How To attract A Girl You Like-11 Tips You must Know

The question on how to attract a girl you like plays on the brain of a lot of guys. There are times it can be very difficult when looking to understand how to approach a woman you and get her to notice you.

how to attract a girl you like

Everything that you try to get her attention have failed. This occur with multiple women, now you’re losing your confidence and probably afraid to talk to any girl that you like. While trying to know how to impress a woman can be very difficult, there are pointers you can use to make that girl commit to you and fall for you.

Please note that girls have a tendency to love different personality in guys and that is the reason girls like different guys. I have written some guidelines below that will help you to know how to get your dream girl to like you to get the girl of your dream and ask her out. Remember confidence is the key to win any girl’s heart, this is very important.

How to Impress a Woman – 11 Tips To Attract her Fast

  • Work On your Physical Characteristics  

The same way that you like to see your girl looking nice and beautiful, girls like to see their men looking good too. Sometimes that can help a woman to know a little bit about you. First impression plays a major role when it comes to knowing how to attract a girl you like

  • Take Care Of yourself

The idea is that guys don’t like to take of themselves as much as women do.  If you really want to learn how to impress a woman, you need to take good care of yourself.

You probably asking yourself about what I meant early on, it basically means you have to shave regularly, dress your best, put your best deodorizer on when you going to meet that girl.

When it comes to dress your best, I don’t mean to go spend a ton of money to get that expensive jeans, sneakers to impress. The only reason I suggested that is because that will help with your body shape. It is also your best interest to stay in shape. Exercise more often to get those abs.

Nice clothes have nothing to do with expensive designer clothes. Nice clothes will accentuate your body type. Expensive is not always the answer. Get rid of stains and stitch up any tears. Brands and designer labels are not what you need. The point is that girls get attracted to men who they can be proud to be seen around.

  • Smell Nice

The misconception is that many men believe that smelling nice is only for women. That is not accurate, think about you sitting next a woman you are trying to impress and not smelling nice. Girls do pay attention to those stuff too, that can be a complete turn off for them sometimes. Smelling nice is one thing that  girl do find very attractive

  • Work on your skills to have them chase you
how to impress a woman

If you are a shy guy you need to practice new skills with friends more often with friends to impress that girl, you like.

We all have something that we good at, knowing what you good at is very important, you might be able to use it to impress your girl.

  • Be Fun

If you want to make a woman attract to you, you have to be fun, showing some excitement. Girl generally doesn’t attract too much to shy guy until they find out more about you. When you show a woman that you are outgoing, that makes it a lot easy for her to talk to you the next or even ask you out. You may be nice but the reality is no girls want to be next to a boring guy who is not even a saying a word to her.

  • Be Respectful

Naturally girls are nice and friendly and they also like a man who is respectful, caring and loving. While you are looking to impress her, it is very crucial that you are respectful to her and to others around you.

  • Show that you are responsible

Generally, women don’t attract to guy who is just sitting around and not doing nothing. For example, if you are someone who doesn’t make any effort to go to school, get a good job, these will play a crucial role on how a woman see you.

  • Stay Optimistic

There are moments where you try to impress a girl you attracted to but thing doesn’t work between you two. It is very crucial that you don’t panic and stay optimistic. Sometimes it may not work out the way you want but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

  • Stay True yourself – Don’t try too much

Girls like men who are authentic to themselves.  Do not show her that you are desperate even though you really love her, if you try to chase her to much you can become a girl magnet.   Always show her that you are enjoying life, once she sees that she probably will get attracted to you more

  • Do not chase her

While you are trying to make a good impression on her, it is very that you do not appear to desperate. Give her space, don’t contact her too much, she needs her own personal times too

  • Keep your creepy personality to yourself

It is very crucial that you stay away from topics that might sound offensive. You are trying to win her.

The guideline that I just discuss will help you to learn how to attract a girl you like. Confidence is very important to get the woman your dream

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