5 Simple Tips on How to Get Rid of Spots Fast

How to get rid of spots fast can be a challenge for so many. All of us want to achieve clear, flawless and young-looking skin. We always strive to look our best and supply our skin the nutrients it needs to thrive. However, there are just times that no matter how much we put the best efforts in our daily skin care regimen, it just does not work, as stubborn spots always make an appearance.

how to get rid of spots fast

While this may be really disappointing, and it may badly affect your confidence and the way you connect with people, do not lose hope. You can always put an end to the spring of these annoying and disturbing spots.

This article will share with you the best ways on how to get rid of spots fast as well as helpful tips on how to avoid the inflammation of spots.

Let us start off with defining what spots really are and how they form.

What are spots?

Spots, also referred to as pimples or zits, are tiny reddish lumps that form and become present on the skin. These spots sometimes contain pus, and are caused by hair follicle blockage. Spots form when an area in the skin becomes infected. Sometimes, spots become present as sign of a person getting chicken pox or measles, or it also forms to become an acne when no or improper treatment has been done.Hair follicle blockage plays the main role in the formation of spots. You may ask: “How is that possible?”


Every hair follicle we have in the body is attached to a sebaceous gland. This particular gland is responsible for secreting sebum, which is an oily fluid that maintains the moisture in the skin and hair. When the sebaceous gland secretes too much sebum than needed for hair and skin moisture, it can combine with dead skin cells, causing hair follicle blockage. As soon as hair follicle blockage occurs, expect the spot to form in the affected area.

Usually, the depth of this spot depends on the bacteria present on the skin or facial area. Also, people who sweat a lot are more prone to getting spots since sweat can be a forming ground for bacteria, and bacteria cause spots or a bigger version of it, which are acne.

While spots are harmless and absolutely do not pose a threat to human life, it is inevitable to feel embarrassed when you have it; or worse, when you have a lot of it, especially on your face. That’s why we will share with you on how to get rid of spots fast and in the most effective way possible.


5 Great tips on how to remove spots fast
1. Use Honey

Raw and all-natural honey contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help in speeding up the healing of spots as well as in preventing further infections in the skin area. Aside from that, the honey’s thickness aids in skin dirt elimination. So, applying honey on your face is an effective way to get rid of spots fast, as well as to unleash your skin’s glow.

All you have to do is to apply honey on the affected area by using a cotton swab. Then, leave it for 30 minutes and rinse your skin well with lukewarm water.


2. Treat the area with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been always known to effectively treat spots. It contains anti-bacterial properties that avoid skin inflammation and irritation. Also, tea tree oil helps in drying out whiteheads and blackheads as well as in reducing the redness and swelling on the affected area. So, using it as a way to get rid of spots is a great choice.

All you have to do is to put a generous amount of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and apply it on the skin area. After 20 minutes, wash your face well with lukewarm water.

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3. Apply egg whites on the affected area

Using egg whites to get rid of spots are no doubt the cheapest but effective way you can follow. Since egg whites contain amino acids and vitamins, it is a great way to remove spots, make way for the healing of skin cells as well as scars.

Use 3 egg whites, whip it well in a bowl and leave it for around 3 minutes. Then, apply the whipped egg whites on your face by using your fingers. Let it dry then put another layer of whipped egg white mask on your face. You must be able to achieve a 4-layer whipped egg white mask. Then, leave it for around 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash it well and apply a mild skin moisturizer.


4. Use Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel has been recognized as a natural way to heal wounds and burns. However, it is also one of the best solutions to get rid of scars fast. With its anti-bacterial properties, it also inhibits the swelling and irritation of pimples in the most relaxing manner.

All you have to do is to wash your face or skin well, and apply Aloe Vera gel on the affected area, then, wait for the best results to happen.


5. Apply lemon juice on your face

Lastly, another simple and natural but effective way to get rid of spots is by applying lemon juice on the affected area. Lemon juice contains a high amount of citric acid which helps in dead skin cell removal. Also, lemon juice has the ability to dry out the spots and whiten the skin, especially the scarred area.

Just put a generous amount of fresh lemon juice on a cotton swab and apply it on the affected area overnight. Make sure you use fresh, natural and 100% lemon juice in doing this to achieve the best results.


5 Helpful Tips on How to Avoid the Inflammation of Spots

1. Avoid touching and pricking the affected area

The most helpful but basic tip on how to avoid the inflammation of spots is to never, ever touch or prick it. Even if there are times that you are just itchy to get rid of the spot, do not prick it to boost the process, because usually, the condition of your skin is compromised.

Once you prick the affected area, scars can form; of course, those are something harder or almost impossible to remove unless you undergo medical treatment. So, avoid pricking the affected area. Another, if you do not want to infect or feel tempted on pricking the area, do your best to just avoid touching it.


2. Do not get tired in cleaning and washing your face

Keep in mind that spots become irritated and form into acne when there are bacteria present in the area. So, the best thing you can do is to get rid of these spot-causing bacteria by being devout on cleaning and washing your face or skin.

Always make time to wash your face, even if you feel tired to do it, since it is only for your own good and most especially, for your skin. Use an anti-bacterial or/and anti-acne facial wash that is mild or ideal for your skin type. If in case you have used a facial wash that causes inflammation on your spots, discontinue using it and look for a milder but effective anti-bacterial facial wash.


3. Wash and sanitize your hands before doing the skin/facial treatment

Oftentimes, spots become inflamed not because of the treatment, not because on how it is applied, but mainly because on what is used to apply it. So, if you applied the treatment by using your hands that are not washed and sanitized, chances are you are also spreading bacteria on your face or on the affected skin area.

Always make sure to wash and sanitize your hands before doing the skin/facial treatment, so that the purpose of doing it will not be defeated and so that it will bear effective and successful results on making your skin better.


4. Moisturize Skin

moisturizers are known for aiding in skin repair and skin inflammation reduction. Thus, applying it after washing your face would help you to avoid the irritation of your spots, because mostly, irritated skin is caused by dry skin.

Use a skin moisturizer that is mild or ideal for your skin type, and contains vitamins C and E, so that it is more effective in treating, and avoiding spot inflammation. If in case your moisturizer does otherwise, discontinue using it and consult your dermatologist on the best moisturizer option you can use.


5. Eat antioxidant-rich foods

One way you can also avoid the inflammation of spots, or even the likeliness of its formation, is by watching what you eat. Slow down on sweet and fatty foods, and rev up on the antioxidant-rich foods.

Foods rich in antioxidants are known to aid in treating pimples. Aside from that, anti-oxidants fight against the free radicals that damage the cells, causing the skin to look dull and old. So, by consuming anti-oxidant rich foods, you get a number of skin benefits: you avoid the formation and inflammation of spots, your skin looks younger and fairer, and your skin gains that natural glow you’ve never had before.

With these best ways on how to get rid of spots fast, you can say goodbye to those ugly and disturbing spots in the quickest and most effective way possible. Gain back that long gone confidence. Follow these tips and say hello to a new, flawless and a more beautiful you.

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