Bikini Body Workout Reviews-12 Weeks Bikini Body Guide

This bikini body workout review will analyze the complete program by Jen Ferruggia. This program is a lifestyle fitness that is designed to give women the perfect beach body.

bikini body workoout reviews

The whole goal of the bikini body workout program is to make a woman look appealing in a bikini. This lifestyle fitness regimen has been designed to show a woman how to exercise, eat, and care for her body. Once a lady puts this exercise program into practice, she can get the perfect shape that is pleasing to her.

Who created the Bikini Body Workout program?

There are two types of Bikini Body Workout program. One type was created by Jen Ferrugia and the other regimen was made by Kayla Itsines. Both Bikini Body Workout Programs allow women to develop their bodies and to change their lifestyles.

Jen Ferrugia was an athlete and she also has a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Exercise Movement. This type of graduate program prepares people for a life in sports, the health industry, and health/sports education.

Ferrugia has plenty of years of experience with exercise, diet and developing the female body. She created the Bikini Body Workout over a decade ago.

She realized that she needed to make some changes to her body and to improve her overall health. Kayla Itsine is an Australian personal trainer. She only focuses on training female clients. Both programs achieve the same results even though they take two slightly different paths to achieve the outcome.

While Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide is popular, Jen Ferrugia’s is recognized as the original Bikini Body Workout. Her workout plan has been widely used by millions of women around the globe.

Still, Kayla Instine’s version has also produced good results for many women as well. By the way, Kayla Instine renamed her Bikini Body Guide to “Sweat with Kayla”.

Bikini Body Workout Review – Quick Overview Guide


  • No need to go in a big gym class
  • Complete Step by Step Guide to follow
  • Good for beginners
  • Start seeing results within weeks


  • Only available in a digital format
  • Internet connection is required to access the program

How is the Bikini Body Workout performed?

The program can be performed privately, offered by a personal trainer or in a group setting a gym or an exercise facility. The Bikini Body Workout comes is performed in different ways. However, the original version of the program starts off with simple exercises for people to do.

This is important for inexperienced people who are not used to exercising. By the way, Ferrugia has an introduction course for beginners included with her workout plan. This way, people who are not used to exercising and dieting will be slowly moved into the process.

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The diet aspect of this program also requires people to slowly change the way they eat. Remember, that many people are not used to eating a healthy diet. Requiring them to instantly change their eating habits is not a wise thing to do. So, this too must be done slowly and over time. 

The exercise portion of the program begins with a 4 day on and 3 day off cycle. A person will exercise four days out of the week. The workout sessions will last about 45 minutes each.

They will then take 3 days off to rest and recover. The regimen lasts 60 days (2 months) and Ferrugia guarantees that women will see results within this amount of time. Rest is important for this program and a female should rest up during her off days.

What type of exercises are carried out with the Bikini Body Workout program?

Program users will start off with exercise routines that build muscle, blast their fat, and increase their metabolism. The initial exercises that will be performed are called high/low weight training sets.

A high/low work training regimen will require a person to lift heavy weights on one day of their workout and use light weights on alternate days.

The use of heavy and light weights is important because it will establish the foundation for developing a bikini body. Why? The heavy/light weight training regimen is designed to get rid of fat, speed up the metabolism, and tone the body in record time.

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is to be performed after each training session. This type of training involves high-intensity anaerobic exercises combined with cardiovascular workouts.

The rest periods in HIIT workouts are short. This means that people will burn more calories as they workout.

Keep in mind that a female’s body naturally has more fat than a male. The intense workout will help to melt it off and sculpt her body with more intensity. Females will also have to do resistance training as well.

Once again, the Bikini Body Workout is performed through resistance and high/low weight training. The HIIT part of the program is designed to enhance the basic part of this regimen.

The Bikini Body Workout Diet Plan

The Bikini Body workout plan requires that members eat a specific diet. This diet will also work to achieve the same goal as the exercise portion of this regimen.

You should drink at least 2 – 3 liters (10 – 12 cups) of water of day. You should also avoid caffeine and alcohol. The meals are designed to be lightweight and very low in fat.

Fruits, vegetables, and small portions of meat form the basis of the diet plan. Yogurt, nuts, raisins, eggs and even smoothies are consumed for this diet plan. Salads, black rice, and brown beans are included in the meals as well. Chicken, salmon, and other types of fish are recommended meats for this type of plan.

Most people simply do not like to eat natural and healthy foods. However, if a woman wants her bikini body, she is going to have to eat food that will help to achieve those results.

Truthfully, if a person eats a ton of junk food and works out, the results they get will not be that great. Eating healthy food does wonders with improving a woman’s physique.

Final Word about this Bikini Body Workout review

The Bikini Body Workout program is a proven workout method. Many women can testify to the results. Ladies keep in mind that there is a Booty Blast segment of the program. This particular program helps to maximize a female’s buttocks to make them appealing and defined while in a bikini.

If a woman follows the plan and eats sensibly, she will see the results in at least 2 months. Keep in mind that results will also vary. No person is expected to have the ultimate bikini body in a short amount of time.

Still, the bikini body workout will help a woman to look better about her appearance. Ultimately, it will help her to feel more comfortable showing off her body in a bikini.

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