ProDentim Reviews [2022]:Shocking New Warning Scam Or Legit Gum Formula?

ProDentim Reviews From Customers 2022:Does It Really Work For Dental Health? Find Out The Pros And Cons. Latest Consumer Reports And Side Effects

prodentim independent reviews

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ProDentim probiotic supplement supports our oral health. According to the company’s website, the supplement has a new unique form that boosts the well-being of your gums and teeth by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the mouth. It leads to fresh breath and reduced gum irritation from bacteria. But can this really help? What are the real prodentim reviews really say?

Teeth can thrive hundreds of years outside our mouth, but inside the mouth, they get destroyed within months of exposure to small things like sugary drinks. You need excellent dental hygiene.

Many people do not realize that taking care of your oral mouth is directly linked to your general body health. ProDentim helps prevent bad breath, optimal oral health, keep your teeth healthy and ensure a stable overall body. 

ProDentim customer reviews prove that regular use of this supplement may help maintain healthy gums and teeth. The supplement helps mitigate the effects of toxins while promoting the development of robust microbiota.

If you want to find a great way to maintain oral hygiene without breaking banks, this advance oral probiotic supplement might be the answer. Read on to read more about Prodentim real reviews.

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ProDentim Reviews Consumer reports

Below are some important information from the Prodentim consumer reports:

Product NameProdentim
DescriptionDental Health Supplement
Key BenefitsMight prevent cavities and gum problems
Helps Whitening teeth
It May help reduce toxic bacteria
Main IngredientsMalic Acid
Peppermint. (Click Here For All The Ingredients)
Current Rating4.8
Prodentim Side EffectsNo known Side Effects yet
But not appropriate for children
For a Mom who is breastfeeding
Those who are on medication. Be sure to check with your doctor

Current Price$49.00 Per Bottle
Refunds Policy 60 Day Money Back
Contact InformationFor information about your order call:1-800-390-6035

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What is ProDentim Supplement?

ProDentim advanced oral care focus is in your mouth. Like other body parts, your mouth has bacteria but cannot harm you. Your mouth, however, is the only route to the digestive and respiratory systems meaning that it is exposed to many bacteria that could potentially harm other body systems.

The bacteria in the mouth can be kept at bay through daily hygiene like proper flossing and brushing. Unkempt teeth lead to tooth decay and gum disease. 

ProDentim is a soft tablet made to aid better dental hygiene. Manufacturers choose the contents carefully to enhance strong gum and teeth. It helps eradicate gum diseases, bleeding gum, and tooth cavities. 

ProDentim Customer Reviews

ProDentim real customer reviews make it clear that most customers think this is an effective product. When it comes to gum, and teeth pain problems this seems to be a game changer for most users. The consistency of using ProDentim can help improve overall gum health.

According to the customer’s feedback, consistent use of prodentim oral probiotic is said to cause tithe whitening and heals tooth sensitivity issues. The formula, however, is best for adults. Children and patients with certain medical conditions and both breastfeeding and expectant mothers may have adverse effects from taking ProDentim formula.

ProDentim is made with your gum and teeth health in mind. According to the official website, the formula encompasses more than 3.5 billion probiotic nutrients and strains. There are loads of medical findings to support the authenticity of this formula. 

A recent study highlighted that people with excellent good oral health have a high concentration of good bacteria in the mouth. Once these good bacteria become few, gum issue starts coming up. Prodentim comes to eliminate the bad bacteria and offer a good environment for the multiplication of good bacteria. 

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does proDentim really work?

Prodentim consumer reviews

prodentim oral supplement results are realized gradually. According to some pro dentim reviews for a positive change to be seen, it could take up to three to six months and as few as three weeks. The beautiful thing about this supplement is you do not need to go for expensive checkups and go through root canal processes. 

This revolutionary composition could save you many bucks that you spend on dental checkups and medications annually. The formula has all the nutrients to boost good bacteria in the mouth and maintain excellent oral and dental growth. It allows you to have a fresh breath and eliminates tooth sensitivity. 

