PhenGold Reviews 2022: New Customer Warning Legit Or Scam?

According to the Manufacturer, PhenGold is a natural weight loss diet pill intended for overweight individuals seeking over-the-counter phentermine alternatives.

In this PhenGold review, we’ll look at the customer reviews, the main ingredients, and whether or not they are natural, including the dosage and if it’s the ultimate and safest phentermine alternative for you. 

PhenGold Weight loss pills

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Weight loss can sometimes be a pain in the neck most people deal with, especially when they aren’t making significant progress. Feeling hungry is normal, and it’s a way your body informs you when to fuel up.

However, cravings for more food immediately after a meal is an automatic red flag for significant weight gain. Bad eating habits, lack of enough exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle are the three major contributors to weight gain.

You should know that becoming overweight puts you at risk of developing long-term severe health conditions like arthritis, hypertension, stroke, mental disorders, heart disease, and much more. So, to avoid such consequences associated with weight gain, it’s imperative you watch your weight.

However, ensuring you have your weight in check requires a lot of dedication, time, and, most importantly, patience. Note that this natural weight loss mode doesn’t work for everyone—this is where weight loss pills like PhenGold and other supplements come into the picture.

When PhenGold first came out, Word got around that this diet pill was super effective in burning excess body fat, according to most of its users. Question is, can PhenGold really help you cut down on those extra pounds as those who recommend it claim it to?

Essential Consumer Reports About PhenGold

Product NamePhenGold
Key Features And BenefitsIt helps suppress appetite.
Helps the USer feel full
Boost energy level and increase metabolism
Overall Rating from consumers4.6/ 5
Manufacturing SafetyMade in the USA At In FDA Registered Facilities

Price Per Bottle$59.99 (Check Latest Price And Discount)
Discount is only available when buying in Bulk (Up to %50 Off)
Shipping CostCurrently Offering Free Shipping. (Click Here To Check)
Return Policy100 DAY Money Back Guarantee
Contact InformationUS Phone Number: +1 (844) 257-5353 
UK Phone Number:+44 (0) 808 164 0304 
Email:[email protected]

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What is PhenGold

First and foremost, what is PhenGold? Generally, this is one of the latest top-tier weight loss supplements consisting of natural ingredients like vitamins and other botanicals, which the manufacturer claims stimulate the fat-burning process in your body.

The drug makers of this supplement advise everyday use to reduce food cravings and pangs and pangs of hunger—which in return promotes a slimmer and much fitter body figure. Some Customers even compare PhenGold to phentermine medication.

Essentially, PhenGold is one of the successful appetite suppressants developed by a Swiss Research Labs Limited team. Other successful appetite suppressants the team is known to have produced include; Trimtone and Zotrim.

It’s no secret that many people globally are struggling with obesity and weight gain(1). And as previously reported, these are the root causes of severe medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart-related diseases.

Aside from stimulating weight loss, PhenGold manufacturers also encourage frequent use of the supplement as it amplifies the fat-burning process. However, the supplement is most effective alongside good eating habits and regular physical exercise.

In case you’re wondering, PhenGold is a weight loss supplement that comes in the form of pills. PhenGold makers also claim that the supplement can help burn calories even while seated.

So, it’s not necessary to pair it up with a workout routine, especially if you have little time for physical exercise. Other perks associated with this weight loss supplement are; energy boost, improved physical performance, and increased metabolism. 

Every PhenGold capsule contains a mixture of natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals to help boost your energy levels while your body burns the excess fat. 

How PhenGold Works

PhenGold claims to help you avoid snacking in between meals by suppressing your appetite, leaving you feeling full. Surprisingly, this supplement has garnered praise and recommendations from many people who’ve used it, claiming how effective it is. Thanks to its natural ingredients, the weight loss diet pill is all-natural and functional, as stated by the manufacturer. 

Once you pop one of these diet pills, your body will extract supplements and the mineral mixture in the pill to help boost metabolism[2]. So, you should feel healthy and fit in no time.

