How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant – 17 Early Signs You Must Know

It has been a couple of days since you did the act, and now you are desperate to know if you are pregnant. How do you know if you are pregnant?

how do you know if you are pregnant

First you will need a blood test or a home pregnancy test to be sure, but because you may not be ready or willing to take one, here are the early signs of pregnancy that will give you a clue of whether you will be a mummy in nine months or not.


17 Early Pregnancy Signs You Must Look For:

  1. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is characterized by winding up whenever you perform demanding tasks such as climbing up the stairs. That may be a sign of pregnancy, as the growing fetus requires more oxygen, which leaves you with minimal oxygen. This may continue over the entire pregnancy period, especially when the growing baby starts putting pressure on your diaphragm and lungs.


  1. Sore Breasts

When you are pregnant, putting on the bra feels like torture. Many ladies wonder if this is an imagination or whether the front lights are growing bigger. Heavy feeling and tender breasts, dark areolas and pronounced veins on the chest are early signs of pregnancy. To ease discomfort, it is advisable to wear a supportive bra when headed to bed.


  1. Fatigue

Fatigue will be a great tip to consider on how to know you are pregnant . You cannot even read two pages of your favorite story book before falling asleep. If you are feeling sudden exhaustion, then that may be as a result of the increasing hormones in the body. For many ladies, tiredness is felt through the first trimester but ebbs in the second.


  1. Nausea

Many pregnant ladies start getting queasies after around 6 weeks through the pregnancy, although some may experience morning sickness, which may occur in the morning, night or noon. It may subside as you head to the second trimester. However, you should eat foods that settle the stomach such as ginger ale and crackers.


  1. Frequent Urination

Are you finding yourself unable to sleep through the night without visiting the loo? That might mean that you are pregnant. When pregnant, the body produces extra fluids that make your bladder to work overtime, which is also coupled by many pee breaks.

  1. Headaches

In many people, the early signs of pregnancy are characterized by an aching head, which results from hormonal changes. Suppose you are pregnant, try taking ibuprofen or pg-safe acetaminophen to ease the pain.


  1. Backaches

Has your lower back gotten a little sore? If you do not normally suffer from back pain, that means your ligaments are loosening. This may continue throughout the pregnancy as you add weight and shift the center of gravity, because your posture will get out of whack.

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  1. Cramping

Cramping is caused by both pregnancy and PMS. It may be hard to differentiate, but feeling crampy means that the uterus may be stretching to get ready for the baby.


  1. Cravings and Food Aversions

 How do you know if you are pregnant for sure ? All of a sudden, you are eating a lot of citrus. More strangely, fish turns to be your stomach. Suppose you are having food issues that were not there before, that may be a sign of the body informing you that you are pregnant.


  1. Bloating and Constipation

You swear by your mum’s name that your skinny jeans fitted you last week. Now you are feeling a little bit puffy and backed up. This may be caused by added progesterone as a result of pregnancy, which could be slowing down the digestive system.


  1. Mood Swings

A third world war erupts in your home because your boyfriend failed to put his socks inside the hamper. Are you so moody??should you be feeling a little hormonal, I could mean that your body is adjusting to some new hormones. You only need to assure your boyfriend that the emotions will come and go.


  1. Elevated Basal Body Temperature

Should you have been actively trying to get pregnant, chances are that you have been charting the basal body temperature in an effort to pinpoint ovulation.  If the same remains elevated past two weeks, it might mean that you are pregnant.


  1. Super Smell

Some small garbage now makes you vomit, as if you never saw the same before. Should you be repulsed by some smells, or should you be having high sensitivity to odors, it could mean that you could soon be a mummy.


  1. Fainting and Dizziness

This is the most common symptom that signifies pregnancy, especially in the movies. However, the same is based on reality. Blood pressure or low blood sugar causes woozy episodes. Ensure that you are well hydrated and that you eat enough.


  1. Spotting

Spotting is usually confusing, since you wouldn’t know whether you are having your periods or it is a sign of pregnancy. However, if the spotting is much lighter and comes earlier than expected, then it may be a sign of implantation bleeding. Fertilized eggs attach to the uterine walls, causing some little bloodshed.


  1. Late Period

Periods happen to be the surest way of telling whether you are pregnant or not. However, many signs of pregnancy are symptoms of PMS. How then do you tell the difference? The surest clue is a missing period. If your cycle is regular and it gets late, please head to the doctor.


  1. Positive Pregnancy Test

Until you take the urine test, you cannot be damn sure that you will be a mama. Supposing that you get a negative result but still fails to get your periods, it could mean that the pregnancy is too early that it can’t be detected. That means you should look for some weird pregnancy symptoms that could appear upon conception. Wait for some days before taking the test again.

How do you know if you are pregnant – Video Tips

How do you know if you are pregnant  shouldn’t be difficult. Pregnancy may be planned or unplanned. However, the most important thing is to know whether you are pregnant or not. That allows you to make some important decisions and also start pregnancy clinics. However, the above symptoms may be as a result of other causes away from pregnancy, why is why you should visit your doctor to be sure.

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