A Harvard scientist recently confirmed the performance of ProDentim, citing that these good bacteria are all we need to fix dental problems. The supplement could help will reconstruct your tooth enamel and make it stronger[1].

Tooth cavities occur since bacteria weaken the enamel, the out shield. A simple brush or flossing can crack or even tear apart the cracked tooth, thus exposing the pulp to worse bacteria. 

Reviews prodentim ingredients list

prodentim ingredients review

ProDentim dental formula is made with billions of probiotics. However, there are 5 unique ingredients medically proven to support teeth while improving your general oral hygiene. 

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei

This popular ingredient enables body sinuses to stay open and become free. The ingredient originates from lactobacillus Paracasei, free healthy bacteria in the natural ecosystem. It has anti-inflammatory effects. 

  • Spearmint.

Spearmint is also Mentha spicata, the special mint in your popular toothpaste and mouthwash. It is also used in certain health-food products. Spearmint is an effective ingredient that benefits the digestive system, eliminating gas disorders, nausea, diarrhea, IBS, inflammation, and possible gallstones. Mentha spicata is the fact behind a fine fresh breath after you brush your teeth. 

  • B.lactis BL-04.

This bacteria is vital for a healthy body and immune system. It is also impactful in maintaining a healthy respiratory tract and intestinal tract. The bacteria ensures a good presence of god bacteria in the mouth since its host’s adequate bifidobacteria are located in the body’s intestinal activity. 

  • BLIS K- 12.

Another bacterium in the mouth is responsible for good breath and good health. This bacteria significantly affects the good immune system and encourages the development of a great respiratory tract. Its impact allows healthy gums and fresh mouth breath. 

  • BLIS M- 18.

Like other probiotic strains, this too enhances excellent general health. It is key to preserving a tremendous and natural white too color. This ingredient survives in the clean mouth and is one of the most popular good bacteria, streptococcus salivarius. 

  • Inulin.

Another good bacteria in the mouth is inulin. Inulin fosters the growth of acidogenic bacteria, which is highly responsible for an unpleasant oral odor. Inulin provides nourishment and preserves healthy microorganisms.

It is key to your digestive and oral health. The ingredient is more of a nutrient, a dietary fiber responsible for a healthy digestive tract. 

  • Malic acid.

Malic acid is a nutrient found in strawberries. Manufacturers of ProDentim tap into this nutrient to enable the teeth to maintain their white color. In addition, the nutrient causes strong teeth, string, and turdy gums and eliminates dry mouth.

  • Dicalcium Phosphate.

This component in the mouth is responsible for clean teeth and gums, the most significant cause of healthy dental formula. It’s responsible for strong dental formula, especially the tooth enamel. The component also reduces the production of tartar.

  • Peppermint.

You might be probably aware that pepper has pain-relieving functionalities. As an ingredient in ProDentim, peppermint helps relieve pain in teeth and specific muscles. The ingredients host an anti-inflammatory reaction that fights oral bacteria leading to less bad bacteria in the mouth. 

Where to buy ProDentim?

Today, you can only get ProDentim through the official manufacturer’s website. The owners are strict in ensuring that the supplement does not land in the hand of third parties or other retail stores. It is possible to see similar supplements on the market but take note to buy only through the official website. 

The manufacturer does not sell ProDentim supplements on a large scale. If you see similar imitations, do not be deceived. You can only buy ProDentim in three packages. 6 bottle packages, 3 bottle packages, and 1 bottle package. 

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prodentim dental Supplement Pricing:

ProDentim dental supplement is a pure probiotic that uses natural and organic ingredients to promote better oral health. The supplement is available in three packages through the manufacturer’s official website.

There are no middlemen in the sale of ProDentim supplements. The price of one bottle of this supplement depends on how many you buy at once.