Also, remember that after burning calories, your food cravings[3] will reduce, leaving you feeling less hungry. To reinforce trust and faith in the supplement, PhenGold manufacturer claims to use not only all-natural but also high-quality ingredients in the manufacturing process. That way, you can rest assured of fantastic results in a shorter period than you expect. 

Pairing up this supplement with your workout routine and a strict diet can instantly yield spectacular results. Additionally, PhenGold gives you control of what you eat in your weight loss journey as it helps suppress your appetite, according to the manufacturer.

That means you won’t be eating whatever comes your way but instead, stick to your stricter diet routine. Also, the ingredients in this supplement are quite handy for eliminating fat deposits from your body through oxidation. 

Generally, this diet pill works to amplify carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. According to PhenGold makers, given its natural ingredients, the supplement can help you adopt a fatigue-free lifestyle.

PhenGold’s natural ingredients have also been found to regulate adipose tissues, a strategy for helping you lose weight. Collectively, these natural ingredients also boost the secretion of fat-sensitive hormones like insulin and leptin, which allows you to lose weight. 

The Ingredients in PhenGold

The main reason most people choose this diet pill is its natural ingredients. Every ingredient in PhenGold complement one another to aid you in your journey to lose weight. And as reported by the manufacturer, all these ingredients are safe for both men and women.

Apart from losing weight, they overall improve your health. Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into each main ingredient and see how they help you lose weight. 

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PhenGold ingredients
  • Green Tea

It’s no surprise that Green tea[4] is one of PhenGold’s fundamental Ingredients as it’s also an ingredient in the most popular weight loss supplements. According to some scientific research, Green tea contains Catechins and caffeine in incredible amounts and is effective for weight loss.

These scientific pieces of evidence show that Green Tea helps burn calories through thermogenesis—a process involving the body heating up to burn excess body fat. Note that this process is a crucial way through which your body loses weight. 

Weight loss supplements containing guarana extracts and green tea have shown powerful fat-burning results. Both men and women not only enjoy the weight loss benefits of such supplements but also boosts their overall energy. Green tea may make a weight loss supplement super effective and ideal for overweight individuals.

However, manufacturers of these supplements discourage replacing them with a healthy diet. Scientific studies indicate that green tea can help promote oxidation while also improving the effects of physical exercise. And not to forget, it reduces the risk of pulmonary fibrosis by eliminating information.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper [5]is also another important PhenGold ingredient that amplifies weight loss by targeting your calories. Essentially, it focuses on burning as many calories as possible all at once.

Similar to green tea, Cayenne pepper stimulates thermogenesis which in turn boosts metabolism. That means users of supplements with this ingredient are more likely to experience a faster fat-burning process. Moreover, this also keeps the food from solidifying into fat.

Cayenne pepper is an essential thermogenic ingredient and also an excellent appetite suppressant. Such improvements give users the willpower to choose what goes into their stomachs.

Suppose you’re on a strict diet but still struggling to fight to eat what you shouldn’t eat. Cayenne pepper will ensure those food cravings stay at bay.

So, using the PhenGold diet pill will essentially leave you feeling fuller even after smaller meals. However, your body will still maintain the same amount of energy. Most importantly, after meals, this diet pill reduces the likelihood that you’ll indulge in more food than you’ve already consumed. 

  • Rhodiola Root

Rhodiola Rose is a known adaptogen with a long history of extensive medical applications. Rhodiola root has both mind and body benefits making it a crucial PhenGold ingredient. As an adaptogen, this ingredient is excellent for individuals dealing with stress and anxiety.

Moreover, if you’re dealing with stress, taking PhenGold will see you coping well throughout your weight loss journey. Also, some athletes often take Rhodiola to prevent or delay fatigue. 

According to PhenGold makers, one of the benefits of using this diet pill is enhancing your mood. That, in conjunction with its ability to prevent anxiety and depression, makes the supplement really live up to its claims.

Some researches show this herb to be an anti-aging agent and an immune booster, and people with cancer can also benefit from it. However interesting as this PhenGold ingredient may seem, the truth is its weight loss abilities aren’t that significant.

  • L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is mainly beneficial for boosting mental focus and increasing your focus. Also, it helps lower mental fatigue, leaving you feeling energized. But how does it help you lose weight? Over the years, many scientific researchers have conducted many studies to investigate how the Ingredient targets fat burn.

