can guarantees tastier discounts. You can also enjoy free shipping across the United States if you purchase more than six boxes from VigRX Plus official website, which is quite a tasty perk.

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Vigrx Plus Side Effects

The VigRX Plus manufacturer claims that the product is safe and doesn't cause any side effects. That's quite a claim from a general perspective, but it's still technically accurate. This product contains no additives or GMO ingredients. It only includes plant ingredients in their most natural forms, and any side effects shouldn't be expected.

However, it's still possible to experience irritations and allergies, as a few VigRX Plus customer reviews claim due to the ingredients it tags along. That means you have a significant chance of getting a reaction if you are allergic to any of its components.

People who fail to follow the dosage instructions are more likely to experience side effects. Overdosing loads your body with many active and potent ingredients, leading to potential discomfort. You should take the prescribed dose safely and avoid experiencing any uncomfortable effects.

Dosage and When Should It be Consumed?

According to the manufacturer, you should take two VigRX Plus pills daily for better results. However, please understand that that's the most you should take in a day, as the manufacturer recommends. It'd help if you also took these pills with water on a full stomach for the results to show.

Also worth remembering is that the water you consume should be clean, and always remain on a balanced diet for better results. The manufacturer also recommends staying fit and active; this supplement won't take long before the effects start creeping in.  

Overdosing this supplement can be incredibly detrimental, and the manufacturer recommends against doing so. That can also exacerbate allergies and make mild reactions to the supplement's ingredients worse. If you overdose, please consult your doctor for immediate medical help.

VigRX Plus Results

People who subscribe to a VigRX Plus treatment report positive results within the first month. However, the manufacturer suggests expecting maximum results after three months, which requires patience. Also, it's recommended you stick by the manufacturer's dosage instructions to achieve better results.

If the results don't show, perhaps you may need to reevaluate with your health provider to determine whether or not it's effective. Most patients go wrong on dosage instructions, or the formula doesn't work. However, that's highly unlikely.

VigRX Plus Reviews-Final Thought

Men feel more confident when they can maintain sustained erections and get the urge to engage their partners in sex. However, erectile dysfunction and low libidos are the monsters that keep creeping around, compromising that ability. These conditions usually come with advanced age. However, some people experience these nagging conditions in their early years, which frustrates them.

However, the world is never short of solutions, and VigRX Plus offers the best shot at restoring men's virility. This supplement is sought-after for its ability to improve men's sexual urges and regain their confidence, and it's a formula worth a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vigrx Plus Supplement Safe to Take?

VigRX Plus is entirely safe, as the manufacturer affirms. The rich blend of natural and non-GMO ingredients and the absence of artificial additives make this product ideal for use. Vigrx plus consumer reports also show this is among the safest supplement in the market. However, it's always better to consult your health provider if you're on medications, including blood thinners and antidepressants.

How Should You Take This Supplement?

You should take VigRX Plus twice a day on a full stomach. Please use pure drinking water to wash the pills down, and be sure to maintain a balanced diet while under VigRX Plus medication. That should ensure the pill works efficiently and delivers more desirable results quickly.

What are Vigrx Plus Side Effects?

VigRX Plus is natural and safe and doesn't have any side effects. However, some ingredients can cause an allergic reaction, so you should be on the lookout. You should be fine taking this supplement while following the dosage instructions since overdosing can result in issues.

Is VigRX Plus a Scam or legit?

VigRX Plus is an authentic Leading Edge Health product selling numerous legitimate products. Every user getting this product from the manufacturer's official site receives the best quality and effective supplement. However, please be advised against purchasing from unofficial sites to avoid getting counterfeits.

What Is the Return Policy of It?

VigRX Plus offers a 67-day return policy if the product doesn't satisfy or work for you. The best part is that no questions are asked, and the company should fully refund you.

How Long Would It Take to Receive the Product After It Ships?

VigRX Plus manufacturer delivers this supplement within 72 hours in the United States. However, international deliveries can take quite some time and much longer.

How Long Before I See any Improvements?

The VigRX Plus manufacturer states that it takes thirty to sixty days to build in the body and boost your libido. However, it's usually best to follow the dosage instructions and maintain a balanced diet for the results to show quickly.

Can VigRX Plus Be Taken with Viagra or Other Medication?

It's not advisable to take VigRX Plus with other medications. That's because a few ingredients can lead to side effects, trigger allergic reactions and interfere with other drugs. Some may even contain potentially dangerous, tiny amounts of hidden drugs.

Does It Give You a Headache When You Take It?

While taking the male virility enhancer VigRX, some users may complain of a headache lasting only briefly. However, it usually doesn’t happen to everyone. Headaches and other side effects shouldn't be likely. However, please check in with your health provider if other symptoms persist.

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