How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – 17 Signs To Look For

How to tell if a guy likes you is an imaginable question. There are times when you have no idea whether or not the handsome man that you like, has the same feeling for you.

How to tell if a guy likes you

The question is how do you know if he likes you? What are the signs to look for? Better yet how to make a guy like you and notice you fast. While it is very difficult to approach a guy and find out how he feels, there are signs a guy likes you, Whenever you meet someone you like and you’re not sure, you can look for those signs.

Here is How to know if a guy likes you – 17 Signs he likes you

There are instances where the man you meet is very introvert and you may want to distance yourself as it is very difficult for them to express their feeling.

There are many situations where the guy you meet is happy, excited about you and he cannot hide his feeling. There are some tell-tale signs you can look for to make that connection. Some of these signs will be very obvious, you will be able to pick them really fast, they’re more subconscious mind.

There are some real signs a guy likes you but there are more to those obvious signs, sometimes you just not sure. You don’t really know, he may be introvert, .

I’ve listed below several signs you can look for on how to know if a guy likes you , the list start with the more obvious one to those you are having difficulty to tell.

  • He will Let you know

Many men are not afraid rejection, they’re brave enough to let you know how they feel, what they are feeling for you. Although many of you may think it is a joke because of his straight-forward technique. If you are not sure about how he feels you can look for other obvious signs before you make the move.


  • Trying to learn more about you

When a guy is looking to know more about you that usually mean is has feeling for you. It is really is easy to identify as the guy who like you, will not go around to ask everyone about themselves. Be able to make the difference between someone who is just joking around or someone who is serious. A guy who is serious about you will be persistent, he may try to ask the same question over and over.

  • He mentions Common Interest among you two

You may see that during a conversation he puts a lot of interest to something you like or enjoy doing. He will make reference to common interest, these are signs a guy likes you He will always want to be in the good side of the conversation.  He will show interest, compare him to you.

  • Look for his body language

Body language play a crucial role, this is a great way to quickly find out how he feels for you. Sometimes during a meeting or when sitting together, if  he makes the move, try to get closer to touch you, this is a good sign that he likes you and if you’re also into it you can smile to make the connection.

  • His demeanor change when you’re here

He will act differently when you are around. One way you can quickly how he feels. If you see that  he has been very careful at anything he does when you are here, this is a good sign that he likes you. Some example can be, he is trying to be respectful, caring.

  • He tries to avoid you

I know you may not want to believe that but this a typical sign with shy guys. You may wonder why; this is simply because they’re afraid of rejection.

Sometimes, they might completely ignore you when they’re around others, act like they don’t even know who you are, but you can expect when you’re alone they will try to make the move.

The good news is if you are really into him you can make yourself more available, smile more, talk to him or even approach him to know how he feels about you.

This is really help as it helps a lot with his confidence. You will begin to notice that he is not afraid to approach you anymore. You see sometimes you ladies have to make the move.

  • He gets you a drink

This a debatable question when it comes on getting a drink from a man you don’t really know well. You should always be very careful.  You will often see that if a guy likes you, he will get you a drink without even ask and he will just take care of your bill.

  • He asks for your phone number

When a guy likes you, he will ask for your phone number so he can check on you. This is usually an indication that he has something for you.

Another possibility is that he might be introvert, he asks for your number because that is the easy rout for him to tell you how he feels. This may also be a sign when a shy guy likes you but if you feel the same you can try to make it easy for him to get your number.

  • He tries kiss you, hugs you

This is a noticeable on how to tell if a guy likes you , when a man is trying to kiss you, hugs you or get all over you whenever he sees you.  Most guys will try to go for the kiss, this a good sign he likes you. There are also some other characteristic you can look for, remember there are some men who express themselves differently.

  • Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is a great sign. If a guy keep staring at you than he normally do, this is definitely a sign that he has something for you.  

  • He looks away

You might have seen that before some men will stare at you and as soon as you turn, he looks in a different direction.


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  • He always smiles when he sees you

If you notice a man smile at you when there is really nothing to trigger him, then this a very encouraging sign you can look for. You will often see that he tries to walk near you to smile at you.

This is a great  sign if you see that he keep walking towards your way  in a day to day basis then you can rest assure that he is a great sign on how to tell if a guy likes you , if you like him,  you can try to smile  back or flirt a little bit if you’re not that shy girl.

  • He wants to know if you have a boyfriend

There is one reason a man would want to know if you are already taken. He is just checking to see if he has a chance to still win you.

  • He is very protective about you

If you see that a man is trying to protect you and he really cares about you. This is a great sign that he likes you. He will try to call you from time to time to know how you are doing .

  • He feels jealous about you

When someone is jealous about you, this is a good indication that he likes you. No man would be jealous for girl he has no feeling for.

For example he doesn’t like seeing you walking with another man even if he is just a friend or a coworker. If you see that he is very jealous about you then this is a good sign on how to tell if a guy likes you .

  • He finds way to impress you

When a guy makes to impress you is a positive sign, he would want you to always be happy, he would walk the extra miles no matter how long it takes as long as you’re happy.

For example, he may not be able to afford you a gift but he will go beyond his way by using his credit card to get you something . Any man who goes beyond his way for you is someone who really loves you and wants to show you that.

  • He wants to take you on a date  

When a man likes you, he will try to take you out, he will try to go beyond his way to convince you to go on a date. Nevertheless, a shy guy may have difficulty to ask you out, they will try to take the indirect way by asking a friend to invite you out.

How to tell if a guy likes you will vary depending on the type of man that you’re dealing. The above ideas are some signs a guy likes you.

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