How To Get A Guy To Like You- What Men Want

How to get a guy to like you  shouldn’t be a complicated process. We’ve all been in this shoe. There’s this nice-looking guy that you like. You are not sure whether or not he feels the same for you.

how to get a guy to like to like you

His mixed signals aren’t doing anything to prove his feeling. A lot of questions are going through your mind. Is he flirting?  Or if is he just being nice to me? Did that look really mean something? Was he trying to get personal when he comes so close to me? The question is how to tell if a guy likes you?  how do you know when a guy like you? Better yet, how to get him  to notice you and get him to like you?

How to make a guy to like you fall in love with you shouldn’t be a difficult process? The truth is you can get any man to notice you! As a matter in fact, you can get any man you want. The way to a man’s heart is not a secret to any woman, you just need to know how to get him fall head over heels for you.

I am going to give you a few pointers that you can use that will make any man want you more than anything else in the universe.

If you follow these tips carefully, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t propose to you within days, I’m just kidding no man will propose to you right after you met them. He has to know more about you first. The real deal is to give him at least 90 days

How To Make A Guy Like You By Winning his attention?

The crucial step on how to get a guy to like you, is to get his attention. He will not be able to fall in love with you if he doesn’t know much about you.

• Make him like what he sees.  Dress Sexy.  Show him Something he likes

If you really want to know how to make a guy to like you and fall for you, you have to show him something. Another key to get a guy to like you is to show confidence. Another key aspect is to love yourself, be happy, enjoy life.  Confidence is sexy; more than those makeups, more than that pair of jeans that make your butt look attractive.

The truth is all of these beauty accessories doesn’t mean anything in life. If you don’t have the confidence to show, man won’t notice you. You must try to look your best, but you need more than showing your nice body if you are going to try to get him to like you. How you speak to a man can help to win his heart

• Be Enjoyable

No man wants to be with someone who is boring and not enjoying life.  The guy of your dreams is more likely to have an eye on you if you are enjoyable, having a good time and enjoying life. Have him see how you love life and the people around you. Show him some humor. You will be so much appeal to him that way.

Try not to be desperate

This is very unattractive to a man when a girl is chasing a guy she likes. She might not see anything wrong about it, but he will. If it is taking time for the guy to notice you, it doesn’t really mean to push harder to get his attention. Stay true to yourself, stay confident, and be enjoy life.  If a guy really likes you, he will eventually see you. The reality is if you try to speed things up, you might push him away, this is a complete turn off for most guys.  

When you look in his direction, don’t quickly look away and don’t look too long. You don’t want to seem nervous, but you also don’t want to come off as some creep. Simply hold the glance for a few seconds, smile, and get back to whatever you were doing. When you walk by him, do so gracefully and with purpose. Don’t linger and don’t zoom right past him.

• Be friendly and Easy to talk

How to get a guy to like you shouldn’t be difficult, the key takes away here is to be be friendly if you ever need your crush to come and talk to you. If you really go over the above ideas carefully you will be on your way to get a guy to like you. He wants to know you are open to a simple conversation.

Next time When your crush look at you, just open up to him, smile, a simple gesture will get him to talk you.

What To Do If You can’t Get Him To Like You?

• Approach him

A lot of man will not approach a woman because they are very shy or sometimes afraid of rejection. There is absolutely nothing against making the first move.

• Play with his mind

Now you have made so much progress on having his attention and making talk to you. Now, you want him to remember you.  The best way to have him keep thinking about you, is some mild flattery. Give him some compliment; it could be about a nice haircut that he just has or a beautiful shirt that he wears.

Another great tip on how to make a guy like you, is through flirt. man can’t resist a girl with a flirty personality. The reality is that harsh humor may be one of the best ways to win your man’s heart.  A woman who is funny and doesn’t take things too serious is really attractive in the eyes of a man.


• Build a connection, Get to know him more

The quickest way to learn more about him is to talk more about you. Try not to overdo it, a few fun things about you, should get him to open up a little bit. Once you two know a few things about each other, it will very easy to continue get the conversation going and learn more about one another.

• Look for Similar Interest

looking for similar interests by talking about some of the things enjoy best. Anything from your favorite food, sport, and many more. Try not to be to random, try to discuss about things that make sense to the ongoing conversation.


•It’s time to do things together

Look for the appropriate time, to invite him to do something the two of you have common. Look for something that you think he will also enjoy.

Be aware of the friend Zone

You want to be aware of the friend zone. I’m not saying not to be his friend, but you have to let him know that you’re not looking to be just be his friend, you also want to be the love of his life.

You can step up your game by making the next move.  

•  Flirt More

. Smile whenever you see him, open up to him.  You can even throw in a few dirty jokes or make him think twice. Remember it is very important not to overdo it.

•Try to make more eye contact with your man

Eye contact is very a crucial move.  A man can quickly notice you when you eye contact with a very gently smile.

•More physical contact

Increasing physical contact is very important One way you can do that is to touch him in a more-than-friend zone kind. If he likes it, he will want more physical contact with you.

What to do if none of these don’t work

Hopefully, you have won his heart by now. If everything else fail to work, there are just one last shot that you have.  

  • Try make yourself less available to him

Not only do you want to be less available to him, you want to give him the impression that you are okay with not having him in your life as much. This will change a couple things. The most Important one is the fact that he is not having you around, believe it or not he will start to miss those moments. He will start to figure out why it is easy for you to spend time without him. Lastly, he will try to get his way back to you

  •  It’s okay to make him feel jealous

 This will make you look not too desperate. Keep in mind you will want to do that only if he makes himself less available.

Note: The tips above will guide you to get the man of your man your dream.  You cannot change how someone feel but if he really loves you will be able to win his heart these pointers above. How to get a guy to like you should be difficult if none of these don’t move on, enjoy life, it’s really not the end of the world. Stay confident yourself and you will meet the love of your life


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