  • 6 bottles cost an average price of $49 per bottle
  • 3 bottles cost an average price of $59 per bottle
  • 1 bottle of ProDentim tablets has an average cost of $69 per bottle


ProDentim dental health has an exciting bonus when you buy the 6-bottle package. 

Bonus 1. Detoxification and elimination of any bad odor on the first day. ProDentim six-pack comes with some spices and herbs commonly used in daily cooking but is studied and mixed to produce excellent effects on the breath. The herbs assist in the natural process, providing an incredibly fresh and deep breath. 

Bonus 2. Whitening smile. The manufacturer takes you through basic but essential teeth brushing techniques and popular teeth whitening procedures for incredible results. 

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ProDentim Review: Is It Safe?

The formula manufacture happens in its USA labs to ensure maximum safety while eliminating any harmful bacteria and bad synthetics.Prodentim Customer reviews from real users make it clear that the dental health formula works for most people. To get out of ProDentim, use it for at least 3 to six months consistently.

Prodentim has impeccable scientific testing data and an impressive combination of billions of nutrients and probiotic bacteria. General oral health affects your emotional and physical health as well. On the other hand, tooth-related diseases affect the whole body’s health.

Prodentim Real reviews by users

Prodentim reviews by real customers claim that regular use of the dental supplement can significantly improve teeth whitening and help eliminate sensitivity issues. However, only adults should use this formula. Prodentim formula can have a negative impact on underage children and those suffering from medical problems. Moms who are breastfeeding and expectant mother should avoid using this dental supplement

ProDentim BBB reviews also known as the better business bureau are very positive so far. No negative feedback has been reported yet. The official website also contains several presentations of real happy users who have tried the Prodentim.

One user claims name Portia who review prodentim claims she was recommended to use Prodentim by her dentist but so far she is very satisfied. Another user name Theo Franklin claims the supplement helps improve his gum and he is very happy with the effects so far.

Here is what Real customer reviews on Prodentim have to say :

Levine works in New York and is a verified purchaser who reviews prodentim ingredients. He says the supplement has helped him regain his oral health after a few months.

Customer reviews prodentim Click Here For More Testimonials

Levine cites that before he used the Prodentim product, he had bad dental health. He had no confidence opening his mouth in public, making him very insecure. Upon consistent use of ProDentim oral care, Levine has experienced excellent dental health. 

Cooper works in California as a waiter in a restaurant. Cooper says he bought the ProDentim oral health supplement on amazon but did not see any results after three weeks.

After complaining on the official website, the company realized the product was an imitation and was advised to buy prodentim directly through the manufacturer’s website and avoid other cheaper imitations. Imitations use a real ProDentim bottle but sell on other sites. Prodentim is only sold through the manufacturer’s official website

Michael hails from Texas and is an executive in the sales department of the company he works for. Suppose there is one important thing to help Michael in his line of work, excellent dental health, and whitened teeth since he is always talking to different people.

Michael purchased the product after seeing the 100 money-back guarantees he had never used. ProDentim works just fine.

prodentim Pros And Cons

The principal purpose of the ProDentim probiotic dental supplement is to boost and maintain the health of your teeth and gum. Individuals around the globe start hygiene activities like brushing their teeth once they have tooth problems.


  • Consistent use of ProDentim has impressive benefits to great oral health. This is how you gain by using this supplement consistently
  • Consistent use improves your general oral health and leads to a fresh breath. 
  • ProDentim serves its purpose well by ensuring it keeps your gum and teeth clean, thus leading to healthy gum. 
  • Ingredients in ProDentim help whiten your teeth. It leaves your teeth shining white and stronger. 
  • It keeps your teeth healthy and protects your gum from irritation. It is a great way to restore any health balance in your mouth. Some ingredients are active in eliminating the build of tartar and plaque, the root cause of dental-related diseases like gingivitis. 
  • The manufacturers in the US offer customers who feel the product did not achieve its purpose a full refund. 
  • Ingredients used to make the formula are natural; hence no side effects have been experienced. 
  • ProDentim has rich antioxidant ingredients that keep your gum clean from harmful bacteria. It also keeps your teeth protected. 


