How To Get a Girl To Like You Fast-6 Things To know Now

How to get a girl to like you does not have to be a complicated process. One night you are out with a couple friends and see that gorgeous girl that you like and wants to impress her and talk to her but not sure what to say. So how do you this without getting a rejection or make her runs away from you?

how to make a girl like you fast

You need to master how to approach a girl before you can get her to like you. When you try to approach her, your heart is racing, you don’t know what to say. If you went through this before then you know well enough the problem that most guys experience when they try to approach a girl, they like.

The reality is there is a good way to approach her and start talking to her and it will be very hard for her to refuse to talk to you. You need to master those simple rules before you try to approach any woman otherwise, you’re going to be in limbo.

 If you go over these rules below that I will address shortly , you will be able on your way to get the girl of your dream, to start a good conversation with any women.

Here is how to make a girl like you like you fast:

  • Have Confidence

Let me give you one simple rules that you must know: “Confidence”. Have you ever heard of that phrase? “Confidence is the key to win anything”, that is true my friend. Once you have your confidence up, you will be able to learn how to get a girl to like you back with some simple tips.

The issue is you believe that you can not win her, you probably not her type and that quickly crush your confidence and it’s even worse when you try to approach her then she ignore you. She is so gorgeous, and you think that you can’t win her heart.that’s not the right approach if you want to know how to make a girl like you.

Well, you could just be one step away from winning her, she could just very much feel the same about you or possibly even more interested than you are, you will not think any of that because of your inability to approach her, get to know her, you automatically assume the opposite.

Women also feel the same way about guys, lack of confidence, inability to approach a guy, that girl could very well be attracted to you, but you will never know until you make the move.

Majority of women will not give you any pointers until you start talking to them, getting to know them. Women also have doubt about themselves, whether they beautiful enough, why you’re not approaching them.

  • Always Listen To her
how to make a guy like you fast
  • Girls don’t like guys who seeing them as just an object, they want a guy who cares about them, most importantly someone who not just see the beauty. They like to hear more from you besides telling them that they are gorgeous.
    • In ladies mind, you are trying to get a one night stand, that is a big turn off most girls.  This is not how to get a girl to like you, she will not be too happy about that approach.
  • Learn How to Approach her

If you can figure out the right way to approach a girl, how to talk then you will be on your way to learn how to make a girl like you and she will be yours forever. You don’t have to be a handsome guy to win a girl’s heart. Believe or not most ladies don’t fall in love with guys for their style.

Although that might be a plus sign but often time most women want something deeper than that. Girls want to see how you are different from other guys, they want to see what you can bring in the relationship, these will encourage her to find out more about you.

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How To Get A Guy To Like You Fast [ For Women]

This is about knowing what women likes about men when it comes to learn how to make a girl like you. Rather than focusing on her gorgeous look, look for something positive about that girl that really attract you. If you’re out and about and luckily you happen to be next to her, try to approach her with a simile and introduce yourself.

When you finally get to talk to her ask open ended question to get the conversation going. It can be anything from what does she do for a living. Current job.

It is very important that you watch her body language. That can play a crucial role to help you get that girl to like you. Look for pointers like if she is making direct eye contact with you, if she is smiling as the conversation going.

If she doesn’t smile or make eye contact sometimes that can be an indication, she might not be into it at the moment. There are plenty of beautiful stars in the universe, she simply might be the one, you can just move on

  • Learn how to Impress her

You need to make a good impression on her, show confidence, say something nice about yourself. Don’t overdo it or don’t try to brag about money, things like that, if you can find something nice that the two of you have in common chances are you will probably make a great impression on her .

It is very important that you dress nice in a casual way when meeting her except if you have a formal date. You will need to dress more formal. Women. Getting her to like you will be a lot easier once you make that first impression.

Women loves to see guys who takes great care of themselves. As a rule of thumb always make sure that you dress appropriately when going out with a girl. That will help you differentiate yourself from other guys who trying to win her.

You see the common belief with a lot of men is that you need to have a lot of money to win a women’s heart, but this is really a misconception. According to a survey from the NY Post, most women like guys who are funny, outgoing and with a great personality. These are some of the attribute’s women choose when looking for a guy to go on a date.

Women need men’s who are responsible, goal oriented, work hard to support themselves. They usually don’t like men who choose not to do anything to improve their life.

For example, you will see a woman attract more to a guy who is going to school rather than a guy who sits all day around not doing anything. But there are quite a few women who don’t really care about none of those above, these are typically the one that just into one-night stand.

  • Stay True to yourself

If you need to find out how to get a girl to like you then you have to be true to yourself.  Follow your own value, don’t try to impress her by lying to her, one way or another she will find out and that will cause some problems in the relationship.

This is a complete turn off for women, they don’t like guys who are fake and not telling the truth. Let say if you are seeing other girls, let her know instead of her finding out the way.

If you are not ready to make any commitment, it’s okay to let her know, make her feel that there is special bond between you two although you are seeing other women.

  • Take time to listen to her

I know that I discuss that before, but this is so important that you spend time and listen to her when she wants to discuss things with you. Women cannot help themselves and neither can you. When she is not happy, try to go with it. Women are very emotional that something you will need to get used to.

Some women just not confident about themselves, you need to understand that as well. Do you recall the first time you saw her, you thought that you had no chance of winning her heart because of lack of confidence or you may thought that  you were not good enough to get her to like you.

The truth is she doesn’t fully believe on herself neither, women’s doubt themselves too. Just keep in mind that any beautiful woman that you meet might take you away from her. Try to convince her this will never be the case if you see a different side of her.

How to get a girl to like you shouldn’t be to complicate if you follow the above guidelines . Confidence is the key to win a woman’s heart . If you are really serious to know how to get a girl to like you, you have to show in yourself.

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