How to Burn More Calories and Lose Weight Fast – 8 Tips You Must Use

How to burn more calories and lose weight fast is a question many of us often find difficult. A calorie is that unit of energy used to measure the total amount of energy stored in food. For decades, products have been marketed with a good promise of helping you in burn calories.

how to burn more calories

However, the question that remains in our minds is whether there is anything we can do to increase the number of calories burned by our bodies each day. Some experts argue that it is possible, while others think it is not.

There are many ways through which you can learn how to burn more calories, In this post you will be able to know how to increase the number of calories burned each day. Here are ways in which you will increase the amount of calories burned every day.


How Many Calories Should You Eat to Gain or Lose Weight?


Before we get into real examples of calculating the calories you should eat per day in order to lose weight, it is important to say that we use estimates, thus there is no guarantee of gaining or losing weight using the number. There are several factors involved in losing or gaining weight, the number of calories being just one of them. Because of its ease of calculation, the number of calories may be used as a starting point.


How Many Calories Should You Burn Daily to Lose Weight?


After knowing how many calories you should eat daily, a calorie counter is used to determine the amount of calories you should eat or drink daily and determine how many calories you should burn via exercise. Remember to use a Calorie Counter to count your meals and activities.


Assume that you are consuming around 1800 Calories daily. Assuming that in order to reduce weight you should consume 1686 calories daily, then you must burn at least 113 kcals daily by the use of exercises.

What to know when calculating calories

  • Weight loss and diet programs only lead to the loss of fat
  • Introduction of drastic or sudden changes to the diet makes the body try to adapt by reducing the rate of metabolism
  • Drinks also have calories, so remember to include drinks while calculating calories
  • To make the process easier to follow, use a technique known as ‘calorie cycling.’
  • Consult the doctor before introduction of new changes to your exercise or diet routine.


How to burn Calories: Eight Sure Ways to burn and  Lose Weight fast

  1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

More calories are burned when you take more times exercising, and the more vigorous the exercise, the higher the number of calories burned. Taking a brisk walk daily is an excellent idea for persons who want to burn calories. As you exercise, the body burns calories to fuel your vigorous activity.

The greatest advantage with exercise is that it allows your body to continue burning calories long after your workout has ended. The effect may last for some few hours or for longer, depending with the nature and duration of the training.


  1. Do Strength Training to Your Muscles

Exercising makes use of your muscles and builds the muscle mass, which makes the tissue to burn more calories. Around 10 pounds of muscle burns 50 calories, against 10 pounds of fat, which only burns 20 calories. Some healthy6 habits give the body some calorie burning boost. Strength training and aerobic exercises are crucial in burning calories.  As you get older, strength training becomes more important because the metabolism starts to slow down.

Areas with the largest Calorie burners:

  • The abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Chest
  1. Drink Caffeinated Black or Green Tea

If you are looking to learn how to burn more calories try caffeine. Caffeine is one of the best stimulants. As a result, it increases the calories burned by your body because of the fact that they give you the impression that you have a lot of energy, something that makes you move more. Caffeine also causes metabolic changes in the body that result in the burning of more calories.

When caffeine is consumed together with meals, the body uses more calories metabolizing the meal. However, black and green tea have benefits that are more than those in caffeine, because they contain calorie burning and heat producing properties.

When taken with meals, tea causes a fat fighting effect. Tea has the ability to interfere with your body’s absorption of carbohydrates if you consume it in the same meal. Consider taking zero calorie cups in place of beverages that have calories such as soda, which reduces the calories taken in.








  1. Eat Smaller but Frequent Meals

Whenever you take a snack or a meal the gastrointestinal tract starts digesting food as well as absorbing nutrients. Calories are used to fire your digestive machine, which means that taking smaller meals and snacks makes you burn more calories. Taking a single or two large meals is less advantageous in losing calories when compared to frequent small meals.


  1. Never Skip Breakfast

There is a link between skipping breakfast and body weight. Skipping breakfast makes you eat more calories before the day ends. In teenagers, skipping breakfast is associated with high body mass index. On top of everything, taking a healthy breakfast is a good lifestyle habit.This is one of the best tip when looking to learn how to burn more  calories




  1. Eat Low-Fat Dairy

The calcium available in low fat dairy does not necessarily burn a higher amount of calories but does some things that reduces body fat. Few fat calories are absorbed from meals when calcium from low fat dairy is consumed. Consuming calcium rich foods such as low fat dairy products reduce the amount of belly fat in white males and young adults.


7. Drink 8 Cups of Water Daily

Taking around eight cups of water daily helps in burning around 100 calories daily. Two liters of water may sound less, but it helps a lot in burning calories. Water makes our kidneys and intestines healthier and gives us the ability to differentiate hunger from thirst.


  1. Fidget

Fidgeting is a form of movement. Movement requires energy, which means that more calories are used. Informal movements such as fidgeting are more important   in comparison to formal workouts in the determination of who is obese and who is lean.

How to burn more calories with those exercises

As you can see how to burn more calories to lose weight  require a lot of physical activities. Keep in mind the more active you become, the more calories your body will burn daily . Topics about exercise and diet are the best to discuss with your doctor.

Before you supplement your diet or start an exercise regimen, it is advisable to speak about the same with your doctor. In case you have some medical conditions or you are taking some medications, there could be some dietary supplements or activities that should be avoided.

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