What Are The Side Effects?

Reviews prodentim side effects before making any purchase to make sure that it is safe for your health.

  • proDentim dental health is only viable for adults over 18 years. Lactating mothers should also not take the supplement. 
  • It is only available through the official website. You will never get the supplement in stores. The manufacturer’s exclusive marketing is purely online. 
  • ProDentim ought to be used according to the recommended prescriptions. An excess amount could cause serious harm and cause gum issues.

For over 90,000 Prodentim consumer reviews sampled, there are no recorded side effects. Proventil is a great blend of plant-based ingredients, probiotics, and nutrients, and there’s no way natural ingredients will cause harm to your body system; in fact, they add strength to your body system. 

The manufacturer’s filters use only the purest ingredients for the best performance. FDA approved the supplement and has passed facility testing, and its effects on human teeth have significant scientific evidence. The manufacturer uses art laboratories in its creation. 

Should you experience mild side effects, stop further use and visit a dental practitioner to ensure safety before you continue. If established ProDentim is not suitable for you, the manufacturer will give you a hundred percent refund. Unless recommended otherwise by your medical physician, you should continue using the supplement and observe the effects. 

 Efficacy and dosage

ProDentim supplement bottle features 3 soft tablets. Consistent dosage allows for better oral health, which may preserve your dental hygiene and improve oral health. 

Manufacturers recommend a single dosage per day. Users must take a lot of water and ensure to eat before dosage. Consistency is the secret to the better functioning of the Prodentim probiotic tablets. It helps intestinal enzymes to get nourished and provide robust enamel. 

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Is ProDentim On Amazon?

Several supplement branded ProDentim have been reported on these retail sites. Some sell at a lower cost than the manufacturer. These are imitations and not the original.

There are no two ways to acquire ProDentim . Currently, there is no site authorized to sell ProDentim formula. 

Money-Back Guarantee

ProDentim manufacturers work on a full money-back guarantee for any verified customer. The program works on a 60day 100% full refund policy, meaning so long as you return the product within the 60-day gap, they return your purchasing cost at no interest.

ProDentim Shipment

Due to its impressive results, ProDentim is becoming popular day by day. Different customers across the globe want to have a taste of this impeccable dental health supplement.

Other than the US, here are the places ProDentim is shipped.

The United Kingdom.

ProDentim charges taxes of £to ship to the UK, while one bottle goes for £58.

Prodentim Scientific Review

Many medical experts have recently expressed their opinions and verified research on the ProDentim product. All their findings say one thing in common it promotes oral health. Journal of the Arak University of Medical Science also published research on ProDentim and insisted on its peppermint ingredient that has a micro-bacterial effect on teeth.

ProDentim is FDA approved and is made in a GMP-certified facility through strict sterile conditions. The manufacturer has no compromise on quality.  

Some of the ingredients used have attracted the attention of researchers; for instance, Lactobacillus Paracasei prevents IBS and any conditions affecting the digestive system. Inulin, on the other hand, helps slow the digestion of food. It prevents pressure on the system. The balanced presence of inulin enables the digestive system to operate in great health over a long time.

Prodentim Reviews Australia: Can It Be shipped there?

According to the information listed on the official website, it can take up to 15 days for customers in Australia to receive their orders.

For Australia, it costs AUD 100.20. The country has a tax exemption on ProDentim, but shipments are charged AUD 24. 

New Zealand.

For New Zealand, The demand is growing. One bottle goes for NZD 111. As in Australia, there are no tax charges, but you must pay a shipping charge of NZD 25.64. 

Canada. ProDentim also makes shipments in Canada. Canada is close to the US, and thus her demand is great. Get a bottle for CAD 89.11 with additional CAD 20.60 shipping fees.

How to Maintain Good Oral Health Naturally?

