The Fastest Way to Lose Weight Safely – 12 Great Tips

Are you looking for the fastest way to lose weight safely? Being overweight lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel inferior to other people. However, boosting your self-esteem goes far beyond reducing your weight, as you must change your attitude and expectations.

fastest way to lose weight

Losing weight does not mean that you starve yourself, take unsafe weight supplements or do excessively dangerous workouts. We have sampled some of the fastest way to lose weight without ruining your life. The tips are backed by both nutritionists and fitness experts. Have a look.

12 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Fast:

  1. Drink Enough Water

Many of us prefer taking energy drinks, light beers and fruit smoothies. However, these drinks contain over 100 calories per serving, yet they can never satisfy you in comparison to similar calories of food., so they are just a waste. Some liquids have high carbohydrates and sodium, which trick the body to retain water, which puffs you out. Is water too tasteless for you, worry no more as you will just have to add some mint leaves or lemon wedges using a good infuser.

  1. Swap Refined Cabs with Veggies

Did you know that simple carbs present in spaghetti, sandwich rolls and rice are disastrous to your body? These foods are quickly digested, which leaves you hungry and make you eat a lot there after. It is therefore advisable to replace these foods with healthy whole grain products that have filling fibers which trigger bloating like veggies.

Why don’t you consider replacing rice with cauliflower? Instead of taking dip and chips, why not adjust to dip and carrots? These vegetables have complex carbs that digest more slowly in comparison to simple carbs, allowing you to remain full for longer. Veggies have lots of water, which allows them to flush out excessive water weight.

  1. Do Cardio 40 Minutes Daily

Workouts raise your heart rate, which burns many calories. However, picking a cardio routine uses more calories and engages many muscles at the same time. Thirty minutes of these workouts burns over 250 calories as you tone your legs, arms and core to make everything appear tighter and sleeker. To burn more calories per session, ensure that your workouts consist of interval training, which is the alternation of short bursts with intense cardio and slower activity.

  1. Drink Coffee an Hour before Working Out

This is a good option for persons who do not wish to take lots of water. Similar to how a coffee run makes you more productive at work, a cup of the same with some skim milk or a black one energizes your workout. That makes you burn more calories without knowing that you are pushing yourself harder.

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  1. Have Nightly You on Top Sex

I don’t mean that this is an excuse to hook up with your partner every night, but the position is an incredible fat blaster. While on top, you do the rocking and as you remain more active, more calories are burned. Sex pumps the feel-good transmitters and endorphins, which helps you to drive away food cravings. Ensure that you are on top facing away from your partner to allow the butt muscles and the thigh have an extra push.





How To Lose 2 Lbs A Week Fast

  1. Do 30 Lunges and Push-Ups Daily

Lunges and Push-Ups are gym class staples that help in sculpting muscles, giving you a streamlined appearance. Ensure that you take four sets of 12 exercises daily. Push Ups act on the upper body, while lunges act on the hips, thighs and the butt. Ensure that the back and legs are in a straight line as you do your pushups because it improves muscle toning. You will build more muscles with lunges if you decide to hold free weights in the hands as you do them.

  1. Add 40 Minutes to Your Sleep Every Night

Did you know that adding forty minutes to your sleep refreshes you and allows you to make some better food choices? This is because you do not have to take quick sugar fixes in the morning as you look for energy. In addition, it prevents you from feeling lethargic, so you won’t skip gym session. Restful sleep of between 7-8 hours boosts the metabolism. The body builds muscles when you snooze, which makes you muscles better.

  1. Make Some Food Sacrifice

Doing away with some indulgence like the chips you take every lunch or the chocolate desserts you always take after dinner subtracts some calories from your diet, which means there will be less flab, although the body won’t notice the absence.

  1. Eat Salmon

Salmon is packed with nutrients which tone the muscles, giving the skin an incredible glow.It is one of the fastest way to lose weight, nutritionists argue that containing portions of Salmon makes your face contoured.

  1. Pop Your Anti-Gas Pill

Take these chewable tablets that you can buy over the counter at your local drugstores. They relieve bloating in the abdomen and break the gas bubbles in the digestive tract, which leaves you with a sexy flat tummy.

  1. Stand Up Straight

Here, you keep the spine rigid and shoulders back as you suck in your belly towards the spine. That gives you a slim and streamlined middle.

  1. Do Sit-Ups and Squats

Before competitions, body builders have always use this technique before their competitions. Squats and Sit-Ups add definition to your muscles. Take three sets of 12 for each exercise to make your legs, butt and abs tight.

  1. Take a Walk or Hike

Having exercises at any time is good for your health. However, evening activity is more beneficial because the body’s metabolism slows down as you approach the end of the day. Having forty minutes of aerobic activity before supper increases the rate of metabolism and keeps it elevated long after you stopped moving. That helps you relax after the meal and you won’t be tempted by the stress-induced grazing that racks up calories.

Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Video Tips

The above ideas are some of the fastest way to lose weight safely.  Losing weight is not as easy as gaining it. However, determination and hard work yield satisfactory results. All the best as you start your journey of losing weight fast and becoming sexier.

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