And the previously mentioned benefits are what they found. You need to know that tyrosine is a crucial body requirement that triggers the secretion of three neurotransmitters, norepinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine. 

If you didn’t know, L-Tyrosine is present in your daily diet. And because of its weight loss properties, it’s an essential component in most weight loss supplements. Additional perks include relieving stress and boosting mental function.

Arguably, individuals who’ve interacted with PhenGold claim to experience and even notice these positive effects during their workout routines. Others claim the diet pill has motivational effects that help them stay focused on their weight loss journey.

  • Vitamin B6

The crucial role Vitamin B6 [6] plays in metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Additionally, this ingredient helps balance your mood while also regulating dopamine and serotonin to maintain the user’s positivity about cutting down some extra pounds.

Enough vitamin B6 supply in a user’s daily routine lowers the risk of developing long-term chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and related heart diseases, among others.

So, if you’re trying to avoid working out to prevent flare-ups and other physical injuries, ensure you’re getting enough vitamin B6. Generally, enough regular supply of Vitamin B6 significantly lowers your risk of developing any heart-related disease. 

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Unroasted coffee beans [7] are usually green in color. While in this state, these beans are rich in Chlorogenic acid but low in caffeine content. Aside from color changing after roasting the beans, the heat then also enhances their caffeine content. That means, the chlorogenic acid levels, are also lowered.

Notably, this is an unfortunate occurrence because chlorogenic acid aids with weight loss. According to scientific studies, chlorogenic acid propels weight loss by controlling your cravings for sugar and carbs. 

Such kinds of cravings are usually common after major meals. Also, beware of snacking on high-energy snacks as they may also trigger cravings. After a major meal or a snack, your blood sugar level will most likely rise quickly.

Such a phenomenon may trigger your liver to release insulin lower and bring the sugar levels down to optimal levels. However, if your blood sugar lowers beyond optimal levels, your brain may try to correct these levels by triggering cravings for high-energy foods that provide your body with carbs or simple sugars.

  • Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

DMAE helps you maintain an active mood while you engage yourself in exercise routines. So, while in a lighter mood, it makes workout sessions fun and super effective. Also, this ingredient is known to treat cognitive disorders.

So if you can’t keep up with the pace at your local gym, this ingredient will help ensure you stay focused on your workout sessions.

Additionally, it’ll allow your body to use energy, an essential factor in weight loss. And as recommended by most people, including the manufacturer, it’s the more reason why you should choose PhenGold.

PhenGold Reviews-Key Benefits

As you already know by now, like any other supplement, PhenGold is an excellent diet pill for weight loss. But now that you know what PhenGold is, its ingredients, and how it works, what should you expect? Some of the benefits the manufacturer claims this diet pill to have include; 

  • Boosts Metabolism

The primary target in your body for this supplement in curbing weight gain and obesity is metabolism. Metabolism may not necessarily be a chemical reaction in your body, but it’s directly linked to weight loss.

Generally, metabolism is technically every chemical process in your body that enables your body organs to work properly. Vital body functions linked to metabolism are; the breathing system, cell repair, and food digestion process, among others. 

However, metabolism requires a lot of energy, which, if not burned in the appropriate amounts, can cause unwanted fat build-up. This is where the green coffee and tea extracts ingredient in the PhenGold comes into play as they target metabolism.

The acid in green coffee beans can reduce fat and glucose levels the stomach absorbs during digestion. Essentially, this can boost overall body metabolism while also stabilizing insulin levels. 

  • Boosts Mood and Energy Levels

According to the manufacturer, technically, PhenGold ingredients are natural energy boosters. Moreover, the DMAE lifts your moods, leaving you feeling positive and focused on your weight loss journey. 

A combination of lifted moods and energy can help you perform your daily routine efficiently. Your body should use this energy to help you burn more fat to cut those extra pounds. And as previously mentioned, all the mood-lifting Ingredients in PhenGold can make you stay charged up and remain motivated in your workout routines. 