While we strive for expensive checkups and supplements, many cost-free methods exist to keep our gum and teeth in perfect health. The CDC indicates that over 50% of adults in the US from 30 years to at least 65US nationals suffer from teeth and gum disease. 

Oral health is affected by many factors; genes, diet, and daily habits. The following tips will help you save a lot of money while staying healthy. 

  • Eat more Greens and Keep it Alkaline

An acidic pH in the mouth is the surest way to generate tooth decay and cavities. The acidic components eat up the enamel and upper coating. Experts say that teeth start demineralizing from a pH of 5.5 and thus become prone to cavities. Once the saliva has a pH of at least 7.5 and above, your teeth and gums become more robust and remineralize. A strong enamel means less to no tooth decay. 

Mineral-rich foods such as green and leafy vegetables are the best ways to alkaline the mouth. Kales, spinach, chard, and lettuces are some vegetables you should never lack in your diet. Keeping the mouth alkaline also boosts your digestive health. 

  • Oil Pulling

It is an ancient way to keep teeth free of bad bacteria. This is also called an Ayurvedic technique. It is paramount to draw toxins from gums.  This is how the process works. Take a tablespoon of cold-pressed natural oil of very high quality and swish for at least 20 minutes. The process is a great detox mechanism.

Recent studies show that oil pulling also aids in brightening teeth and prevents plaque buildup. To make the process more helpful, add a few drops of therapeutic grade orange essential oil for teeth brightening or tree oil, aiding teeth and cleansing. 

  • Ionic mineral supplements

Minerals are very critical in the body. Teeth and bones are part of the body’s skeletal system, and all need minerals such as calcium to remain strong. Other than calcium.

Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and silica, among other minerals, are essential to keep teeth strong. Make sure you take a well-balanced diet. A rich diet in ionic minerals is key for healthy bones and teeth. This is a key element to note when balancing body ph. 

  • Stay away from fluoridated water

Fluoride is the highest used chemical in tooth treatments and toothpaste. Fluoride, however, does not come without risks. Though a natural chemical element found on the ground, the original chemical is different from fluorosilicic acid used by companies and added to water.

Fluoride is a dangerous chemical due to preset neurotoxin and endocrine disruptors, which may affect bones and teeth. Fluoride also affects body organs like the pineal gland and blood sugar levels. If living in a place you must consume tap water, it is wise to use home filters that remove any presence of fluoride. 

  • Brush and floss after meals

Brushing and flossing after meals is easier said than done. Even small children know they should brush after taking meals. Cleaning teeth after every meal could do you great wonders. After a meal, certain food particles remain and may stick between teeth and become hard to remove the next time you brush.

Regular brushing removes food residues and ensures no more multiplication of harmful bacteria. More bacteria and food residue increase pH and facilitate tooth decay. 

  • Use Tongue Scrapper

A tongue scraper may help remove a layer of dead cells, a white or grayish layer. Food particles left over, bacteria and toxins, and dead cells may, over time, build up on the tongue, forming the whitish layer.

The smell and look of it are not pleasant. Cleaning the tongue is a great way to ensure excellent oral hygiene. Use a small rounded tool that will scrape the tongue surface. The activity boosts mouth freshness by eliminating any bacteria that may lead to tooth decay and gingivitis. 

  • Use charcoal

Use charcoal for a faster and seamless teeth whitening process, not expensive chemicals with adverse side effects. Charcoal, as black as it is, helps brighten the teeth. Charcoal contains an absorbent element, which removes all toxins and bacteria and removes stained teeth. Other than using over-the-counter chemicals, which might have adverse reactions to your health and teeth, go for chemicals with natural components.

Quality teeth whitening powders use coconut charcoal, bamboo silica, and sodium bicarbonate with the addition of coconut oil powder. Calcium from algae and other organic oils are also included in the oral probiotics. This method will yield more results and is much safer than bleaching agents. 

