How To Get Him Back – 5 Tips You must use

How to get him back is always a difficult subject to discuss.  If you are reading this, I’m assuming you either dump him or he did.

how to get him back

The reality is no matter how the relationship ended you might still have a chance to get your ex back. So, how do you do it without make it seems desperate or obvious that you eager to win him back.

Here is How to win him back without make it seems desperate:

  • Cope with the breakup

Before you try to get him back, you need to understand how to get over someone you love first. This is very important because you don’t want your ex to take you for granted and use you as his doormat.

 If your ex ended the relationship, you missed him so bad and eager to win him back.  You must start by taking care of yourself, have fun and enjoy life.  As hard as it may sound this is the best thing you can do  to help you achieve your goal.

  • Accept the reason why it happened

If you achieve on winning your ex-boyfriend back, you two need to start working on what initially cause the breakup so it doesn’t happen again. If you were at fault, take full responsibility and learn from it, hopefully he will choose to do the same.

So, if you were  responsible for the breakup, talk to him, let him know that you are sorry, do not pretend like you didn’t do anything as that will only make it worse and pushes him away.

  • Do not chase Your Ex

Chasing Your ex is a disastrous Mistakes that will not help you. You need to spend time alone to understand why it really happen, try to reflect on why you two broke up  whether or not he was a good boyfriend or if he is some that you really saw your future with.

Chasing him will only make it worst, you need to spend more time alone or with friends that will put you on the right direction just be very careful to who you speak to as everyone’s opinion is different.

Once the emotion is over, you will be in a much better place to learn how to get him back and discuss things. To do that you will need to spend time learning how to care for yourself and stop thinking about him.

You need to understand how to care for yourself or love yourself before you can care for someone you love.

Here is how to make him want you back

  • Figure out a plan to win him

Now you have to figure out a plan on how to win him back. If you ended the relationship, then you might need to stay away from him for a little because he might not be too happy.

 He also may need sometimes to get himself together, when you finally ready and decides to talk to him just let him know that you ready to let things go and spend your life with him.

 Furthermore, he might ask you to give him sometimes to think about it. Just allow him to reflect into it and figure out what he wants to do.

If your boyfriend broke up with you, you must not try to get in touch with him for a minimum of 30 days. At some point he will realize that he wants you by his side and eager to get you back.

Remember for at least 30 days, try not to pick up his call, his text and you should refrain from contacting him as well. No matter how painful this can be, make him think that you are enjoying life and you don’t really miss him.

If he really wants you back once he doesn’t hear from you, he will try to contact you and figure out how you are doing. Believe it when I say it, he will want to know why you have not been trying to call him or text him. Remember let him feel that you are happy.

If you use the guidelines above, you might not be the one to reach out to him. He will be eager to know why he doesn’t hear from you and he will try to contact you. But if you don’t hear back from him you can always try to contact him but like I said earlier give it time, don’t make it seems to desperate because that’s how to win him back.

If he calls you, invite him for a drink to talk a little bit. If he is showing interest you can try to flirt, you know him better than anyone. Think about something that will make him happy, he will start to realize that he was missing something and desperate to have you back.

  • Take Ownership Of You Mistakes

So, if you chose to breakup with him, be able to explain that you are ready to move past things and start fresh. If it was your mistake, take full ownership and hope that he will accept it.

If he is unsure of what to do next, let him know that you will be willing to stay friend and give him sometimes to think about it (Be careful of not to fall in the friend zone)

As you can see how to win him back shouldn’t be that complicated. If you follow the guidelines above, you will be on your way to win your ex-boyfriend. Don’t let your emotion win you, give him time to decide. After all, if it doesn’t happen it’s not the end of the world, you just have to move on

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