6 Best Supplements For Muscle Gain You Should Try

If you’re looking for the best supplements for muscle gain you have come to the right post . The gain of muscle mass is beneficial for the body in many ways. It keeps your metabolism high which prevents you from gaining extra fat. Regular weight lifting and strength training releases endorphins and gives you a good feeling. Needless to stay, it makes you look stunning and turns heads around wherever you go.

best supplements for muscle gain

While our diets have proteins as a part, it is not sufficient when it comes to building up the muscle and getting bigger biceps.

It’s why you need the right supplements. The basic concept behind building up the muscle is that you have to intake more protein than your body is breaking down daily. in such case, you can try Bioptimizer MassZymes.The supplements help in giving you this extra amount of protein, over and above your normal diet.

Here are a few best supplements for muscle gain you can consume (under strict supervision, after consultation with your doctor or a nutritionist) .

6 Best Muscle Growth Supplements You Must Know


It is the best quality of protein available in the market. It is isolated from animal components like eggs, chicken, beef etc. Animal proteins are considered as very high-quality proteins and produce good results very quickly. The daily requirement of proteins in a normal adult is 1g/Kg body weight. For people trying to build muscle, you have increased this intake to 1.2-2g/Kg body weight daily.


Although animal proteins are the best, they face their fair share of criticism concerning cruelty and certain health issues like digestive and renal problems which can arise due to their prolonged use. Hence, the people who avoid consuming animal products can go for plant protein sources like soy. It is considered a complete protein with results comparable to those given by animal protein sources.


Creatinine is the source of energy for muscles. It can not only help you adding muscle mass but also provide more energy to increase your efficiency during workouts and strength training sessions. It is also believed to stimulate hormones known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 which enhances the gain of lean body mass. The discovery of this supplement is nothing less than a revolution for the health industry as it has produced astonishing results. Its safety profile is also good which makes it an upcoming supplement to gain muscle mass.


Amino acids are the ultimate products of protein breakdown. They are the simplest form of proteins. They are further divided into a number of categories out of which branched-chain amino acids is one. It consists of Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. Although these can be easily found in foods that we consume daily like eggs, milk and milk products, chicken, beef etc., the supplements are necessary when extra muscle build up is required. These are high in quality and play a major part in forming the structure of the muscle proteins.

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Just like branched chain amino acids, beta-alanine is also the simplest protein form. It belongs to a different category of amino acids which are simpler in their structure. Their main mechanism of action is in increasing exercise tolerance of the body. It reduces the feeling of fatigue which in turn makes you more active and productive during weight training sessions. It works best when combined with the right amount of exercise.


It is the breakdown product of branched-chain amino acid leucine. High levels of this compound are believed to slow down the muscle breakdown. This shifts the metabolism in favour of muscle gain and results in those enormous biceps you have been aiming for.

10 Other best supplements for muscle gain you can use

If you  want great result fast the above ideas are the best supplements for muscle gain you can consume to reach your goal fast. It is recommended  to check with your doctor before using any of them.

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