  • Add other essentials to normal toothpaste brushing

Across different parts of a plant, you are likely to find different oil extraction areas from grasses, flowers, roots, and leaves. These parts have beneficial extractions extracted through steam distillation. The extraction comes with a solvent with carbon dioxide gas with a resin tapping. 

Other essentials to aid general oral health include tea tree that adds to teeth whitening. You can use resin tapping in clove, peppermint, rosemary, and thyme for a fresh breath and strong gums and teeth. You can use oils like citrus and orange instead of toothpaste and mouthwash or take them along with therapeutic oils. 

Tips to Take Care of your Teeth:

  • Do not sleep without brushing your teeth

Everyone knows the general brushing rule; brush twice a day. Nevertheless, we neglect this direction every time. It is important to observe a habit of brushing before going to bed. It helps remove any food residues that would cause bad bacteria and plaque.

  • Brush the right way

Many people do not know the right way to brush their teeth. Make sure to use a gentle toothbrush and brush in nice circular motions to remove plaque. Do not brush violently, as this would damage the gum. 

  • Do not neglect to floss

Flossing is equally as important as brushing. Through flossing, you remove food particles between teeth. Regular flossing prevents plaque buildup. Flossing can be difficult at times, especially for children. Other than failing to floss, use ready-to-use tools to help you floss your teeth. You can buy better-ready-made floss at a drugstore or a retail shop.  

  • Increase daily water uptake

Water is the best beverage of all time. Drinking water after every meal is highly recommended by nutritional experts. Water helps wash some foods that may stick and have negative effects. Acidic foods and beverages are also washed out. 

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Prodentim Customer Reviews FAQ

Does ProDentim work?

Yes. The functionality of the ProDentim is backed by scientific research and customer reviews. From over 90,000 customers, none has ever mentioned any side effects from the supplement. It uses natural ingredients that enhance teeth whitening and destroys bad bacteria while creating a conducive environment for the growth of good-mouth bacteria. 

ProDentim requires consistency for maximum performance. Consistent use for two to three months should provide significant benefits, but you can see ProDentim within the first three weeks. you can also read this report on Dentitox if you want to try something different

How should I take ProDentim?

The manufacturer advises the use of one capsule daily. Children, lactating mothers, and pregnant women are not advised to take this drug. If you have any preexisting medical conditions, notify your physician before using ProDentim.

How important is oral health?

Oral health affects one’s overall well-being. Poor hygiene is associated with severe health complications. Your mouth is the entry point to any digestive or respiratory bacteria that may cause severe diseases. Good oral hygiene helps keep bacteria at bay. 

Are there any side effects?

ProDentim is made from natural ingredients that are consumed by the body on regular bases. There is, therefore, no loophole for side effects. The manufacturer observes stringent sterile and precise lab standards during production, which is why the product is safe for all adults.

Ingredients are in their purest forms and are kept free from toxins and contaminants. However, if you have existing medical conditions, it is prudent to talk to your doctor before using ProDentim capsules. 

Customer Reviews Prodentim Final Thought

Dental hygiene comes first before general health. Poor tooth health affects the whole well-being. It may go unnoticed, but every time you clean your mouth, you are removing possible diseases. 

Though some people choose to use an antibacterial mouthwash, it is a dangerous tool that aids in the multiplication of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Instead of using chemicals that may potentially harm your teeth, it is wise to use a product like ProDentim that contains natural ingredients. It has been proved and tested to prevent the effects of bad bacteria in the mouth. 

Prodentim real customer reviews online prove regular use of this supplement can eliminate foul breath. The ProDentim helps whiten teeth; you do not have to pay expensive fees for this service.

ProDentim takes your dental hygiene to an entirely new level. When used in tandem with brushing and flossing, ProDentim supplements detoxify your body and help you achieve healthy gum. 

ProDentim was specifically made with a safe formula in mind. The manufacturer uses unique but common ingredients like peppermint to remove bad bacteria from the mouth and replace them with good and beneficial ones. If you are worried about your deteriorating tooth and gum problems, we highly recommend ProDentim supplement. 

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