  • Reduces Levels of Calories

If you can calculate and compare the number of calories you consume versus the amount you burn, you’ll realize that it’s all straightforward. But in this case, your primary aim is to burn more calories with PhenGold.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds since you’ll need the help of a nutritionist or a dietician. As claimed by the manufacturer, the good thing is that PhenGold prioritizes reducing calories. Don’t forget, though, that this supplement yields significant results when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. 

  • Lowers Food Cravings

Most overweight and obese people find fighting the urge to snack a challenging battle. But according to the manufacturer, PhenGold will smoothly align itself with your diet as it suppresses hunger pangs and food cravings.

In addition, such people also find it challenging to cut down to an ideal weight, especially if they are always up even at night snacking on their favorite salty food. 

As stated by the manufacturer, Vitamin B6 does the incredible magic of offering a natural remedy to curb such intense food cravings. In the long run, you won’t feel like you’re battling against your workout routines or diet. This means you should see your food cravings drop drastically. 

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Phen Gold Customer Reviews

Those who’ve undergone weight loss know that the process isn’t a joke. While many continue to commend this diet pill for its exceptional weight loss properties, others strongly recommend it to their families and friends. So how effective is PhenGold based on customer reviews?

  • Laura started by exercising thrice a week and adopting a healthier diet with the hopes of losing weight. Firstly, she battled the urge to eat larger amounts of calories. But she eventually fell victim to snacking. When she included phenGold in her workout routines and dietary, she noticed a significant difference within a month. By the end of the first four weeks, her waist had reduced by 2 inches, while overall, she had dropped 9 pounds.
  • Kristina claims she lost 21 pounds within four years of using PhenGold. According to her, “21” was her magical number, meaning she’d returned to her original body weight.

Possible Side Effects of using PhenGold

Generally, nonprescription weight loss supplements are safe to use. But, it’s crucial to ensure that whatever supplement you’re using —including PhenGold— is FDA certified or approved by a US-related national department.

Because PhenGold comprises all-natural ingredients, the manufacturer suggests there’s no need to worry about any side effects. However, popping a PhenGold pill late in the evening can cause restlessness due to high caffeine levels.

Advisably, you should avoid using PhenGold; suppose you’re allergic to any of its ingredients. While you might take PhenGold pills at any time during the day, preferably, you should take them on an empty stomach.

Surprisingly, phenGold has significant backing from many health professionals as a safe supplement without any side effects.

Moreover, countless users claim that they haven’t experienced any health issues from using this diet pill. Arguably, you should continue using this diet pill even after gaining the ideal body weight. This is essential to maintain your body weight and stabilize your appetite. 

PhenGold Dosage

A bottle containing 90 pills is what this supplement comes in. These pills are enough to take you for a whole if you take three daily. Also, the manufacturer directs on consuming the capsules with water.

Notably, you can take three pills all at once per day or take one for breakfast, another during lunch hours, and the last one during dinner. 

As already mentioned, the manufacturer encourages pairing PhenGold with a healthy diet and workout routines. That’s because such a combination will yield significant and instant weight loss results.

However, it’s advisable you consult with your doctor about whether PhenGold is suitable for your given factors, such as; health status, age, current medication, etc. 

Pros and Cons Of Using PhenGold Supplement

It’s crucial you know that not everyone is cut out for weight loss medications. That’s why you should seek a professional opinion from your doctor before trying out this diet pill. Suppose your doctor determines the weight loss medication isn’t fit for you; they might recommend changes in your workout routines, diet, and even adjusting your sleep patterns.

Healthcare professionals and PhemGold makers recommend managing your emotional issues before using this diet pill. Pros and cons linked to PhenGold are as follows;


  • It helps boost overall energy levels and metabolism naturally
  • The company behind it is transparent about the ingredients, including the dosage
  • Since its components are all-natural, it doesn’t hold any potential side effects
  • It enhances cognitive and improves mental functionality
  • The supplement contains high-quality researched ingredients.
  • It helps motivate you by boosting your mood
  • Aside from being vegan friendly, this formula is free of soy, GMO, and lactose 


  • It contains high caffeine levels 
  • Some may find PhenGold to be expensive at its retail price of $80 for a month’s supply
  • It’s only available for online purchase 

Where to Purchase PhenGold

One thing you Should know is that you’ll never come across PhenGold at your local supermarket. The only place you can buy the diet pill is on the official website by placing an order. At the official site, you’ll see three package options, and you can choose either depending on your preferences. The breakdown constitutes; 

Two months pack, which goes for about $120 — package comes with an additional one month’s free supply. 
Three months pack, which goes for about $180—package comes with additional two months of free supply. 
One-month pack, which costs about $60.

