Ten of the Best Exercises for Weight Loss – Fast result in weeks

Exercise is one of the most essential factors for good health. However, it is more important for those trying to lose weight. But where do you start? Knowing the best exercise for weight loss will help you to achieve your goal quickly.

best exercise for weight loss

Below are ten of the best exercises for weight loss. The exercises reverse your metabolism, target multiple muscles and also torch calories. They may be hard, but always remember that each step takes you closer to your weight loss target.


Here are the top 10  best exercise to lose fat fast


  1. Body Weight Exercises

When you exercise, your heart pumps and your muscles get activated. As such, more calories must be burned for you to increase your muscle mass, even long after you stop your workouts. Body weight is one of the best exercise for weight loss , follow the tips below to learn more:


  • Put your arms on the side while the feet remain together. Jump the feet apart as you raise your hands to a jumping jack. After that, place the hands on the ground and jump back and out. Raise the back up into the jumping jack. Remember to do 10 reps and complete around 3 sets.


  • Stand with your legs straight, put the right hand on the hips and lift the left leg. Bending down, touch the right knee with the left hand. Continue for around 10 reps before you switch sides. Repeat the same for 3 sets.


  • Put yourself into a plank position, your hands on the ground and the legs outstretched behind the body. Start driving the knee towards the opposite shoulder. Switch your legs for around 40 minutes and repeat the same for 3 sets.




  1. Kettlebell Swings

Did you know that Kettlebells are effective in the process of weight loss? They engage the entire body, they have a low impact but with a high intensity that leads to the burning of calories.


  • Stand with the feet in a width that is wider than your hip width. Grasp the kettlebell with your hands in front of you.
  • Involve in some slight and core squats. Press the hips forward as you swing and stand the kettlebell up. Lower the arms and get back to the slight squat position. Ensure you are through with 3 sets of around 15 swings.



  1. Lunges

Lunges come in many variations, although the plain forward lunge is the most effective for weight loss. The plain forward lunge engages multiple muscles at the same time, which leads to maximum burning of calories.


  • Stand tall with your feet, hip width apart. Place the hands on the hips or hold weights, taking a controlled step to the front using the right leg.
  • Ensuring that your spine is tall, lower the body until the back and front leg are at a 90 degree angle.
  • Pause first, then put the right leg home for a start.

Repeat for around 12 times on each side and complete three or four sets.


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  1. Burpees

The exercise targets your chest, core and legs at the same time. You get to feel the burns because you know you are building lots of your lean muscles.


  • Stand with the feet, shoulder width apart with the arms on your sides. Push the hips back, lower into a squat and bend the knees.
  • Place the hands on the floor in front of you as you shift the weight towards them.
  • Jump the feet forward for them to land outside the hands. Get the hands up as you jump explosively to the air.
  • Lower the back into a squat in preparation for the next rep
  • Repeat the procedure for around ten times and complete three or more sets.

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  1. Explosive Lunges

Explosive lunges are high intensity workouts that make you sweat and torch many calories.


  • With your feet together, put the hands on your hips. Step forward using your right leg.
  • Bend till the right leg is at the 90 degree angle. Jump up and switch the legs midair, and remember to end with your left foot lunged forward.
  • Repeat the lunges as you switch sides for a minute and ensure to complete 3 sets.


  1. Squats

Did you know that squats are the best for weight loss? When performed correctly, squats engage the lower body as well as the core.


  • Begin with the feet and hip width apart, arms holding weights or on the sides.
  • With your weight on the heels, lower the legs and raise the arms ahead of you.
  • With the back straight, lower until the thighs are at a parallel angle to the floor
  • Ensure that the knees are in line with your toes for all the time.
  • Remember to maintain an even pace and always rise back to the standing position, ensure you complete 3 sets.
  1. Double Jump

Double jumps are a way of taking the traditional squats a notch higher by adding a lunge and a jump. The movement increases the heart rate and the burn is felt in the legs, abs and butt.


  • Get down into a deep squat and slowly rise up, like you’re jumping, then land into some lunge position as you put the right leg back.
  • Using momentum, jump from your lunge position and get back to a squat.
  • Do the same for around 45 seconds as you alternate the legs and remember to take a total of two sets.


  1. Mountain Climbing

Without minding whether you use resistance bands or not, mountain climbing is an incredible way to burn calories. These quick leg motions target hamstrings, obliques and the butt.


  • Loop the center of a band round table post similar to a couch leg. Start this on the floor, in a plank position that faces away from the post, with the feet placed in handles like in stirrups.
  • As an alternative, you may bring the left and the right knee in towards your chest, without allowing the toes of your bent leg to touch the floor.
  • Repeating for a minute and resting for around 20 seconds, do a total of three sets.
  1. Tabata Drills

Tabata Drill intervals could be short, but you will love the off intervals.


  • Start with dumbbells up to the shoulders and the legs together.
  • With the dumbbell’s jack straight up, ensure that the arms are totally extended. Simultaneously, jump the legs outward. Go on with the all-out efforts for around 30 seconds.
  • After resting for 10 seconds, put the feet shoulder width apart with the dumbbells on the chest.
  • Start jabbing the dumbbells around the body as you switch sides, continuing with your all out efforts for around 25 seconds.
  • After resting for 10 seconds, do the same exercises again for 8 rounds.
  1. Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping is more than a kids’ activity. It is a body toner that leads to weigh loss. To start with, jump for around a minute, regardless of how high your jumps will be.


    • Look at the length of your jumping rope by holding the same between the hands and ensuring that the rope lines with your shoulders.
    • With the feet together, use the hands to hold the jump’s end, with the elbows facing the ribs.
    • Swing your jump rope as you hop over with your feet placed together. Don’t jump in between but with every swing of the rope. Jump for a minute and cover 3 complete sets.

Video of  the best exercises for weight loss

The above ideas are some of the best exercise for weight loss  you can use to start reaching your goal. It takes time to meet certain goals, having a consistent diet will also help to achieve that quickly. Remember it is always advisable to seek your doctor’s order before doing any of the above tips.

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