How to Gain Lean Muscle Fast – 5 Hidden Tips You Must Know

Muscles add a fit and toned appearance to our bodies and also help in the performance of importance tasks. Because of that reason, many people are interested to learn how to gain lean muscle fast.

 how to gain lean muscle fast

The ‘American College of Sports Medicine’ argues that strength training is the core activity for people intending to learn how to gain lean muscle. Among other factors that help in gaining lean muscle are avoiding weight loss, having adequate rest and taking a healthy diet.

Here Are 5 Best Way To Gain Muscle Fast:


  1. Weight Lifting

Regular lifting of weights is one of  best way to gain muscle fast . People intending to gain lean muscles should do strength two times every week and ensure that they include all main muscle groups. Your aim should be three to four sets of 10-12 repetitions for the best results in resistance training. People above the age of 65 should take more repetitions lighter weights because of their fitness level.

  1. Aerobic Exercises

Despite weight lifting being important in building lean muscles, a high percentage of body fat makes the definition of these muscles complicated. As such, there is no doubt that people who want to increase muscle mass have to cut down on their body fat. Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and biking are important in the loss of body fat. For the best results, ensure that you take a minimum of 150 minutes of aerobic exercises weekly.


  1. Follow a Healthy Diet

Resistance training is crucial when it comes to gaining muscles, but a healthy diet plays a more important role. To increase on lean muscle mass, ensure that you take a healthy diet which features vegetables, whole grains, fruits and low fat dairy.

High contents of protein like those found in lean red meat and eggs maximizes the results of resistance training. According to the “American Council on Exercise’, people intending to build lean muscles should eat between 0.8 t0m1.2 grams of protein per every kilogram of their body weight.


  1. Avoid Weight Loss

If you are looking to know how to gain lean muscle fast avoid weight loss.   When your body loses weight, you are forced to survive on less calories than usual and as a result, the body relies on fuel stores. Fat is basically used as a source of fuel during weight loss, although muscle mass also provided energy needed for the body.

Ensure that you consume enough calories daily to prevent muscle atrophy. The average active person between 18 and 40 years needs between 2,000 to 3,00 calories per day, depending with the level of activity.


  1. Get Adequate Rest

During sleep, the body rests and recuperates from the pressure of daily life. Sleep is mandatory for all of us, although people attempting to build muscles are more dependent on this crucial activity. Healthy adults should ensure they have six to eight hours of sleep per night for the best results in gaining muscle mass. People with difficulties in staying or falling asleep should consult an insomnia expert.


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Habits That Prevent You from Gaining Lean Muscles


Gaining muscles is a complicated science. Taking the wrong food or overlooking a critical body exercise determines whether you will see the benefits of your workouts or not. Below are factors that could jeopardize your efforts.


9 Habits that Prevent You From Gaining Lean Muscles:

  1. Lifting Heavy All the Time

Many people think that pressing or curling some reps from crazy heavy loads helps in bulking up, although that is totally false. If you wish to break through the strength plateau, train using lower reps in the range of one to three.


  1. Many Single-Joint Exercises

People focus on small muscle groups like triceps and biceps using the single joint exercises like single-arm cable extensions and dumbbell curls. The exercises could be effective, but are they efficient? The best thing is to trade the basics for good multi-joint exercises like squat, dumbbell chest presses and barbells.  These exercises work multiple muscles simultaneously, which leads to more muscle gains.


  1. Wolfing Down the Protein Bars

Powders, bars and gels are incredible add-ons to the diet, especially for those who require fuel on the go. However, the convenience of the snacks, coupled with the high protein count makes many people to swap freshly cooked foods for proteins.

Mixing the right proteins, healthy fats and carbs from the whole food is crucial in fueling the body for a workout and maintaining a lean body. Proteins are important, but ensure that you get them from fresh sources such as turkey, quinoa, chicken and beans. These foods provide you with micronutrients that repair the damaged tissues in a way that no gel or powder can do.

  1. Devoting the Wrong Amount of Time to Cardio

The hardest thing with fitness is that you must do aerobic exercise to burn fat if you want your body healthy. Luckily, cardio helps you in building muscles as well. However, spending a lot of time on one workout compromises your ability to build muscles.


  1. Fasting Before a Workout

Fasting before going for a workout makes you sluggish and also causes stomach pains. Fasting may help in reducing fat, but the best time to fast is not before hitting the gym. Having enough protein in the body before a workout helps in gaining more muscles, so never fast before a workout.


  1. Sticking To a Similar Routine

Doing the same exercises all the time stunts the growth of muscle fibers. Because muscles contain varied attachments, it is important to rotate in varying exercises so that your body works from different angles. Ensure that you change your routine after every six months.

  1. Failure to Track Your Workouts

People who write something after every workout are the best performers in a gym. Do you know why? It is because they record their progress. Regardless of whether you use a pen, paper or app, ensure that you record something after every workout.

  1. Impatience

Whenever a new person comes to the weight rack, they build more muscles in the first year. However, the rate falls greatly as you continue working out. Therefore, it is crucial to be patient if you want to get the best results.


  1. Skipping Supplements

Eating whole grains before the gym is important, but supplements help you build more muscles. Ensure that you take your supplements regularly for the best results.

How to gain lean muscle fast: fundamental of eating for muscle growth


How to gain lean muscle fast should be a result of personal effort. However, it is important to consult a gym assistant or an exercise expert before starting the exercise. Also, ensure you consult your doctor before taking any supplements to prevent adverse health implications.

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