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The best part is these packages have a money-back guarantee, suppose you aren’t satisfied with the results. Note that the guarantee is only viable for the first 100 days from purchase. That’s because the diet pill works differently from person to person. But the manufacturer claims you should start seeing results within a month of use. 

In case you are a dissatisfied customer, the seller has the right to slash $15 from your full refund to Carter for shipping costs. So, before you submit your refund request, you should know the following; 

  • The money-back guarantee is only issuable once.
  • The manufacturer can only evaluate your claims after 50 days of using the supplement.
  • The guarantee is valid for orders exceeding a month’s supply.
  • You can only make refund claims for your first purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about PhenGold

When Should I take PhenGold?

As directed by the manufacturer, you can take it in two ways. Since you’re supposed to take three pills per day, you can take one in the morning, another in the afternoon, and the last one early evening.

However, you risk restlessness at night; suppose you take the pill late before sleep. Another alternative is taking the three pills all at once. All you need to do is choose a preferred time of the day. 

What is Comparable to Phentermine?

If you’re looking for other weight loss supplements to compare with phentermine Adipex-P and Victoza, liraglutide are the best candidates to consider.

Does Insurance Cover Phentermine?

In some circumstances, where you can’t afford to buy the supplement, your insurance may come to the rescue. 

What is a Natural Alternative to Phentermine?

Obviously, Phentermine [8] isn’t the only weight loss supplement out there; however, it’s among the most popular ones. So, if you’re looking for natural alternatives to Phentermine, some of them include; 

  • LeanBean
  • Phen24
  • PrimeShred
  • PhenQ

Will my Doctor Prescribe Phentermine?

As long as you don’t have any underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc., you are not under any critical medications.

If you aren’t allergic to the ingredients, then your doctor can prescribe Phentermine. That’s why before trying out any weight loss supplement, you seek a health professional’s expert opinion first.

Can you take Phentermine Longer than 3 Months?

After you’ve achieved the ideal body weight, health professionals advise continued use of the pill to maintain your weight and stabilize your appetite.

Does phengold Really work?

According to the manufacturer, this diet pill works given its natural ingredients. It’s most effective when paired with workout routines in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. Moreover, PhenGold has strong backing from many positive customer reviews and health professionals’ recommendations. 

Does phengold contain caffeine or other stimulants?

PhenGold contains high levels of caffeine which is a disadvantage for its users. That’s because consuming this pill later in the evening, closer to bedtime, will leave you restless in the night. That’s why health professionals and drug manufacturers discourage taking your last pill of the day before retiring to sleep.

What is similar to phentermine over the counter?

PhenGold and PhenQ are good weight loss supplements with a composition resemblance to Phentermine. Other alternatives which are similar to Phentermine are Adipex and Adipex-p. 

Is there generic phentermine?

Adipex-P in what acts as generic phentermine. Also, the generic version is a lot cheaper than the original brand. So unless you need the original brand version for some reason, the generic one remains to be of a better value. 

Final Verdict

Don’t consider PhenGold a weight loss magic because it might not work for you. Scientific Research indicates that this weight loss diet pill is safer for use with its all-natural content. Two main factors in your body phenGold pills target for weight loss are; metabolism and suppressing your appetite. 

Generally, based on the above information, Phen Gold consumer reviews it’s pretty clear that PhenGold is an effective weight loss diet pill suitable for overweight individuals. This is mainly due to huge praises based on tons of customer reviews.

Above all, its ingredients have also garnered significant scientific backing based on evidence of its capabilities to propel weight loss. And as Robert Collier once said, ” success is the measure of small efforts repeatedly daily.”

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